Affiliates Money Mantra- How I Went From $0 to $10K in Six months.


You will be disappointed if you were expecting some emotional story here. 

"I never went broke before starting affiliate marketing." You will find such fake stories on many other websites promoting Scams.

I will not share any fake images of Fancy Cars, or Fake Sales Counter to impress you.

I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a  PMP. I Started Affiliate Marketing at the age of 50 and Before that, I was working with an EPC organization.

Don't know where to start?

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Initial Hiccups:

Initially, I would attract by online advertisements for making money through business in the box type of opportunities. So I joined a few of them, but most of them turned out to be Scams or shallow quality Training Programs offering outdated training. 

These DFY business memberships are made available at a meager price, and once you join them, you start getting new offers for up-sells. So either you buy up-sells or make no money. And there is no guarantee of making money with those up-sells.

I also tried selling products on eBay and Amazon but sourcing the right product at a reasonable price requires a lot of expertise and adequate knowledge in market research.

Moreover, all the big companies have their own branded stores on these marketplaces. Therefore, it is almost impossible to match the prices and discounts offered by them. 

I found that most of the products were being sold online even at a value lesser than my buying price. If you want to do it on a large scale, you should either be a distributor of a big brand or manufacture your products.

You can still be successful on these market networks if you have your high-demand Product. 

Then Finally I got something good.

I was surfing the net online when I saw a video where this "Little Mama" shared the blueprint for making money online. I followed the Wealthy Affiliate's link shared by her and found her story to be accurate. That was a game-changer for me.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member and evaluated it for seven days free. I then got converted into a premium member by paying a discounted monthly membership fee of $19.

But after the first month, I did not renew my membership. I liked the training, and I do not know why I decided to discontinue after the first month.

Perhaps I was not ready to accept that affiliate marketing can be a career-changing opportunity at this age. There were real people following the training and earning money, but I ignored it. 

Perhaps after becoming familiar with the term affiliate marketing, I thought I could find free resources on the internet. So the research was on again.

I started searching for affiliate marketing on YouTube and other platforms and could find lots of half-cooked information. You-tubers are there to make money for themselves and not share the deep knowledge. 

Back to Wealthy Affiliate with firm resolution

I spent close to 3 months researching and trying for good information, but nothing comes close to the Wealthy Affiliate training. All the information was far below.

Now I can tell you with confidence that you can never establish a business by watching YouTube videos. To be successful, one needs factual information presented in step-by-step training so that each step takes you into higher business dimensions.

I joined wealthy Affiliate again, and this time, I paid for annual premium membership as I did not want any distraction again.
I knew once I spent money, I would stick to the training. That's a normal human tendency.

Unfortunately that time, Premium Plus was not available. Newcomers must be thankful to Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, for this option now that too at a discounted price.

What is Wealthy Affiliate- An Opportunity to Learn and Earn 

  • A real Online Affiliate Marketing training Platform which has produced many millionaires
  • Absolutely Spam Free
  • Real People with Real Identities, ready to help new comers while earning themselves 
  • People not only share their success stories but also help others to follow the same path

Start Earning while Learning| Practical Implementation


I decided to concentrate fully without any distraction. So I started with the training modules once again and began taking notes.
Now I was completing the exercise at the end of the Module like a good student, attending the weekly webinars, and listening to earlier delivered webinars.
Within a few days, I had my first Website ready. Following training, I started to populate it with unique content.
I am not a professional writer and believe me; you need not be a professional writer to be a successful affiliate marketer.
Wealthy Affiliate training will help you know how to write, and available tools like a content writer will make your job easy.
I got my first affiliate commission within thirty days of my rejoining the wealthy Affiliate.

Training Modules | Wealthy Affiliate University

There are two Basic Training Modules available in wealth Affiliate University

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase training consisting of 50 lessons. This Module will walk you through the complete process of starting your affiliate marketing in any niche (or product) and scaling it up.


Affiliate Boot Camp

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase training consisting of 70 lessons. This Module will walk you through starting your business in Promoting money-making niche and establishing your business promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


My Achievements | How I established 6 figure income business

On the way to building my own online empire, I learned 
  • To build my affiliate website without any coding or HTML Knowledge 
  • Selecting the most Profitable Niche for my Affiliate 
  • Keyword Research with Most Accomplished Free Keyword Tool inside the training Program
  • Start writing Contents for my website without being a professional writer myself
  • Driving Free Traffic to my Website by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Engagements to Promote my website on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc 
  • Paid Advertisements using Google Adsense and  Bing
  • Every Aspect of Affiliate Marketing to Establish my 6 figure Business and Live the same lifestyle

Why I want to help you?

I have learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate, and now it is time to pay back by spreading good words about them and sharing my knowledge with my site visitors.


I have chased my dreams and have become a successful online entrepreneur. But, like me, there are a million other people taking benefit of this learning and earning opportunity.
After establishing myself in the market, I decided to create my Website to help people avoid online Scams and earn Legitimate Income.

I will keep on sharing this legitimate online money-making opportunity so that you can take advantage of the best available training without hesitation for making money online.

If you want to share your experience regarding online Scams/internet marketing or Affiliate marketing, you are always welcome to contact me inside Wealthy Affiliates.

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