The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)  is a company owned by  Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark to train you on how to build a successful business on Amazon by selling Physical Products.

It is not easy to invest your hard-earned money into any business opportunity without proper research. You might already have been tricked into some quick-rich-scheme that has resulted in a waste of money and time.

As a newbie just trying to make money online, You may be skeptical in investing into a training program without knowing if it really delivers.

In this Amazing machine review, I am going to discuss various aspects of this Amazon FBA course transparently so that you decide if this is worth your time and money.

We will try to find out the answer to many questions like - Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? Can you make money with ASM.

Amazing Selling Machine-Quick Review

Name: Amazing Selling Machine
Website: Click Here
Owner: Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark




Amazing selling machine also  abbreviated as ASM is an online training program that is designed to train you to make money by selling the Physical Products on Amazon market network and using Amazon FBA facility the right way.

Amazon marketplace is  the leading e-Commerce platform and is still growing exponentially. I don't feel that it will fade off anytime.   

Therefore it make sense to join a training Program built around Amazon and learn the techniques to make money online.

If you are not aware,  Amazon FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. The sellers opting for FBA will store their products in Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon will not only pick, pack and ship the products but also provide the customer support service for these products.

If you are trained to use FBA the right way, you can scale up your business to different heights.

ASM is one of the best training available in the market in the e-commerce business and may help you to make passive income by selling the products online. Once learned you can apply the leanings not only for selling on Amazon but any other market network or your own online storefront.

ASM has been around for many years and has been updated regularly and version 11 is the latest and most up-to-date Amazon FBA training.

What You Get With Amazing Selling Machine?

 You will have access to 8 Weeks Online Web classes.

You will also be given access to a mentor-ship program, a private resource-vault, and life time member ship of an exclusive community of all the business owners those have already achieved their own success.

 ASM states that on average mentors have already sold products worth more than $1 million each from their own companies.

In exclusive community, you can participate in  live private-group coaching calls. You will also get the help from ASM experts for the targeted traffic promotions for product-listing.

The final feature of  the Amazing Selling Machine is a private resource-vault which provides access to contacts and templates that you are able to use for your own company.

 You are also offered with peace-of-mind and a guarantee that you are going to be guided every step of the way on what products you should be selling.

 This is also one of the easiest ways to learn the right way to get a business started. The ASM program offers expert guidance on how to operate your latest business venture. You will also feel confident when you learn how to use the marketing methods which actually work. 

8 Modules Online Web Classes:

The 8-week training course delivered by  Mike McClary, Rich Henderson AND Dan Ashburn is divided into 8 parts to help people mainly newbies to build a booming business. 


The training will help you in building your online ecommerce business  include the latest and up-to-date Strategies, plans and knowledge for building your online business as soon as possible t.o make you financially independent

Mike, Rich and Dan are experienced online marketers having themselves built the 7 -8 figure eCommerce business. The training is build around their own real experience.

 Welcome Module:

This module is designed for the first week. In this module, You will learn the Following 

  • How to Use the Member's Dashboard area?
  • Learn about ASM community and start interacting with them.
  • How to earn your Progress Badges.
  • How to get benefit from ASM mentor Program?
  • The Success Mantra
  • How to lay the foundation for 7 figure Business.
  • Divide the business into various Structures.
  •  How to create account with Amazon Seller Central
  • Setting up the Payment Options
  • How to Avoid bad seller account.

Module One: Building Your Product Opportunity List

 In this module, you will learn how to set up your Amazon seller account and also learn the techniques to search a good product to sell on Amazon, and apply those techniques to pick the product.

Module Two: Suppliers, Samples, And Profit Numbers

 In this module, you will learn to source the products from the best suppliers in China and USA.

You will be able to find the products those are superior to your competitors while ensuring healthy profit margins.

Module Three: Ordering Your Inventory And Creating Your Brand

 Here you will learn How to build you brand name,  designing your own product packaging, reviewing product samples and how to keep inventory with Amazon!

Module Four: Building Your Brand Assets

 You will learn to create your brand Assets that include your own website, contents, Lead Capturing Pages and Social Media Profile.

Module Five: The Perfect Product Page

 You will learn to write the product description. A great Amazon product listing would ensure the success of you products.  

Module Six: The Perfect Product Launch

 Once your product is listed on Amazon, you wwould like to get as much traffic as possible for your products.

This module will teach you the bast ASM ranking strategies  that would help you get your first sale and of course some initial reviews.

Module Seven: Advanced Marketing And Traffic Tools

 This module will train you on how to use Amazon Advertisements for getting more traffic and creating a system for Customer support.

You will also learn to use the free tools recommended by ASM and see how you can get the best result for your business.

Module Eight: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

In this module , you will learn to scale up your business and take it to the highest level. You will learn to build a team and outsource the work.

How Will Amazing Selling Machine Help You?

You get everything you need to start selling on Amazon successfully. The Course will help you in establishing your own business for making money online.

They have not left any details required for your successful business and now it is up to you that how much can you spend on your business and how much efforts you can put in.

You should perform the prescribed action given at the end of each video lesson. This will help you to proceed step by Step.

Once you have completed all the lessons in Module and taken al the steps, you can move to next module. You will find that you have established your business and  growing it.

How Much Does ASM Cost:

The training will cost you $4997. There may be small additional expenses on Amazon Advertisements and actual products.

However,  you can easily drop ship the products without keeping inventory and can actually but the product after selling.

Also Amazing selling Machine offers a 30 days money back guarantee. You can learn the amazon selling for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with training and feel that it is not for you , you can claim a refund.

Amazing Selling Machine Pros:

  • In-depth step by step training that take you from zero to One. 
  • Easy to Follow 8 Modules.
  • Highly Supporting Community.
  • Help from Facebook Group and ASM Mentors
  • Helpful Coaching Calls
  • The course is updated from time to time.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Amazing Selling Machine Cons

  • Cost is High for most people but training is worth its Price. Other Competitors may be proving similar training for $300 to $500 but they don't provide much value. Moreover the training offered by others is outdated.
    You have spent thousands of Dollars on your study that has not helped you get a suitable job and achieve the financial Freedom. If a training costing $5000 can help you making six figure income, would you call it costly?
  • The training is not going to work for you, if you do not take action. The training will provide you the knowledge and you have to implement by taking action.
  •  The enrollment opens for limited period of time Evey year. You can check if they are open now by Clicking here.

Is Amazing Selling Machine A Scam?

 You may find some negative review for the System and would be surprised to note that most of the reviews are written by the people promoting a specific program which you would come to know at the end of review

I am premium member of wealthy Affiliate and promote the training for a commission but If i found any other good program,I will never call it a Scam.

I can tell you that ASM is number 1 training for you if you want to make money by selling physical products on Amazon

Amazing selling machine is  not a Scam and that's why they offer 2 type of Guarantee.

1. They offer 30 days 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the System. you can test the system completely within 30 days and for whatever reasons if you are not satisfied with system,you can claim a refund.

2. Second guarantee is  the 6 months buy back guarantee. It means if after following the system for six months and using the prescribed tools , you are not satisfied with your progress, they will refund your money and take over your Amazon Business.

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