Affiliate Funnel Clones Review:

You might have landed on this article probably to find authenticated information about Affiliate Funnel Clones.

You might have come across this platform and would like to ascertain if Affiliate Funnel Clones is going to make you a millionaire?  I will try to answer all such questions in this Affiliate Funnel Clones Review.

You might have probably been searching for the ways to make passive income online to support your family. You might have come across many such websites offering money-making opportunities. I am not sure if you have already been scammed by such shining objects claiming to make you a millionaire overnight.

It is always advisable to read the reviews of the program before joining rather than wasting your time and money. After reading this review, you will be more informed and can make a decision if the Affiliate Funnel Clones is a Scam or Legit money making Opportunity.

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Affiliate Funnel Clones Review-Summary

Name: Affiliate Funnel Clones
Website: Click Here
Owner: Alan, Ryan, and Simon
Price: $27/ month or $47 one time




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Affiliate Funnel Colnes is not a Scam but I do not recommend it to the newbies.

In Fact I am against any DFY systems as they do not deliver what they claim.

Affiliate funnel clones offers 5 done for you affiliate funnels those can be used to build your own email list for affiliate marketing.

The funnels are good but still you have to promote them and bring targeted traffic for  building email list  and making money.

If you do not know how to drive organic traffic , the program is not going to work for you.

You can generate leads by using paid social media advertisements but I won't recommend paid ads to any newcomer as they can afford lose money without getting any result.

In case you are looking forward to make sustainable source of income, I will advise you to follow a step by step training in affiliate marketing. The same training has helped me making  6 figure income last year.    

What is Affiliate Funnel Clones?

Affiliate Funnel clones is being promoted as a cloud based affiliate training marketing software. The product is created by three experienced digital marketers who have created a space for themselves in online marketing. They have been involved in creatine many successful digital products individually but they have partnered for this product.

The creator of the Affiliate Funnel clones claim that the product is created to help people build a list of subscriber in the fastest possible way and achieving sale simultaneously.

The problem with these kind of DFY system is that they only concentrate on ,marketing their subscription and not on the training part.

Once you become a member, you will get the pre-written templates and emails to promote the business and if some one join through your affiliate link you will make money.

This may seem very simple to as you don't have to make any website and not write the contents. You will feel that most of the work has already been done for you and all you have to do is promote the website.

But that is not right. If you follow the step  by step affiliate marketing training , you will find that the website creation is the easiest part of affiliate marketing. You can learn to design a website similar to this or better within few days. 

The toughest part of affiliate marketing is marketing the product by bringing traffic or customer on your website and if a training program do not reveal the ways to generate the organic traffic, I will treat it useless at least, if not a Scam.

 Affiliate Funnel clones is being marketed as an ultimate product for anyone looking forward to make money online. All you have to replicate their business model to be successful online. But they do not share with you they are experienced online marketer and know how to promote the product whereas as a newbie you will struggle to promote it without effective training.

Who is the behind Affiliate Funnel Clones?

The Affiliate Funnel Clones is created by Simon Harries, Alan and Ryan but Simon Harriers is main force behind the System. He is a well established  digital product creator and marketer.

Before launch of this product, He has successfully launched and marketed many products products like EmailForce, Converzly, and Viral Pay Soft.

All those products were not huge success and it is always important to research every product before buying even if an established name is associated with the product. 

How Does Affiliate Funnel Clones Works?

Affiliate Funnel Clones is becoming popular as many affiliate are promoting this product. The Product is being sold on Jvzoo which is one of the biggest network market for digital products.

Moreover the people like you who would buy its subscription will also start promoting the same products. You will get the access to the product and marketing material in the form of pre written email after buying its subscription for $47.

The product comes with an Autoresponder but you will have to buy the premium membership aweber for send automated emails. The Aweber membership will cost you additional $19 per month.

What you Get with your Affiliate Funnel Clones membership:

Before we discuss the receivables, Let us see the various membership options.


 Normally people keep monthly subscription, annual subscription and one time payment option offering some discount and benefits on upgradation. Here the pricing is kept in such a way that owner does not want to sell the monthly subscription because they know program is not worth it.

Any how you can join AFC by paying $47 and inside you will have to buy an autoresponder for $19 / month apart from buying the domains for your AFC sales funnel. 

As a member of the system you will get: 

  • 7 (5 +2 bonus) Sales Funnel Completely done for you. 
  • Free Hosting
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Training for Paid Ads for generating Traffic
  • Pre Written Emails for your audiences.

What I do not Like about Affiliate Funnel Clones?

1. Chances of Early Saturation:

When you buy the product , you are actually buying the sales funnel. You will never know how many people have already bought the same funnels before you.

I don't mind everyone promoting the same product. Affiliate marketing just work like that. You might have seen lot of product comparison sites comparing the same mobile phones and promoting them. 

But the main problem is that hundreds or thousands of members here would be using the same funnel and same pre written emails for promoting the same product. It is quite possible that lot of those emails being received by same person. The email providers may treat them as spam mails and people may not be recieve in their main inbox.

Lack of Transparency:

They do not disclose on their sales page that You will have to pay additional $19 per month for the autoresponder without which system will not work. The funnel is created for capturing the emails and automating the process by integrating the Autoresponder for marketing. In case you can not afford to pay this much you will not be able to make any money.

Moreover the whole process is build around the paid solo ads  for generating traffic. They don't train you on generation of free organic traffic. No online business can sustain without Free traffic. 

A newbie who does not have any experience with solo ads and can not analyze the results may end losing huge amount without getting the desired result.

Is Affiliate Funnel Clones a Scam?

No , Affiliate funnel clones is not a Scam as they are offering a real product against subscription Fee. You may or may not like the product , that is altogether a different thing. Many people are making money with these funnels but I do not say that you will also be able to make money as promised by them.

I do not recommend Affiliate Funnel Clones to the newbies as I know that they will not be able to make any money with DFY system.

I would not advise you to join a program solely depended upon the paid advertisements. Rather you should learn the affiliate marketing from the leaders in the field  the way i did.

I was laid off from the Job when I was 51. Rather than searching for a new job I decided to learn affiliate marketing. 

I was too scammed initially and lost my hard earned money but fortunately I found a step by step training and lerend from them. You can read more about me by clicking here or can use my invitation below for 7 days free trial of the same training I use to make 6 figure income

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