The 100K shout out is a new Done-for-you (DFY) system combined with Live training designed for the individuals who are interested to make money online.

They claim that any person joining the 100K Shout out can start making $10,000 per year from Scratch.

In this 100 K Shout Out review,  I will discuss how can you make money with 100K Shout Out without doing anything? Does 100K Shout Out live upto Expectations. Is 100K Shout Out a Scam?

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The 100K Shout Out is created Jointly by Chris Munch, an experience internet Marketer, and PresCable, an 8-Figure SaaS Company.

The platform is offering a new AI-based software named AmpiFire for driving all the targeted traffic to your offers and help in Amplifying your business irrespective of the niche you are in.

The company claims that AmpiFire is a new, not seen before, type of content amplifying Software. The software does all the work for you starting from writing the contents, Posting on social media websites, creating videos, driving traffic and much more.

You will have complete access to the Amplifier software when you Join $100K shout out

Quick Report

Name: $100K Shout Out
Website: Click Here
Owner: Chris Munch
Price: $2499 

Verdict: Recommended 



$100k Shout Out - $0 to $100,000 in a Year

 100K Shout out is a result of Intensive research of an Experienced Internet Marketer and a very reputed 8 Figure SaaS company, PressCable.

The team has worked Jointly to bring Launch this winner.

The Product is designed in such a way that even a beginner can use it effectively to make $100,000 in one year from Scratch.

100K shout out training will teach them on what to promote and AmpiFire will do the rest of things. AI based software will do marketing for you by promoting the products across the web and generating Sales.

The System is very simple to use and Step by stap training is Provided in the Dash Board. 

Though 100K shout out is highly recommended for experienced marketers and entrepreneurs , I do not recommend 100K Shout out to the newbies and one of the reason is its high price.

I do not think a newbie trying to make money online can invest this much amount when other much economical options are available for making 6 figure income.

I would advise you to stay away from these high ticket training program till you have earned enough money to invest freely.

How Does 100K Shout Out Work?


Once you Join 100K Shout Out System, you will gain full access to the AmpiFire Software. You will also be provided a step by step training to see how this system works with the AI-based Software. You will have to log on to the training platform provided by 100K shout out and watch the videos to get started. These videos are of 2 hours duration and help you set up your Automated business. The rest of the training will be provided through Live online webinars.

This program is different from many online money making programs in a sense that almost all of them require some inputs from you. You will have to find a niche product, write the search engines optimized contents and promote the system

100K shout out will provide you the training to fully Automate the process using AmpiFirer Software provided along with the training. You will just have to fill a small form and rest of the things will be taken care of by the AI software.

It sounds so simple. Isn't it?  In reality, I  have never found any Automated program making money for you without doing any work. 

How AmpiFire Software work For You?

Before discussing the working of AmpiFire software and its utility, we need to discuss the process involved in establishing a Successful Online business.

For any new online business, Be it Affiliate marketing or eCommerce or a DropShip Store, you need to select a niche of your choice.

Selecting a Profitable niche is of utmost importance.

After selecting the niche, you will book a domain name and create your own website. You will then find long-tail keywords with low competition and write articles for generating organic traffic.

People searching for the products or services online being recommended by you will come across these articles. They will click the links provided in the article to buy the products recommended by you. The clicks will either take you them to either Affiliate website or your own eCommerce store as the case may be. This is the process of making money online.

I am a Successful online entrepreneur and make 6 figure income by following the same process and without automation.

AmpiFire Software will use artificial intelligence to Automate the whole process.

It will pull the contents from the Internet, Create posts for you from the content and post them on high-traffic blogs and popular news sites.

Here are some of the things done by AmpiFire Software


  All of the above is done by AmplifFre Automatically. AmpiFire uses Artificial Intelligence to combine Software Automation with manually written articles to generate traffic. All the articles are written by an in-house team of professional writers and are optimized for search engines.

These articles would automatically be posted on high traffic websites for generating backlinks and Traffic and promoters claim that your website would rank in search engines in less than 36 hours. The promoters claim that they have special deals with many major sites which otherwise would not normally allow you to publish your contents or would charge hundreds of dollars per post.

By Joining 100K shout out , you will Our be able to save hundreds of dollars and lot of valuable time which would otherwise be required to produce such powerful campaigns manually.

Who Can Use 100K Shout Out?

As per the claims, The 100K Shout out can be used by anyone whos is looking forward to making money online.

The 100K shout out is designed to go $0 to $100,000 in a year


  1. You do not require any Product.
  2. No Website is needed.
  3. Startup Capital is not Required
  4. No Prior Experience.
  5. Any Special Skills not required.
  6. Any Prior Audience not required.

As it seems 100K shout out may also work for the people who do not have time to write articles, work on SEO and email marketing for generating Sales. In case you do not believe in hard work, you may opt for this opportunity.

 If you are Planning to launch your new business online, you may try 100K Shout out as  you don't have to worry about spending additional money for bringing traffic and finding targeted audience. 

100K Shout Out Pros: 

  • Completely Done for You System.
  • You can make money without putting much efforts.
  • All the Contents will be generated without efforts.
  •  Comes with inbuilt templates for creating websites.


  • High Price
  • Not meant for Beginners. 
  • Results are not guaranteed.
  •  100% Automation do not work in Online marketing.

Bottom Line : Is 100K Shout Out a Scam?

100K Shout Out is not a Scam but look very promising, However not recommended to the Beginners just starting out in Affiliate marketing Domain.

If you are an experience marketer and can afford to invest $2499 upfront and a monthly membership fee of , You have fair chance of making money. 

I know it is not possible at the beginning of your journey when you are searching for the ways to make money so that you can support your family.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

I am an affiliate marketer making full time income working from Home. I was laid Off from Work At 51 and was searching for a legitimate opportunity to make money online. 

Finding the right opportunity was never easy . I lost lot of money and wasted valuable time before joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I was not afraid of Hard Work and ready to learn the Complete Process. My hard work and Patience paid off and now I am a successful online Entrepreneur living my dream Life.

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