3 Step Method Review:

First of all, thank you very much for visiting my website, and welcome you here. I know you have come across this new 3 Step Method for making money and want to know more before joining it.

In this 3 Step Method review, I will share everything you need to know about this program to help you to decide if it is worth trying it or not.

Many systems are being promoted online to help you make money using their simple process, and some of them do work and are really worth it.

Unfortunately, most of the programs online are scams and are after your money only. Is the 3 step method Legit or a Scam like the majority of other similar programs?

You are at the right place to discover this, and I am glad that you have decided to do complete research before jumping into the program.

I had recenetly reviewed a similar 3 step program called EverGreen Wealth Formula and that turned out to be a scam.

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Without further commotion, let’s get started with this review.

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3 step method review - quick report

Name: 3 Step methos
Website: Click Here
Owner: Unknown
Price: $37



What is the 3 Step Method?


The 3 Step Method is being promoted as an automatic income stream that pays you round the clock.

The method is said to be so simple that anyone can use it without special skills or knowledge, which is why people get interested in it.

You are likely to start getting commission immediately on joining the system and setting it up.

The Program was launched on Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network both for products creators and affiliate marketers to make money online.

Though I recommend some of the legitimate programs available on Clickbank like Perpetual Machine 365, ClickBank University, and CBProAdds, most of the programs launched on Clickbank, Jvzoo, and Warrior plus are generally scams.

I only recommend legitimate programs to my readers. I carefully look inside well to see if they are really worth it and if they will work for you or not.

Who is the behind the Program?

There is no information on the sales page and even inside the dashboard about the Program's creator, which is more concerning.

The creator of any legitimate program won't be hiding, and when this happens, it raises a red flag.

It is hard to trust a program without the information of its owner. Therefore, such programs are typical scams and must be avoided.

How does the 3 Step Method work?

Does it work? Let's first see what the publisher says about the Program, and then we will go inside to check their claims.

If you visit the sales page, you won't get any information you might be looking for.

As per the claims, the Program simply works on a 3 step automated to make Passive income online.

The system is so designed that you will not get the correct information unless you purchase the plan.

I am really surprised why you should buy a system without knowing what you will get inside.

First thing, they want you to register on their home page so that they can reveal how the system works.

Why such secrecy. If the Program is legitimate, the owners would have revealed the complete information about the product on their home page.

Why have they built this website for?

The purpose of the home page is to collect your email to promote more cams in the future, and also, they may sell the information to a third party.

The owner is hidden, and the website will vanish in a few days. So you will never know who has scammed you.

Once you have registered on the home page, you will only get some basic tutorials. And be able to see some of their testimonials.

So they want your email to pre-sell you many more products so you can get sucked in.

When you buy 3 Step Method, you will be asked to perform the following actions.

Select your niche:

This is the first step of affiliate marketing and will lay the foundation of your online business.

Selecting the profitable niche, however, is not that easy. A lot of brainstorming is required in choosing the niche.

Before moving further, I recommend my readers shortlist a few niches and find at least 5 to 10 long tail least competitive keywords.

If you already have decided about some niche, you can use the Jaxxy keyword research tool for finding the Keywords.

Jaxxy will reveal to you the many facts about the selected keyword. For example, you will know How many people are using the same keyword? 

How many domains are already ranking for the keyword? 

And how much traffic you will get if you rank on the first page of Google.

Jaaxy will also help you find the related keywords you can later use in your articles to rank high in Google.


Let's see the second step

Create your digital assets:

You will be advised to create blogs for promoting affiliate products.

This step is an integral part of affiliate marketing, but you need proper training to start a blog.

At first, you will have to search for a suitable domain name. I will advise you to search for a domain name matching your niche. As far as possible, the domain must consist of the keywords related to your niche or the brand name if you are promoting your own products.

You can search the domain name and book Webhosting on BlueHost.com

Yes, you would need web hosting with an SSL certificate for your blog.

All this may seem very complicated to a newbie like you. But when you join a step-by-step affiliate marketing training program, you will sail smoothly.

And that's why I recommend a complete training program that takes care of everything.

Let's go to the third step being offered:

Earn commissions:

This section will inform you how to earn money using these assets and leverage your income more.

Affiliate marketing is the legitimate way of making money online but involves many more steps than explained in the system.

If you buy the 3 Step method, the owner will make $9 and more by offering upsells, but you will not make any money.

If you want to make money online, Affiliate marketing is the way forward. Still, you should learn it from the masters in the field rather than running after these shiny objects.

Here are the 3 best affiliate training programs recommended by me.

1. Wealthy Affiliate :

Click Here To Join 7 Dys Free Trail- No Credit Cards Required

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step by step training. The training is designed to help all the newbies build an online business. After that, you can move at your own pace.

A conducive live community is ready to help you 24X7. Just log in to the live form and get immediate resolution from experienced affiliate marketers whenever you face some problem.

Weekly live webinars share all the latest trends and reveal the new techniques for succeeding in business.

2. Commission Hero :

Click Here To Join. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. No Questions asked


The training is really good for all new entrants who want to make money by promoting click bank products.

This training gives fast results as it is based on paid ads.

The training was created by Robby Blanchard, an affiliate marketer who has made millions of dollars by promoting Clickbank Products.

3. 12 Minutes Affiliate:

Click Here To Join. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. No Questions asked


One of the best and most sold DFY systems for making money.

Typically, I do not recommend any DFY system. Stiil, this one is legitimate, and I have made money with this system

3 Step Methos Pros and Cons :


  • Affordable
  • The system is easy to understand and follow.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee from Payment Processor


  • Fake Creator
  • Fake Testimonial.
  • Not helpful in making money

3step method review - ConClusion

The Program does not offer any comprehensive training that will help you to make money. It does not go that deep. However, the training provided is fundamental, and that much you can learn much by watching a few YouTube videos.

Is 3 Method a Scam? I will put the Program in the scam category as it has not come from a trusted source and provides valuable training.

There are many red flags, and I don't want you to waste your hard-earned money on the programs.

I have shared some of my recommended resources above. You can join any one of them if you are interested in making money online.

I hope you have liked this transparent review. If you need more information, please leave a comment below in the comment section, and I will be more than happy to respond at the earliest.

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