Wealthy Affiliate VS Affilorama Review 2020

You have landed on the right page if you have decided to start online business for making money and searching for the information about Affilorama affiliate marketing training to acquire the skills to become the best Affiliate marketer.

You may come across a lot of online affiliate marketing training program these days and will not be able to differentiate between a Scam and the legitimate training. It is always good to spend some time on research before investing your hard earned money.

By the end of this review , you will learn all you  want to know about Affilorama and you will be able to decide if Affilorama is worth your time and money? Is Affilorama a scam or legit.

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Affilorama Review- Quick Guide

Name: Affilorama
Website: Click Here
Owner: Mark Ling
Price: Free to $997




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Affilorama is an online affiliate marketing training program created by Mark Ling.

Mark Ling is an Experienced marketer and have been behind other successful products like “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”.

The site offers a complete training to teach you to build your own affiliate marketing websites and promote products and/or services of your choice.

Out of the online marketing platforms, Affilorama is one of the best training and amongst the market leaders but you must be wary of the cons also. By the end of this article you will Know all the advantages and Cons of joining Affilorama.

Affilorama proposes both free and premium membership  packages which are designed to help you progress in your education or practice as an online marketer.

As usual , You will not have access to all the feature within your free membership and as a newbie it may not be possible to invest $997 on a training program in one go.

Affilorama training is 100% legitimate and if you are ready to invest close to $997 in one go, It is one of the best in it class. 

I am an affiliate marketer myself making 6 figure income and that would not have been possible without a step by step training.

I prefered to join a training provided by the leaders in the market who have successfully trained more than 1.5 million online marketer.

The best part is that you can access the  complete training by paying small monthly Fee. You can just come out as soon as you have completed your training.

You can also test drive the same for free using my invitation below.


The main selling point for Affilorama stems from the owner. In joining, you are buying into his story and getting access to one of the better training programs online, that much has to be said.

There are several levels of membership, including an initial free membership and $1 premium membership trial designed to lure you to the platform. Nonetheless, you have to be “on it” for that first month to try and get as much out of your trial as possible after which if you haven’t made an objective opinion, the $67 per month may be a bit much.

I find that the three additional products reviewed below just confuse you. The idea of affiliate marketing is one you are coming to terms with but the upsells are off-putting unless you are already loaded and can afford that investment.

Most people who turn to affiliate marketing are actually people who cannot afford that kind of investment and have no more than two hours a day to dedicate to it as they juggle so many other life factors.


Affilorama is for anyone who is trying to make money through online marketing. You have access to tuition which given the price of Universities is good value for money but those institutions are more prestigious.

You’ll find that Affilorama appeals more to people who are looking for a bit of extra money whilst they cater to their family, studies or as a support job.


First off, there is the free membership with which you have access to around 20 hours of video training, written material and slightly biased interviews with successful online marketers. Nonetheless, this offer is legitimate and will allow a new member to learn about online marketing. The videos are biased because they are leading you to be interested in their further products.

If you thought you could sign up learn the material and sign out, you can, but they do a convincing job at making sure you send them some money. I’m not against this, business is business, but I’m not sure you’d be getting adequate value for money.

The premium membership offers additional training, interviews and boot camp videos and is available for $1 on a 30-day trial which increases to $67 per month afterward.

Here come the upsells…

AffiloTheme ($97)

 This is a package which helps you to work your way around WordPress with training videos and has a graphics creation tool. The price is for one year. With this product, you also access a private member’s forum. It comes with one year’s hosting after which you are invited to join the premium membership. This is an upsell in my mind as you can create successful websites without this support.

AffiloBlueprint ($197)


 Although it offers 13 lessons, 85 tutorials which discuss niche marketing, niche research, affiliate marketing, traffic methods such as SEO and PPC and finally 6 WordPress themes which are more suited for PPC than SEO.

You’re getting content for the price but importantly you have zero support which means that if you get stuck or cannot figure it out by yourself you have to purchase a premium membership at a further $67 per month.

AffiloJetpack ($997)


Here Affiliorama is saying we know the cost is significant but it is a shortcut for your online business. This high ticket “niche marketing” is strange as its designed to promote Mark Ling’s products, shouldn’t he be paying you to do this or at least it be free in exchange for the training? That’s not the case.

By purchasing the AffiloJetpack you’re getting access to your choice of 5 niche packages out of 10, newsletter email services associated to the elected niches, 3 e-books per niche, access to Affilotheme (some have ended up paying twice for it), graphics and PLR articles.

The tool does 80% of the work, you go through the classes, complete the tasks but after all that I don’t feel valued, I didn’t feel like I’d learned $497worth afterward.


All levels of Affilorama offer support from the community of members – people just like you – who will be able to support and assist you, although the majority are free members.

Furthermore, the support from Mark Ling is actually very limited. As you can imagine, helping is not his priority. In fact, Affilorama is not his priority, he is involved in many other projects.

Keep in mind that Affilorama has allowed for delayed support which means you will be assisted perhaps days after you encounter a problem and by that point, you may have had to pay another month’s membership. Keep an eye on your wallet.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you should read this review.

BottomLine :

 I definitely recommend the free and premium memberships, given that the training is of good quality and you will progress if you put the hours in.

If you are in this position, then you can definitely set up your online business and be making a good income within months but only if you have the persistence and drive to force your way through the training and are not expecting overnight results (please consider how strong your patience is).

That being said, the tools promoted to speed up your progress are not worth it in my opinion, especially as the feedback and interaction within the products are questionable and hence, I would not advise purchasing them.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

I believe that Affilorama is a decent affiliate marketing platform to get you up the ladder but not the optimal resource.

I can advise you a cheaper and better option which have been used by me. You may Join free as a starter member without any commitments. The training has helped me in regularly making $10000 or more every month in last few years.

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The author is an experienced affiliate marketer and a coach making a full-time income online.

He was laid off from His Corporate Job at the age of 51 during Mass Lay Offs.

When his colleagues started searching for a new job, even an underpaid one, Arun Decided to start his own Business.

After a lot of Struggle, he has achieved ultimate Success and has joined the league of 6 figure money-making Affiliate Marketers.

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