Have you come across all the sales pitches for various e-books, Training CD ’s or DVD’s, any other such materials that claimed to turn you into a genius or marketing guru to earn a full time or passive income online? Perhaps you might have even spend your hard earned money in a few of these items to find that they are full of bogus information or only teach basic techniques that you might already know. What, exactly you like to learn, is the real ways to make money online fast, without vast investment or being involved in a pyramid scam.

A few years back, I was also in the same situation and spend a lot of time surfing the net, seeing lots of youtube videos and reading whatever comes my way. The more I got involved, more I was getting confused as none of those resources were able to give a direct answer. I subscribed to many youtube channels but they would have videos on different topics without any continuity so they have not enhanced my knowledge.

There are many legitimate ways of earning money online and you have to choose best suited to you. Here, I am sharing some of the ways to make money online, you can try and get started.

1. Advertisement programs

Advertisement programs are available all over the internet but How can they help you make money? In this type of programs, your job is to build a website based on a particular topic or product or service. We call it a niche website. The most important aspect is to choose that product or topic to build the website. There are ways to choose the topic or profitable niche which would be able to attract visitors.
Once you have published your website, you can sign up with any number of pay-per-click services like Google AdSense or content ads that will then populate your web page with advertisements. The advertiser or the companies giving those advertisements and paying for those ads on a pay-per-click basis literally fund your paycheck.
Every time some visitor get interested in the product’s advertisement and click on the ad, the companies would pay for advertisements and you will get your share. The payment made by Google Adsense may seem very little per click but Imagine building a number of small, basic websites with keyword density that will attract lots of traffic and then sitting back relaxed to wait for the money to start pouring in.

If you are keen in following this method for making money then right now I can help you by giving a free website. Do not worry, you are not required to know the process of making a website and need not be a highly technical person. Just a few clicks and you will have your readymade website for free. Once you have constructed your website you can access full training to get your self-registered with advertisement providers and start earning and believe me I am sharing with you the complete training followed by me in earning 6 figures income.
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2. Internet Sales

While there are several avenues front which you can pursue internet sales, there are some ways that are smarter than others. When beginning your activities in the area of internet sales, you would need either a product or service that must not put a strain on your pocket. You can buy a bulk product for discounted rates from auction websites or wholesale local market and resell these items individually could be a way to break into the online selling.
You can either set up your own website or E-commerce store to sell your product/services, or you can sell on internet market platforms like Amazon or eBay. Many people have made lots of money selling products on auction sites.
If you properly work out and take into account the listing and selling fees you will have to pay, the shipping and packing costs, and the materials cost and set up your price at a level to return a reasonable profit, you can have an online selling business that is highly successful.
Another way to attract customers or online buyers is to offer something unique, whether it is a service or product, that no other sellers or very few sellers are offering.

3. Wholesaling

Now Let us say you have to customize your bike or car. You may buy the Wheels from one dealer, body parts from other and maybe paints from some other and so on. Perhaps you might have been very frustrated in the past by having to go to several different places to collect parts and pieces for a project. You are not alone and this is just an example. Likewise, there can be a number of projects.
Becoming a wholesaler means utilizing your expertise and the ability to purchase individual items from wholesale suppliers and resell the items in question as complete sets.
This can be a lucrative business venture because you sell everything as a package, giving you the ability to mark up the price on the package rather than each item to earn a profit. As you are offering customers the chance to purchase everything they need in one place and may be at a better price if they buy from different sources, meaning greater satisfaction to customers and more return customers along with referrals.

I hope that I have been able to share three practical ways to earn money. I begin my online journey using all three ways but with a little experience, I could sense that though I may continue to earn money online, these ways will not help me being my own boss and leave 9 to 5 job. They are perfect ways to earn some passive income but you cannot become a successful entrepreneur.
Realizing this I started my search again and I was fortunate to find complete step by step training imparted by  wealthy affiliate univrsity founded by Kyle and Carson.

In case you want more information, Please leave a comment below. I will be pleased to help you.

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