10 Advantages of Working from Home and making money online

Advantages of Working from Home and making money online:

Advantages of working from Home

As professionals are trying to seek a better work-life balance, many companies are now keen to adopt flexible hour working policies to accommodate and allow professionals to take advantages of working from home office.There is another bunch of people trying to establish their own online home based business to bid a goodbye to regular 9 to 5 Job.

I am one of those lucky persons who had opted out for online home based business a few years back and has not looked back, taking all the advantages of working from home in flexible hours.
What if I tell you that there is an opportunity for everyone to start own online business and start making money? I won’t advise you to leave your regular job immediately but you can start now and establish your business in coming months to leave your 9 to 5 job and be your own boss forever.

Working online have lots of advantages, few of them I am discussing here

Advantages of Working From Home:

1. Cost Saving:

By opting to work at home you can save many direct and indirect costs while maintaining work-life balance. These includes:

  • Transportation cost
  • Time cost
  • Car wear and Tear
  • Parking Cost
  • Road Taxes
  • Cost of children’s care arrangement

2. Earning Potential and You keep all the money you make:

While working for other organizations, your salary is capped. When you work for your self, harder you work more money you can earn. You will not be waiting for a marginal hike every year but will put in more efforts all the time to earn more.

Have you read Rich Dad Poor Dad then you may know that Salaried people put their efforts to make other people rich but as a business owner, you will keep all the money you earn.

3. Be your Own Boss:

With my experience, I can tell you more than 70% people are either not satisfied with their job profile or do not like their bosses. Many of them have great potential and are more skilled than their bosses. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to work and utilize all your skills to the best without any restrictions and nobody will force you not to do any experiments.

4. Recession Free:

By starting the online business like affiliate marketing or Dropshipping, you will least be affected by the recession. You can become an affiliate of more than one product and hence work will not be industry specific. Moreover, you won’t be carrying the fear of losing your job. In any case, due to the poor job market, the chances of getting a new job or any appreciable hike are already very less.

5. Low startup cost and less risk.

Your Home based business can be up and running without a big investment. You won’t be spending the amount of office or shop maintenance or buying a franchise. You are required to spend some money on training and buying a domain apart from monthly Internet expenses. You can have free training by joining wealthy affiliate university.

6. No Restrictions, Home based online business is for everyone:

Let you stay at home or working mom, a student, a retired person or working professional, you can start your work from home business. I am sharing few profiles for your reference who have started their online business and are earning.

7. Tax Benefits:

Tax benefits of operating your office from home can be lucrative. You can deduct a part of your home’s expenses like mortgage expenses, property tax, maintenance cost against your office expenses. You get qualified if your home office is the principal place of your business.

8. Flexible Working Hours:

Unlike a fixed salary job, you are not required work from 9 to 5. AT the start you may have to put a lot of hard work but you can manage your time as per your wish. You can start working early morning or can work late in the night. Stay at home moms can spend time when their children are in school. Once you have established the business working 3 to 4 hours per day will be sufficient. As long as you are carrying your laptop and have an internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

9. Work-life- balance, Spend more time with family and friends:

Adjusting your working hours, you can spend more time with your family. It is especially important if you have school going, children. You can just see them off to school and start working and once they are back you can spend some time with them before continuing. You can be able to discharge your social obligations also.

10. Test your new business ideas:

Since you are not spending money on office rent and saving other overheads also, you can utilize the money to test new creative ideas. Your home-based business can be an opportunity to follow your passions and hobbies and earn money.

Besides all those advantages, home-based business has its own disadvantages also and I won’t be doing justice to the subject if I don’t mention these disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Home based online business:

• You may find it difficult to keep work and home life separate.
• There may be domestic interruptions and distractions.
• You may end up working long hours and putting extra pressure on you.
• You may feel isolated and may miss the interaction with coworkers.


The advantages of working from home outweigh disadvantages. Moreover, with a little detailing, you can address these disadvantages also. You can set your working hours and if possible can set up your office in a separate room. You may invite your ex-co-workers some time or can participate in online discussions.

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