When a company offers an opportunity to build the business around the customer needs, it is bound to create a hype in the market.  Almost every single person in this universe uses Electricity and Natural Gas. 

That is how Ambit Energy Business is different from other MLM companies. You are not forcing your friends to buy useless Pills, Lotions. Powders or Creams. As an Ambit Business Consultant, you are helping them to choose the right Energy Product.

Ambit Energy MLM operates in the renewable energy Sector. Like any other MLM Busines, Ambit energy also has its Pros and Cons. 

I have come up with Ambit Energy Business review so that you can decide if you can make any money with this energy based MLM. If the company worth joining it or not?

I hope you will be able to make the right decision after reading the complete review.

Quick Report- Program Name

  • Product Name: Ambit Energy
  • Web Site: www.ambitenergy.com
  • Owner: Jere Thompson Jr and Chris Chambless
  • Price: $75 upfront and $24.95 per month

Over All Rating :


Ambit Energy is a reputed organization dealing with Energy and renewable Energy Products. You can use their services as a customer or Join them as an independent  consultant to make money with their network marketing scheme. You can sell these products in the seventeen states in USA.

Though Ambit energy is a legitimate opportunity to make money but not recommended as you can not promote it worldwide. There are other options available to make 6 figure income.

What Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is a natural Energy and Electricity based MLM company founded by  Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless. It all started during a friendly lunch meeting in 2006 when both got excited with the opportunity arising due to energy deregulation.

In almost a decade the company has become worth multi-million Dollar Company with its headquarter in Dallas, Texas.

The company has been able to sell electricity and natural Gas through MLM as United Staes have deregulated this Industry.

Ambit Energy sells its services through a network of more than 2,50,000 independent consultants and Since 2013, Ambit Energy has generated more than a billion dollars revenue and it is still going very strong.

As a consultant, you introduce new customers and Ambit energy signed the contract with a customer with a locking period of 1 to 2 years.

After the expiry of the contract, the rate may change and you can expect a huge hike if you fail to renew the contract in time. People have raised the grievance against the huge hike, we will discuss it a little later.

Who can Succeed with Ambit Energy Business Opportunity:

Ambit Energy is not for all.


Ambit Energy Business opportunity is restricted to just 17 states in the USA and not available worldwide.


Ambit Energy Products:

Ambit Energy has been the largest retail company in the energy sector supplying Natural Gas and Electricity to seventeen states in the USA.

Ambit Energy has also entered into a partnership with  Sunrun to provide the affordable Solar energy options to its customers.

Sunrun is an established company having its customer base of 1,80,000 customers and provide solar service options without significant upfront cost to customers.

You can check the rates and Plans being offered in your area.

Ambit Energy Commercial Services:

Since its inception, Ambit energy has been serving both small and large business ventures and helping them to reduce the energy utilization cost.

Ambit Energy runs its commercial division through the experts in commercial accounts who better understand the energy needs of the businesses.

Ambit Energy Claims that commercial customers get electric energy and best in the class customer support at a most competitive price.

Commercial class customers will also have the following advantages

  • No switching cost.
  • Various Plans available to suit your requirement.
  • No Interruption of services during the switching period.
  • Dedicated team for handling your account.

Green-e Energy certified offer by Ambit Energy:

If you are not aware, Green e energy is the largest consumer protection plan in the energy retail market.

Ambit Energy offers the various renewable energy options which are certified by Green-e Energy. While utilizing the certified renewable energy, you will help to reduce the electricity consumption impact on Environment

Ambit Care  by Ambit Energy:


The program is run by Ambit energy to fulfill its Social corporate responsibilities. Ambit care supports Feeding America® to fight hunger in America.

You can actively participate in Ambit care by donating money, Food or time for volunteer services.

Contributions made to Ambit Cares is used for providing meals to hungry families, seniors, individuals and children across the USA.

Ambit Energy Business Opportunity:

You can join Ambit Energy as an independent consultant by paying $75 upfront as membership Fee and $24.95 per month as a subscription Fee to maintain your website.

