Amazon is just not another marketing platform as it has been source of full time income for Thousands of online marketer.

You can make money with either by selling your own products , promoting other's products as an affiliate marketer or doing some part time Jobs on Amazon Crowd outsourcing Platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most sought after platform for making money by doing micro-tasks or HIT's

I hope this Amazon Mechanical Turk review will shed some light on how can you use this freelancing market place for making money online and is it really worth your time and efforts.

Amazon MechanicAl Turk Review - Quick Summary 

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MTurk is a Crowdsourcing platform for freelancers. The plateform can be used by the businesses of Indiudal for posting their Micro Jobs.

Any one who want to make money online can register as a worker for doing these Jobs and get rewards or money.

Mturk is not a Scam and you can make some money on platform but program is not recommended for every one. 

Mturk is good as a side hustle but you can not make full time income with this. I have discussed this in detail in my afrticle.

The tasks on the site are lowly paid and You may not earn minimum wage even if you sit in front of your computer continuously for 8 hours .

If you want to make full time income online working from Home, you can check my recommended program that has helped me making $10000 or mere every month last year.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk ?


Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online crowdsourcing marketplace just like freelancer , Upwork, Fiverr or

As MTurk Crowdsourcing common platform is hosted by Amazon itself, there can not be any doubt on its Legitimacy.

The platform makes it very easier for the businesses to outsource their jobs to the freelancers across the world who can complete these tasks virtually.

The tasks may include anything like taking surveys, data validation, Content moderation, content research and more.

The companies can take advantage of pool of experienced global work force possessing various skills and get the work-done without hiring permanent employees.

Crowdsourcing is a better way of breaking down complex and time consuming jobs in smaller activities and hire specialists at reasonable price to complete the project at very economical price within time frame.

How can you Join M Turk ?

Signup process for M Turk is very easy.

When you visit Amazon Turk official website , you will find the button to get started.


After clicking the button you will be taken to the next page where two different signup options are available.

  1. Create tasks for businesses who want to post the Jobs. They will sign up as a requester.
  2. Make Money for people looking for a Job. They will be Joining as a worker.

After clicking the Button "Join as a worker", You shall be taken to the next page for creating an account on Amazon. You have the option of signing in with your existing Amazon Account or Sign up as a new user.


On the last page you will fill the personal details and complete the sign up process.


It will take around 48 hours for your registration request to get accepted and you will be notified through mail on acceptance.

How Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Works ?

Once your registration request has been accepted , you can start searching for HIT's and start completing tasks of your choice.


Initially your account will be on hold for 10 days. It means Amazon MTurk will hold your earnings for 10 days before transferring it to your earning balance. Earning balance details can be checked in your Dashboard.

Developers can acquire diversified on-demand workforce through a easy user interface or direct integration with a simple API.

Organizations can utilize the  the power of crowdsourcing for a different tasks like microwork, human insights, and machine learning development.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Benefits:

Outsourcing the micro-work carry many advantages and some of these are as covered below

Optimizes Efficiency :

Organizations can distribute their micro tasks to more number of workers to get the work done quickly. This will help the experienced internal staff to concentrate on other higher value high skilled activities. The process will Optimize the organization's efficiency.

Incresed Flexibility :

At MTurk platform, Organizations can outsource the jobs as and when required. They are not required to enter into any type of contract.

Since this is a global platform, Workers will be available on 24X7 basis giving you many options and increased flexibility.

Reduced Cost:

The businesses would avoid extra permanent workforce and associated overheads costs. By getting the work done through the distributed workforce on pay per task basis, they can significantly reduce over all cost and budget. 

What are MTurk HITs?

HITS or Human Intelligence tasks are the easy to do micro tasks basically that do not require any specialized skills.

Though technology is advancing continuously, there are still lot of things such as moderating content, performing data duplication, or research. that human beings can do much better and more effectively than machines.

The businesses or developers who list these HIT's are called requester and task performers are known as workers on MTurk.

A typical set of HITs is shown below in the picture. Every HIT will have an expiration date and time allotted to complete the tasks and the rewards (earnings) attached to it. Some tasks may require you to pass a qualification test.

Most of the tasks fall under the following category:

  • Online surveys
  • URL Search
  • Translation
  • Copy Editing
  • Audio Transcription
  • Data entry jobs

How much Money can you make with Mechanical Turk? 

There is no restriction on making Money. You can complete more tasks to make more money.

However it is an established fact that MTurk HIT's does not pay much and you should approach MTurk with set goals and a proper strategy.

You will have to ask yourself, how much time can you spare and what is the worth of your timing.

As most of the micro-tasks do not require specialized skills, people do not pay much for these tasks. Most of the people do not make more than $6 to $7 per hour.

Since the tasks are easy, workers are in real hurry to complete as many tasks as possible that they are qualified to do and therefore do not build a proper portfolio which can be helpful in getting more money from requester.

Return on your time invested is very less and that's why such platforms are not recommended to the people looking for full time online income.

Tips For Using Amazon Mechanical Turk:

1. You can make Money if You are a good writer:

If you can write readable stuff on any given topis, you will have more chance of making money on MTurk.

But if you possess such qualities , you can start your own blog and do affiliate marketing for making full time income rather than wasting your time for few dollars.

2. Filter HIT's Properly :

Always filter the HIT's which pays more. You can sort the HIT's by Reward amount.  If a HIT worth 50 cents can not be completed in less than 4 minutes, you will  be making less than minimum wages. It is better to leave it and move to next.

3. Go for the tasks that require Tests

The tasks that require test are generally looking for a particular skill set. These tasks are high paying most of the times. I would advise you to attempt the test and try to do these tasks.

4. Find less time consuming Stuff :

Te be eligible for high paying HIT's, you will have to complete 1000 HIT's. You should be doing small tasks initially so as to reach 1000 mark as soon as possible.

5. Be Attentive:

Be regular on MTurk forums and keep eyes and ears open Check what others are saying. That will help you in formulating the strategies and learning Tips and Tricks.

Bottom Line : Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth Joining ?

Amazon Mechanical Turk HIT's are generally Low paying tasks. If you have the ability to write very quickly on any give topic, you may probably have the chance to earn minimum wages with MTurk.

Amazon Mechanical Turk may suit the people who are already into some kind of employment and are looking for some additional money.

The platform is also recommended to those who can spare some time in between their regular work. I can imagine a a person managing a customer support who gets some time between calls can make bit of cash doing some quick HIT's

The platform is not recommended the people searching for opportunity for making full time income to suppose their families.

If you are a good writer and can spend eight hours in front of your computer , you may make a minimum wages with Turk.

But you will be wasting your skills and time as you can make much more money spending half the time daily on affiliate marketing.

 I make full time income as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-overnight type of thing but a legitimate online business like any other business and you see the results in few weeks.

Affiliate marketing may not be easy but you can learn it easily provided you join a step by step training. If interested , you can join the same training platform that has helped me making 6 figure income.

I hope you have enjoyed this Amazon Mechanical Turk Review. In case you need more information, please leave a comment below. I will revert at the earliest.

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