Any business is about generating sales by acquiring new customers and re-marketing to existing customers. There are so many methods being used for effective online marketing that you sometimes get confused which one will work for your business? The best approach would be to test the various methods and adopt the combinations of those which produces the best result. The results can be measured in term of the expenses or money spent on achieving the sales and return on investment. \

Today, I am sharing with you the 5 best digital marketing strategies to increase online traffic and sales, You should look out for the strategies which once are in place can be used for long-term benefits.


While driving organic traffic by effective search engine optimization (SEO) is the best long-term solution, you can not solely be dependent on a single method to achieve the sales target. You have to combine it with social media engagements, email marketing, and paid advertisements.

I have already cover SEO and email marketing in my other posts mentioned below

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Today I will cover various other strategies to increase sales apart from the two already discussed

5 best Digital Marketing Strategies to increase online Sale.

Content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the most effective and widely used strategies for increasing online sale. The content marketing can be very helpful in achieving long-lasting results but it needs a lot of work, patience, and persistence. Content marketing may not give you immediate results but have a massive impact on the brand building.

Content marketing is essentially a storytelling technique for conveying a clear message to the Audience by using keywords, images, videos, and graphics etc.   You can create a different type of posts with different stories meant for user perspective.

To catch user attention the content must be original, unique and shareable. You can use the Social brand value by adding the real feedback from the real customers to build trust and positive reputation of your brand.

You need not to be a professional writer to write the contents as the end users have become very smart and they always like the natural contents. You should not try to oversell and force them into buying the product or services. You must convey the message as you are speaking to your friends.  In case you do not have time to write your own contents, you can hire someone from the platform like Fiverr.

Once You have written enough contents,  you can combine them with paid ads for getting desired results.

Facebook Advertisements:


Businesses spent a lot of time and efforts on building their Facebook pages and sharing it on groups. Earlier these tactics of increasing the followers used to work for online marketers but of late people following these simple strategies are disappointed and felt cheated due to changes adopted by Facebook. Facebook has recently slashed the reach of the Fan Pages, which has forced the businesses looking for paid Facebook advertisements.  This is very clear now, if you want to be seen on Face Book you must use Paid Advertisements.

Facebook still is the largest Social media Platform for targeting the Buyers and if you want to utilize the capabilities of Facebook, You are left with no option but to use Facebook paid ads.

Creating and managing Facebook ad campaigns are not as easy as they appear to be. In case you don't have the mastery over which kind of ads actual work, you may end up losing a lot of money.

It is a learning curve and no one can be right the first time. You must create a different set of the ad campaign, run them to see the results. You will have to perform A/B testing and go into research mode.

A lot of free material is available online and you can also join a number of Facebook group on the subject matter but the best way is to join some good training platform and spend some money on learning. Once you know the art the money can be compensated with the results.

In case you can learn by reading, you may buy the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising by Keith Krance and in case you learn by practical example, you can Join Wealthy Affiliate, the best training platform for Digital Marketing.

Chat bots


It is time to implement Artificial Intelligence into your marketing strategies. First movers always are advantageous. You might have already seen "Chat Now" Pop-ups and functionality on some websites.

If you are not aware of, A bot is basically software tools, those can be programmed to perform a certain set of actions on their own.

Online marketers are using bots for automating social engagements. bots like SocialCaptain use AI to engage users on Instagram on your behalf and increase your followers.

A chat bot is a software which can be used to interact with your site visitors and answer their questions, therefore, eliminating the need of live chat agents.

When visitors would drop on your website and read the contents, they would have queries and would need an answer to their questions. In case they do not get those answers, they will never return to your website.

Chat bots will be available on your website 24X7 , helping not only your customers but you as well by generating sales and revenue taking care of the customers even while you are sleeping.

You can build your own chat bot without any technical skill by using the facilities provided by

Video Marketing and Live Streaming Videos:


Video marketing is using videos to promote your products or services. Videos can just be of the different types like contents. You can use ex-plainer videos, Product comparison videos, Training Videos, and testimonial videos etc.

Videos can increase your site rankings and conversion rates. YouTube is the best platform for video marketing. A recent study shows that 57 % of the customers are more likely to buy the product after watching the video. Videos can be used to establish a direct connection with the customer and making an appeal.

In case you are camera shy, you can outsource video making. Even outsourcing may not be required as animation video or voice over videos are equally or rather more effective.

Online marketers have gone a step ahead and using live video streaming on Facebook and Instagram which enable them to get in front of the customer which are very inventive are interested in the product and services being offered.

I will again advise you to use the live streaming for showcasing the benefits of the products and establishing a connection with the viewers rather than selling the product then and there.

Influencer marketing:

Influence marketing is not going to replace any of the above discussed but will be an added tool in your marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is using key leaders to share your brand’s message to the larger market.  Instead of approaching directly to customers, hired or paid Influencer's are used to influencing a large group of consumers for you. Influence marketing goes along with other types of marketing like content marketing., video marketing and Social media engagements.

Most of such campaigns are build around the popularity of influencer as they would use their personal social channel to spread the awareness about your product or service.  Most of the influencing campaign carry both the social media and content element. You can either share your own contents or message to be shared on their social media channels or blogs or Many influencers create the content themselves.

Influencer marketing has created a huge buzz in the past couple years, but businesses need to be aware that it’s a constantly changing landscape and the old strategies of finding influencers with large audiences to broadcast sponsored posts just doesn’t work any longer. The end consumer has seen it done a million times and they don’t react like they used to.

Since most of the businesses have started using influence marketers the engagement to such campaigns have come down drastically.

If you do not trust me, you can have a look at the sponsored posts associated with biggest names in Hollywood or biggest names in Sports, you will find that engagement to such posts is only 15 to 25 % of what their normal optimized contents receive.

The reason behind this drastic fall is that the consumer has become familiar with such tricks but the advantage of an influence market cannot be weighed down at least for a good product.

Bottom Line:

Strategies keep on changing with technologies but basics remain same. Any marketing strategies can be built around the proper communication and connecting with the consumers. You can use content, videos or influences to promote the product but ultimately product has to meet customers expectation.

Content writing is never going to die and videos and influencing can be built around great contents only. To rank the contents high in Search engines, you must know how to find the Long tail keywords which can rank high in search engines. Once you have the contents and a trustworthy product, you can use advanced technologies and various strategies to market it.

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