Though Company claims that it is offering a very cheap business opportunity but in my view it is neither cheap nor available worldwide.

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan:

Free Energy as a customer:

If you are not interested to participate in MLM plan as an independent consultant, you can still earn free energy by referring 15 friends to the company.

There is no time limit for referrals and you will start getting the credit when you have the 15 referrals.

The Free Energy credit available to you will be calculated on the basis of the average daily energy cost of Customers referred by you and multiplied by the number of days in your current billing cycle.

In case you decide to join Ambit Energy as an independent distributor, you can earn money, the following ways.

Starting bonus

You can get a starting bonus of $100 for distributing 2 to 3 connection within the first month depending upon the Location,.This gives you an opportunity to recover your initial cost.

You can watch this video here to know more about the bonus and compensation plan.

Apart from the starting bonus, you can get the team bonus.

You become eligible for a team bonus of $ 100 when one of your customers decides to start his business by becoming an independent consultant.

This is how an MLM work.

You need to keep on appointing more consultants to increase your income.

Next comes the Leadership Bonus.

The success in any MLM depends upon the number of referrals both direct and indirect.

When you recruit a particular number of direct referrals, you move one step ahead in the ladder.

There are five Leadership positions are available.

  1. Marketing Consultant.
  2. Regional Consultant.
  3. Senior Consultant
  4. Executive Consultant
  5. National Consultant

Main Charm of any MLM scheme is its residual Income.

The chart given below will give you an idea of the residual income which can be earned at various levels of Ambit energy MLM



Ambit Energy Pros:

  1. You can start the Business by just investing $75. The initial cost can be recovered in the first month itself by referring 2 to 3 customers. In case any one of the customers referred by you decide to become an independent consultant, you will earn the profit. There is a recurring cost of $24.95 which can be managed by referring a few customers/consultants every month.
  2. The product is useful and saleable. Electric energy and natural gas are required in every household and businesses.
  3. The renewable energy products are Green e- energy Certified. Therefore by selling green energy products, you are helping environment protection.
  4. The Company is helping society fight hunger and starvation by its Ambit Care Program.

Ambit Energy Cons:

  1. Ambit Energy Business is not available worldwide and can be sold in 17 states of the USA only. This restricts your earning opportunities. I have discussed more legitimate options in the Bottom line section below which do not restrict your earning potential
  2. Like any other MLM, the compensation plan is very complicated. Moreover, with more companies following the suit and offering products at a cheaper price, it will not only become difficult to attract new customers but retaining the existing ones will also be difficult. That will eat into your residual income.
  3. A lot of consumers are not satisfied with the excessive billing and overcharging. This has impacted the companies reputation to a greater extent.

Bottom Line:  Is Ambit Energy A Scam?

No, Ambit energy is not a Scam but a legitimate company dealing with useful products.  I have reviewed many MLM but have not come across any other MLM dealing with environmentally friendly energy products required by each and everyone on the planet.

You can make some money with Ambit Energy if you reside in any one of the seventeen states being served by the company.

However, this does not mean that Ambit Energy is recommended by me for finding long term money solutions. You can not make enough money with this MLM scheme to achieve financial freedom and quit your 9 to 5 job.

I would never recommend a business or products which can be sold in some particular area only when other legitimate options are available worldwide.

I am talking about affiliate marketing.

Once you have mastered the art of affiliate marketing, you can promote millions of products available in the market place like Amazon, eBay, and ClickBank.

Your choice will not be restricted to just one product and you can choose a product matching your interest and experience.

Suppose you have an interest in health-related products, you will never enjoy selling the electric energy. But Ambit energy is limited to one niche only.

If you learn the affiliate marketing, you can just select a product in the niche of your interest.

The best training platform for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I did not have any skills in affiliate marketing when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.  You can learn more about me here. There are millions of other members like me who are making 6 figure monthly income with Affiliate marketing.

Hope You have like my Ambit Energy review. It will help you decide if Ambit energy business opportunity is for you or not.

In case you have any more query, Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below

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