I had to write my last article explaining the two best methods for making money online in a legitimate way. Those two are not the only options to make money but the best way to get started. With my online experience, I can tell you that there are many more ways to earn money online and they really work. But there are also a lot of fake internet gurus who would promise you a quick money online but those promises don't hold any potential to ever really replace your full-time income.
Before We proceed further here is a Legitimate opportunity to get started

Putting efforts to make extra money online is a great option.  You may already be working and want to utilize all your free time with making some money online, maybe a few hundred bucks a month. It sounds good but does not get sucked into such time-wasting scams being advertised on the net by the Gurus. They will definitely be making money by putting your hard-earned money into their pockets.

Today  I am going to share with you three most advertised ways to scam people and would request you to avoid initially. Once you got the experience you will be able to differentiate between online scams and real money-making opportunities.

Paid Surveys :

There are many hosts offering money against online paid surveys and not all are scams. There are definitely some legitimate survey websites which really pay you for your opinions. But more than 90% of these surveying sites are plain scams.

You will soon find out that even those legitimate survey hosts would not pay you the cash. You may get some points after successfully completing the survey which can be redeemed for small cash. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to get a chance to win a prize which you may not need. You may sometime love those prizes but you are just getting an opportunity to win the prize and nothing more. You will find that you are competing against may be more than 50,000 people and hence your probability of winning the award is 1/50000.

There are few survey programs those actually pay cash but that won’t be more than $2 to $3 per hour.  The cash is paid to the first or first few people from your demographic area applying form that survey. Since many people have already joined these platforms, getting a chance to be the first is very rare and slot would fill up rather quickly.

You will soon find out that unless you are completely free and dedicate every minute of yours searching for surveys and refreshing the webpages, you won’t get in the chance to participate.

If you are really lucky you may make $100 per month and may be little more than that.

Do you feel spending so much time earning $100 per month is your aim?

Data Entry:

There are few other hosts offering data Entry opportunities claiming to pay you for data entry. If you are already searching the net for money making opportunities and have left your email against some of these advertisements, your email might have already been flooded with such opportunities.

During my internet career spanning few Years, I've only managed to find not more than few legitimate data entry opportunities. The rest are straight scams.

Most of these positions would be for posting on Facebook, social media or free advertisement sites. They claim to pay you against each advertisement posted by you but you will not get a penny at the end.  Few other positions actually require you to perform some other illegal tasks.  If you get caught, it's you who have to pay for it, and not the person or company who have actually hired you. These types of websites disappear very soon after making money from paid members who have joined them in search of real work.

Out of those which actually pay you, don't expect much. There are few Legitimate data entry companies who have been hired by the big companies. Due to huge completion in the outsourcing market, these data entry companies have had to lower their rates to next to nothing.

If you got lucky to find a legitimate opportunity, you will have to really work hard and dedicate all your free time to something along these lines and make few dollars a month. Now you're moving up in the world.

Vague Affiliate Programs :

There are thousands of such affiliate programs out there. They do not have may product to offer or their products have little value to offer, maybe just some training videos.

These training videos often cost anything between $25 to $45 and claim to be worth several thousand, making you think you're getting some amazing deal. When you Join such programs, you get a few training videos may be teaching you a little about how to use Clickbank or AdSense or creating email funnel and promise you'll be making six-figures every month.

Once you have become members, you will be required to promote and sell the same set of videos to earn few bucks. The major share would go to the owner who has just produced the video and not more than $50.

DO you still think that by promoting such videos and getting maybe $20 per sale is going to make you a millionaire that year? No, it’s just not going to happen.

Bottom Line:

I would always advise you to look out for a real business Opportunity and these are available online

My definition of a  real business is:

Provide you with a complete set of tools and training.

These tools and training are all based around a real product.

The training would show you how to build a business and market your business to really make money.

The real training program will give you an opportunity to Join and evaluate first before investing your hard-earned money.

If you have evaluated and got something that holds a real value for you, it will hold value for anyone and you would love sharing it.

Before joining any program, think about the objectives and your expectations, because you would love something that's going to create real results. Something that's not just based on hype, but action. Before joining any program, think about the objectives and your expectations, because you would love something that's going to create real results. Something that's not just based on hype, but action.

Evaluate Before Joining any Opportunity. Join Free training to establish your Business


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  1. I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across these scams at some point. Unfortunately, people are still falling for them so it’s great that you’re sharing this information to help make people more aware of the things they should avoid. So many bloggers focus on the good things that they forget readers can actually benefit from learning about the bad things that are out there at well.

    1. Yes, Ariel, you are right. Most of us have fallen for the scams but with the experience, we have reached a point where we can differentiate the legit opportunities from scams. I take it as my social responsibility to share my expertise with newbies. I will be happy if I can save an even single person from being scammed.
      People out their start searching for quick money making methods. In my opinion, there is no way of making quick bucks either online or in any offline business. Hard work, consistency and proper training pay dividends in any business. I am lucky to find wealthy affiliate at right time and the training module there have led to the success.

  2. You so hit the nail on the head. I have tried all of the above. None will make you any money, they are just time wasters. Anyone who thinks they can or claims they do make money with these, is just trying to pull a fast one. With the internet surveys, I gave it my all. Got very frustrated. It’s a total joke!

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