Owners of 22 minutes to profit claims that you can make $300 to $500 every day.I appreciate that you have decided to do your own research before joining this business opportunity.

You may be aware of the fact that the Internet is full of Scams and it always best to do due diligence before investing your money, time and efforts.  

Is 22 Minutes to Profits a Scam or Legitimate?? If you are searching for an answer, Here is my honest review of the 22 minutes to Profits.

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22 Minutes to ProfitS -Quick Report

Name: 22 Minutes to Profits
Website: Click Here
Owner: Frank Stafford
Price: $47 + upsells



22 Minutes to Profits: Summary

Arun Affiliate Marketer

22 Minutes to Profits provide an outdated training to start your eCommerce Business.

When I visited their website, It did not take me long to realize that I have already exposed similar scams earlier.

The sales video id full of Fake Claims and till the end They won,t reveal anything about the system and how would you be making money with this system.

They disclose that Frank Stafford is the Owner of this Program but when I tried to search on social Media , I could not find the credentials.

In case the business is legitimate and they are promoting you can easily search the credentials of the owner and know in details.

The  Frank Stafford is a fake identity and the owners of the system are hidden. They want to make money with this scam but do not want to get associated with it.

The presenter of the sales video say that system can be setup in minutes and you can start making money immediately.

I am an online marketer making full time passive income to support my family. I know making money online is not that easy as the scammers would like you to believe.

I am not saying that you can not make money online. If I can make it at the age of 50 , you can also make it.

All I am saying that online business require proper training and hard work.

In case you are looking for a legitimate training Program then You can test drive my recommended program for free.

The Training Program is run by the leaders in the market who have already helped more than 1.5 million  establish their online business in las 25 years.

What 22 Minutes To Profits is all about?

When you will land on their home page, you will find a sales video in which the spokesperson claims that he is going to reveal the system to make $300 to $500 every day. I have come across similar sales videos earlier also and can tell you that the 22 Minutes to profit is not legitimate but I never declare a program scam without going into details of all the aspects of Program.


The presenter claims that the system is not an MLM and has nothing to do with paid surveys or cryptocurrency trading. He further suggests that it is not the make-you-rich-overnight type of scheme and therefore it is not a scam but there was no reason to believe him

On one side he says that it is not quick-money-making program and immediately he contradicts by saying that your own online business can be set up in minutes and will start making money for you. This raises a red flag.

I have always maintained that any real business whether online or offline needs hard work and time to establish and make it successful. People who claim that your business can be set up in minutes and you will start making money immediately cannot be trusted upon and they are just offering you a scam.
I do not believe that any profitable business can be set up in 22 minutes.

Though the first video itself was sufficient to recognize the scam, I decided to take a step further by accepting their invitation to Join the Program.

Upon accepting the invitation, you will come across the second video which raises a Lot of Red Flags.

First Red Flag :

  1. You will be presented with the fake claims of people making hundreds of Dollars on the first day itself (Not Possible in any business). These are the same actors who have been seen in promoting other programs also and have bee hired from Fiverr.
  2. They do not reveal the facts how they have made this money?
  3. In the first video they sid that program is free to Join but in this video, they will tell you that it costs you $ 47 to buy 22 minutes to profit.
  4. You will be made to believe that Frank Stafford is the creator of this program but he is not the real human. You will not find Frank Stafford's identity associated with this program, if you google his name, This means the owner of the program has used a fake identity. I can not believe that the owner of a successful program does not have a social presence in this era.
  5. This means that people behind this program do not want to reveal their real identity. The main reason for not revealing their identity is that they are associated with many similar programs or rather the same program with different names. They are Scamming the people by creating landing pages and once people knew that program is Scam and stop buying the program they would just change the name and start Looting again
  6. In their sales video, they do not reveal the upsells. Once you pay them the joining fee of $47, you will be bombarded with a lot of upsells.

How do 22 Minutes To Profits really work ?

I do not feel it works for anyone except the person who has created it or Some of his associates who are aggressively marketing this Scam.

The system is meant for training you on building an e-commerce website to sell the products online and making money. The business concept they are talking about is real.

You can make substantial money by selling products online.  You can build a website

  1. To sell your own Products.
  2. To sell others Products on your Dropship store without keeping physical Inventory.
  3. You can promote other product as an Affiliate.

I like affiliate marketing the most as once the product is sold, you get your commission without bothering about shipping or warranty of the product. And you can promote any of the millions of products available on Amazon, eBay or Walmart.

Apart from these Store, you can also promote products and services in other niches like Travel or Health.

I am myself using the affiliate marketing to earn regular 6 figure income but it did not happen in one day. I worked very hard and followed step by step training provided by the leading university in this field

Whenever I come across a program like 22 minutes to Profit informing people that they can start making money instantly, I can sense a Scam.

I do not want you to waste your hard earned money on such scams. Rather I would advise not to share your personal information with them as it can be used to send Spam emails or they will sell this information to other scammers and make money out of this.

Bottom Line - Is 22 minutes to Profit a Scam?

I feel by now you might have acknowledged it as a pure Scam. They are here to rob you.

I am here to help all the newbies searching for real money making the opportunity. The system work for newbies as well as experienced marketers. You are not required to possess any special skills but you must be ready to learn and implement the learnings.

You must be patient in your pursuit of earning money online.

If you are ready to work that way and ready to spend some time initially, You can get started here

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