Affiliate Magician Review | First Online Commission in 24 Hours??

Affiliate Magician review:

I get a lot of emails for promoting Affiliate Magician product, so I decided to take a closer look at it o see if the claims made by them are anywhere near the truth.

Product is created by Dan Khan, a young online marketer who have made a lot money with affiliate marketing in last few months and have now launched his own product. 

I have not met Dan Personally but still I feel excited on seeing a new and enthusiastic face in the crowd.

I really got bored reviewing the products being launched either by the experienced online gurus teaching you the complex methods or the scamsters who just want your money into their pockets.

In this Affiliate Magician review,  I will share all the details of the product like price , how it works, pros and cos and we shall see if you can make any money with this product.

So, without further delay, let’s get this review started.

What is Affiliate Magician - Quick Review

Name: Affiliate Magician

Owner: Dan Khan

Website: Click Here

Price : $12.95


Recommended : Yes


Affiliate Magician is an affordable training program for all those persons who want to make money online.

You will learn the proper way of how to do affiliate marketing and how to make money online really fast by using the over-the-shoulder training.

The Program will provide the practical training and teach you with examples "how to set up funnels and email marketing campaigns"

You will learn to drive traffic by placing solo ads for making 6 figure income online.

After setting up the system, You may get your first sale in less than 24 hours.

The Benefit of Affiliate Magician Trainings are:

  • No More Stress
  • No more worrying about bill payment and money
  • You will be your own boss and Can work from Home.
  • You will have the freedom to travel and live life on your own terms
  • You will learn to sell any digital or Physical Product
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Perfect for Newbies



Once you have Joined Affiliate Magician, you will find 100% practical Videos in your Dashboard area. The training is divided into 11 different Sections as given below.

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Setup and Product Selection 
  3. 3
    Beginner Method
  4. 4
    Intermediate Method
  5. 5
    Advance Method
  6. 6
    Email Marketing
  7. 7
    Driving Traffic
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10
    15 Secod Free Leads
  11. 11

Though you can start promoting any product following the methods explained in the training, Dan have chosen CB university for Demo which is highly converting product on ClickBank. I would have stuck with 12 minute affiliate instead, which is one of my favorite affiliate Product.

To follow the training method used by Dan , you would require some of the tools like Click Funnel and Aweber. Fortunately these tools offer free trial period which can be utilized for training purpose.

After downloading the tools , you are all setup for training session. You can get started with the beginner's training module and set up your first campaign. Once you are comfortable , you can proceed with the intermediate and Advance training modules. 

You can use the existing domain and if you do not have a domain , you can buy it from namecheap.

In beginner training module, you will learn to set up the funnel and so ads and intermediate training will teach you to create a bridge page and own videos.  

The creator has specifically created a video showing how to do a bridge video.

You will be surprised to see the last module i.e the Advanced training module in which the owner of the training himself counter the methods taught by previous sections.

It is quite obvious that the methods used by an experience marketer are always different from the methods used by a newbie.

It is good to see that he has not started with the advance methods at the beginning of training and kept the steps very simple.

Advanced training is the module that would help to become a professional in affiliate marketing. He has revealed all the magician stuff in this module but I advise you to go step by step if you want to succeed.

The advanced method basically is 5 days marketing cycle with the first 4 linking to videos created by you and 5th day with one swipe from CB.

The next two sections , you will learn email marketing and placing solo ads for getting traffic.

You will set up the email campaigns using auto responder and connect with his resource for placing solo ads. 

You may do a little research on solo ads, Here is the best Solo ad creator for you

Features of Affiliate Magician:

Let's now review the details mentioned on the Sales page by the creator of this product to know more about the features of Affiliate Magician.

Affiliate magician is a simple 3 step system.

  • Step 1: Select the best Product using value ladder. The selected product must have a good funnel with lot of OTO's
  • Follow over the shoulder step by step training to set up the magic campaign.
  • Sit relaxed and watch money rolling into your bank account and repeat above two steps again and again.

 The best part about the program is that it concentrate on making money with clickbank products. As you may know that ClickBank is the largest affiliate network for Digital products and you can find a product in almost every niche.

Only problem I can anticipate is many people are not much comfortable when it comes to facing the camera for making videos. But in case you are one such person, you should not be bothered as there are many video making softwares like explaindio are available in market that can convert written text into beautiful videos.

The program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and in case you failed to make money even after following the training , you can get a refund.

Affiliate Magician Price and OTO's

Front end of Affiliate Magician is available only for $12.95 , however there are three OTO's available.

OTO 1: DFY Campaigns ($67) : 

You can buy all the prebuilt DFY campaigns created by Dan him self . These are then same campaigns used by Dan himself for making money online. 

You will also get access to all email swipes.

 This  have been tested and optimized for generating great ROI when used together with the offered secret traffic source.

OTO 2: License Rights ($47) :

You can sell Affiliate MAgician as your own product for keeping 100% Commission. 

OTO 3: One to One Coaching ($147) :

You will have your own sales page set up Dan and also have 2 -3 skype sessions with him that can enable to move forward on success path atb a brisk speed and clear all your doubts,

Affiliate Magician Pros:

  1. Economically priced Front End.
  2. Easy to follow over the shoulder t]step by step training.
  3. Proven Funnels.
  4. No Special Skills Required.
  5. 30 Days Money back guarantee.

Affiliate Magician Cons:

  • You will have to buy some paid tools.
  • Solo ads are costly.
  • Have to be on camera which can be avoided by using a software like explaindio

Who Can Use Affiliate Magician :

 The program can be used by any one who is interested to make money online following a step by step training.

If you are looking for a way to make money without putting any effort or without spending a dime, this is not for you.

You might have seen some advertisements regarding making money by joining the program for free but believe me nothing comes for free.

If you are searching for a real money making opportunity and are ready to invest some money in learning and upgrading your-self, this will definitely work for you.


My Bonuses For You:

Bonus 1 : Youtube Profit Sites ($67)


Bonus-2 Traffic Goldmine ($197)


Bonus 3: Coronaviru Cash Flow ($97)


Bonus 4 : From Zero to $100 Pay Day:


Bonus 5: How to Grow your Youtube Channel ($197)


Bottom Line: Is Affiliate Magician Worth Buying

It is good to see that despite being new entrant in product creation and not having much experience, Dan has offered a great product that can help you get started im online marketing Domain and make money. 

His inexperience is exposed the way he has designed the sales page and sales pitch. He could have been more transparent at least about the traffic resources and the cost involved.

But overall this is a good product and recommended by me. If you can spare some money in buying the training and tools , you are in for a surprised package. 

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