Every other day a new program is being launched online for making money. With so many options available, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between a Legitimate  Opportunity and a Scam. 

There are many ways of making money online like Freelance work, Apps Review or taking Surveys but Affiliate marketing is the most preferred way of making Passive Income. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other's products through unique links and making a commission when people buy the products through your links.

You can either learn affiliate marketing step by step just like me or use done for you system like 12 Minute Affiliate.

The owner of the 12-minute affiliate claims that you can start making up to $460 per day just after setting up the system. Are the claims made by the owner anywhere near truth? Is 12-minute Affiliate System a Legitimate opportunity of making money online or Just a Scam.

In reality, I am not a big fan of Plug and Play systems for making money for many reasons which we will discuss little later.

12 Minute Affiliate Review- Quick Report

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate
Website: Click Here
Owner: Deven Brown
Price: $9.95 to $797



What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

 12-minute Affiliate System is a Plug and Play system for making money online.  I have reviewed many DFY Programs earlier like Bang Bang Profit,  Cash At Home and Cash Bonanza, etc. They all turned out to be either Scam or overhyped.

12 minute to Affiliate seems to be a bit different from these Programs.

12 Minute Affiliate is not a Scam but like any other Plug and Play System, there are some issues with the Program.

One thing is for sure that you can make some money with these Plug and Play Systems.

But in case, you are planning to establish a full-fledged online business, you will have to learn the affiliate marketing from Scratch.

Plug and Play Systems like 12-minute Affiliate may be good for making additional Part-time income but you can not earn a  living with these Programs.

How Does the 12 Minute Affiliate DFY System Work?

Before we discuss the working of 12-minute Affiliate System, Let me tell you that system is created by Devon Brown who is a familiar person in online marketing and has created many other successful programs.

12 Minute Affiliate System is basically a Sales funnel having pre designed Landing Pages and pre-designed emails for your prospective customers.

The System can be set very easily and revolve around three most successful in-demand niches i.e Weight loss, Personal development and make money from Home.

These are the most competitive but evergreen Niches with a potential of making huge money.

In the basic module, you can choose only one niche and if you are interested to promote products in all the niches then you will have to buy gold membership at a higher price.

Since the system is already done for you type of system, you do not require much time even if you go for all the three Niches. Your chances of making money increase many folds if you buy the Gold membership.

As everything is predesigned, you only have to personalize it with your affiliate links by following the step by step instructions available in your member area.

In member area, you will also find the details of various products which you can promote in all the 3 different niches.

Steps to be Followed:

  • Choose Products to be Promoted.
  • Personalize the landing Pages with your Affiliate Links.
  • LConnect the Landing Page with email Autoresponder. Please note that you will have to purchase the Autoresponders membership separately. You can use trial membership of GetResponse or Aweber
  • Add Pre-written E-mails to Autoresponder.
  • Now you will have to drive the traffic to the Landing Pages. The system does not provide any training on generating Organic Traffic. But you can buy "done for you"  traffic within the System.

How Much 12 Minute Affiliate System Costs?

You can test drive the system for a month by paying $9.95.

There are 4 different options available as shown below. You can opt for the options as per your budget but I would advise you to test drive the system first for a month before investing further.


 Whatever option you choose, you get the bonuses worth $1591.

Bonus 1: The Success Library - Personal Development Training worth $497

Bonus 2: The Free Traffic Guide- Free guide to getting traffic from Twitter, Facebook and other People's blog worth $97

Third Bonus: Hot Product promos worth $997. Once your system is set up, you will also be promoting Hottest affiliate products from time to time without any additional work and make more money.


Who Can Use 12 Minute Affiliate System?

12 Minute Affiliate System can be used by anyone looking forward to making money online with Plug and Play System.

The system is mainly designed for people who do not have time for the complete step by step training or who are not interested in learning the techniques of making money.

The system, however, is not free and you will have to either pay a monthly membership Fee or buy Lifetime access by paying a huge amount

There are other paid training programs available in the market which provide complete training in Affiliate marketing. Those programs are not done for your system and do not make any money for you in Automod but you will become an expert online marketer who can easily make 6 figure income in any niches. If you are keen to learn the techniques of making money online, here is the step by step training.

12 Minute Affiliate System Pros:

Though the 12-minute system is not a 100% foolproof system for making money, there are few things which you would definitely like:

  • The system is designed by a real person who himself is an experienced online marketer. He has associated his name with the system and is not hiding behind the curtain. This is a clear indication that the system is not a Scam.
  • You can actually make money with 123 minutes to Affiliate though you may not become a millionaire.  The money may not be enough to support your family but any additional amount with the least amount of effort is always welcome.
  • You will become a member of a Private Facebook group after buying 12 Minute Affiliate System. You will be among the like-minded people and community can help in your growth. You can ask questions and people will be ready to help.
  • You can test drive the System for Just $9,95 and see if you can make money with 12 Minute Affiliate
  • 12 Minute Affiliate comes with 60 days money back Guarantee.

12 Minute Affiliate Cons:

It is always good to see both sides of the coin. I always write transparent reviews and let you decide if you want to join a program or not.

There are many things which I do not like as explained below.

  • Personally, I am not in favor of any Plug and Play system. The main reason behind this is you are not learning the specific technique here and all your money comes by promoting other's platform. Though Deven Brown is an experienced marketer and is here to stay in case he decides to shut the system all your efforts will be gone and you will not make any money further.
  • Deven Brown has also made some misleading claims. It may take very less time in setting up the DFY system but just working 12 minutes a day you can never make $460 per day. You will have to work hard for promoting the system and driving traffic. Deven Brown is not interested here to specifically tell you all this.
  • Since you are not driving the organic traffic, your success will only be dependent on the paid traffic within the System. You can not be sure of the quality of traffic being Purcasedand moreover this will be an expensive option. You will have to shell more money from your pocket every month. Paid traffic techniques mainly suit experienced marketers who can afford to spend money.
  • 12 Minute to Affiliate is restricted to 3 Niches and few affiliate networks. However, you learn the techniques of affiliate marketing and start your own website you can promote more than a million products across hundreds of affiliate networks.
  • Even after paying a large amount as membership fee, you do not get one to one coaching which is available only as an upsell.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate is A Scam:

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is not a Scam and people are making money with the system. You may find a lot of positive reviews about the system but I am not much impressed with System.

I generally do not recommend the system with an exception of those few who want to make some part-time income along with their job. 

The system is not recommended for the people trying to establish a full-time online business for making Passive income.

Though you can test drive the system for just $9.95 there is a lot of hidden costs which make the system very costly.

First, you will have to buy the membership of an Autoresponder for sending Pre Designed mails. An autoresponder like aweber costs $ 19 per month.

Then you will have to buy the paid traffic. the developer has not revealed the cost of DFY traffic and also he has not shared the result os this type of traffic. If you are not getting the targeted traffic, it highly unlikely to yield conversions and all your money would go waste.

One on one coaching is also not included in any of the packages and you will have to pay an additional fee in buying the upsell. I really failed to understand that the experienced marketer like Deven Brown has not included everything in the membership. All-inclusive membership would have made this program really fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed the review. In case you have any queries, Please leave a comment below. I will try to get back at the earliest.

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