8 Figure Dream lifestyle or 8FDL is gaining popularity these days. Founders  Alex, Brian, and Jerry claim that some people have made more than $ 50,000 in 45 days of joining the program. Can you really register and start making that much? Is 8 figure Dream Lifestyle a Scam?

I have researched  8FDL in depth and I am sure that I will be able to answer the most of the questions to help you decide whether 8FDL or 8 Figure Lifestyle is a Scam or cash minting Opportunity for to make some quick money online.

Quick Report:

  • Name: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle or 8 FDL.
  • Website:the8figuredreamlifestyle.com
  • Owner: Alex, Brian, and Jerry
  • Price: $2,000  and up to 22,000.
  • Rating: We will decide after review.

As per the information received from their website, It seems that the program was started in the year  2016 and till now there are only 1200 registered members. In close to 3 years, if they have Struggled to make members, there may be something wrong either with their products or marketing strategies.

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What Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle System?

The 8 Figure dream lifestyle program is promoting various digital programs through Multi-level marketing or network marketing.

As a member, you have to purchase a package and convince other people to buy the same. Once you have been able to sell the package, you will get your commission.

The packages contain training material on self-improvement and also the promotional material to promote their packages.

You are made to believe that by selling these packages, you will be able to make $ 50,000 or more per month but do not jump into conclusion at this stage.

The Cost of the basic package is  $  2000 and You have to pay $195 as a license fee for selling the package. The package cost goes up to $ 20,000.

The catch here is that you will be able to sell only that package which you owe. So minimum investment to join the program is $2149, If you do not have this much amount, Please stay away.

Moreover, these kinds of programs are meant for hardcore marketing persons and not for the beginners.

Even if you are in a position to invest a minimum $2195, how many people you think will be willing to buy your digital products having no face value at this price?

In Multi-level marketing, most people get convinced that they will be able to make quick money and become rich but this is not reality.

It is not that you will not be able to make any money but In most of the cases only a few early birds or the promoters of the company make money and become rich.

Rest of the people make only a few bucks and most of the members even do not recover their own investment. I am not totally against the MLM and some products based multi-level marketing companies like Amway or Herbal Life have been able to attract many but I am not a huge fan of Network marketing

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Compensation Plan and Business Model:

8FDL has 5 different tiers and you are required to buy at least the minimum or basic package before you start selling. The 5 tiers or packages are:

  • Package 1: Basic membership- $2000 + $149 License Fee
  • Package 2 : Builder Package- $3500 + $295 License Fee
  • Package 3: Advanced Package- $6,600 + $ 395 License Fee
  • Package 4 : Pro Package- $12,500 + $445 License Fee
  • Package 5: VIP Package- $22,000 + $449 License Fee

If you are aware of the MLM Model, you would already know that when you sell your first product, you will not get the commission. Commission gore to your recruiter.

You have worked so hard to sell a product worth $ 2000 just to realize that you have got nothing from the sale. You will get your first commission on the second sale and recover your money.  You will start earning from the third sale only. But In case you have money on paid advertisements, you will not make any profit even on the third sale.

The person whom you have recruited will become your down-line and once and when they are able to sell, you will get your commission on their first sale.

The commission slab is 100% commission but if your direct recruiter upgrade to a higher package say pro package at @ 12500 and you just have the basic package, you will get only $2000 (the amount equal to basic package).

Would you like to Join a program where you are dependent on others to earn?

If we go into reality, this is a high ticket program and best suited to Experienced marketer who has been promoting similar products and has a ready-made funnel.

I do not think, you will be able to make money with these kinds of programs. If you are not convinced about the usefulness of the product you are selling, you can not convince others.

The information being sold through their digital products is in any case available on the internet for free.

That’s why I am against the network marketing based on digital products as these products do not make any value addition.

As per my experience, there are many other legitimate ways of earning money online. The most prominent being

I am an online affiliate marketer myself and it is the technique which can be learned and implemented to make huge money online. You do not require any major skills to get started. As an affiliate marketer you may not be able to make thousands of dollars in the first few months but if you are consistent and ready to learn, you can go beyond. So please stop being tricked into scams.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Pros:

  • 8 Figure Dream lifestyle is a Home based business like any other MLM.
  • Since they are into Digital Products, this program can effectively be promoted online. Except for the membership product, you are not required to keep an inventory of any Physical product.
  • Products can be sold in any country as the opportunity is available worldwide and since the products are digital, you should not be bothering for shipping.
  • If you are an experienced marketer and have an email list, you can earn handsome money

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Cons:

  • Emotional Greed: The company induces emotional greed by making you believe that you can become rich quickly by using the least effort.
    The program can be joined a free member to evaluate it before becoming a paid member.
  • You will get the commission on the product you owe. In case some of your customer or downgrade opt for the upgrade, you will not get any benefit if you do not owe the upgraded product.
  • While it is very difficult to find customers for high ticket products,   you will not get any commission for the first product which goes to your sponsor.
  • Members incur many other advertising costs that not planned because of lack of their publication in advance.
  • The digital products offered by 8SFL do not add any value to your knowledge as most of the contents are already available for free.

Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a Scam?

Rating: 1 out of  10.

I have shared everything about the program with you transparently and let you decide if 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a scam or not?

But still, I would like to share more proofs which raise the red flags

  1. Their advertisements show that you can earn profits without any marketing experience but that is not the case. You can sell these products only if you are an experienced marketer. Therefore the advertisements are misleading.
  2. They have not shared any details about their hight ticket program on their own website. I have been involved with many affiliate products and in case the owner does not intend to share the details of their program, I always treat it as a scam.

Bottom Line: Alternative to 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle:

There are other alternatives available. In case you are interested to start your online business which actually leads to real 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, you must avoid the shortcuts and learn from the experienced Professionals and follow the proven techniques. The success will not come overnight as, like any other subject, you will have to spend the time to gain mastery over the subject. I can assure you that along the learning path, you will start earning whicih would increase manyfolds with your efforts. Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended # 1 program and you can read my reviews before Joining but in case you want to start right now, I offer you 7 days free access to the program without any commitment. Join free, evaluate and then decide whether you want to continue.

In case you want to know more about this Program or like to have more information on my # 1 recommended Program, Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I paid approx. 7k into that program and after 1 year I made nothing so far. Asked for a refund they say its business and so thy refuse to refund my money. I plan to mount a shame campaign against them to expose they and see if they will respond (I plan to use the ripoff report as best I can because I want my money back)

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