The American Income Life review :

American Income Life is a subsidiary of  Torchmark Corporation, a company listed with NYSE with trade symbol TMK. American Income Life has its presence in the USA, Canada, and Newzealand. 

The company provides the money-making opportunity to its independent contractors. It is always good to do proper research about a particular program before joining it. You must ensure that the opportunity being offered is worth your time, efforts and money.  The American Income Life review will help you take a decision in this direction.

After reading the complete review, you will be able to decide whether you will be able to provide any financial support to your family and achieve financial freedom or it is just a waste of time.

The review contains unbiased and transparent information about American Income Life and will reveal its complete mode of operation under Multi-Level marketing scheme.

Quick Report

Name: American Income Life
Owner: Harold Goodman and Bernard Rapoport
Price: Free to Join




The review is neither about the legitimacy of American Income Life nor about the products it is dealing with. The company is serving the working community by providing Life, health and accident insurance.

The companies growth has been phenomenal and it maintain a good corporate culture. The review is about the money making opportunity as an independent distributor.

If you are a hard core marketing Person and have passion for cold calling and direct marketing , Please continue to read the review to know how much money you can make.

Selling insurance is not an easy task and not meant for all.

I am making 6 figure income online without interacting with customers directly. The business I am involved is known as Affiliate marketing.

2. What Is American Income Life Insurance Company?


AIL was launched in 1951 with a borrowed capital of $25,000 by Harold Goodman and his nephew Bernard Rapoport with an aim to serve the working class by providing them life & health insurance and supplement products through its affiliate companies.

In its long history, the company has achieved many milestones. By 1953 the company reached $ 1 million premium collection. Form $6 millions in 1963 its income grow  $31.5 million and AIL was granted the designation of  Union Label company by the AFL-CIO.

In 2003 Roger Smith was named CEO and president of American Income Life Insurance Company. Bernard Rapoport, the founder of the company passes away in 2012.

American Income Life Values:

American Income Life follows the philosophy of supporting working families.

AIL company extends its support to the organizations involved in research, analyze and propose solutions for works closely with organizations whose mission is to research, analyze and propose solutions for fair trade, good jobs, and environmental sustainability.

The company gives back to the community by making regular donations and it has helped the company earn the trust of Policy Holders and community respect.


 American Income Life Products:


American Life Insurance company deals with the following range of products.

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Supplemental Health
  3. No-Cost Products
  4. Special Risk Division


Life Insurance Products:

No one can deny the importance of the benefit of Life Insurance which protects the family in case of any Mishap or death of earning member of the family.

Life insurance can be of any of two types

a.  Whole Life Insurance
b. Term Insurance

You can select one of these based on Age, income and other factors.  Whichever insurance you choose, you are securing the financial freedom of your family in case of your premature death

Supplementary Health Insurance:

The health supplementary insurance Products helps you to deal with unfortunate health problems like cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, critical illness or road accident which can put you under financial stress.


No-Cost Products:

The No-cost products from American Income life are very useful in providing protection to you and your family.

American Life Income company offers the following products in this category

a. Free Child Safety Kit: Supported by the International Union of Police Associations, Free Child Safety Kit is provided free of cost to the parents/guardians, the school, or child care center. The kit makes all the information about the child at one place so that it can be used to trace the child in case of any eventuality.

b. Safe Surfin Guided: Developed with the help of the Safe Surfin Foundation and distributed free of cost to the parents, the booklet helps parents in identifying unsafe online activities and eliminate cyberbullying

c. No-Cost Partners Program: No-cost partners program is not insurance but provides you the discount at some health care providing institutions.

Special Risks Division:

American Life insurance company provide group insurance cover during youth events including 4-H, Extension, camps, colleges, and tour companies

 How to earn money with American Life Company:

You can join the American Life company as an independent distributor. As an Independent Distributor, you become eligible to get a commission of 50% for each insurance policy sold by you. However, they will retain 35% of the money earned by you for 6 months.

Most of the insurance companies also pay residual income to their agents.

American life income offers classroom and field sales training to its independent distributors. The training material can also be accessed online on your computer and smartphones.

The main difference between the AIL and other insurance companies is that AIL sells its products through MLM but to your utmost surprise you will not find this information on their website.

They also do not disclose the compensation plan on their website.

American Income Life Insurance Pros:

American Income life provides you an opportunity to earn money by marketing their products. Corporate culture is very cool and the products are useful. If you are hardcore marketing personal not afraid of direct selling and visiting customers home, you can make a lot of money.

American Income Life Insurance Cons:

  1. The company does not offer a base salary and you will earn through commissions only.
  2. 35 % of the money earned will be retained for a period of 6 months.
  3. The Company has adopted an MLM Model. To earn more money, you will have to recruit people under you. Probably you will earn more for recruiting people than selling the products.

 Is American Income Life Insurance A Scam?

No American Income Life Insurance is not a Scam but a legitimate company. The company deals with the insurance products which are quite useful for the working community.

Having said that,  A lot of companies have come up in the insurance business and selling insurance is not an easy job.

If you are not comfortable with cold calling and door to door selling, the opportunity is not meant for you.

Selling insurance otherwise also is not an easy job moreover when Buyers can take quote online and compare the products and even buy online.

Even recruiting new insurance agents or down-line in MLM is not an easy task as people tend to find online opportunities so that they can work in flexible hours and make money.

I will not advise you to join as an independent distributor which may not allow you to be financially independent and support your family.

Rather I will advise you to start your online affiliate marketing business after taking training from word's best organization wealthy Affiliate.

The main advantage of starting an online business is that you will not be running door to door rather the customer will come to your website searching for the products being promoted by you.

Once you have mastered the Art, You will be making money while sleeping and enjoying holidays.

Hope you have enjoyed the review. In case you need more information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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  1. This is interesting . This is an opportunity of having financial freedom, the features of this company is convincing and I think I’m interested in joining because I see this as an opportunity to grab. My question is how will I join American insurance company?, What are the steps I have to take to be certified?. I will be looking forward to your reply.

  2. The  American income life insurance company is definitely not a scam. However, I’m not sure how satisfied a lot of people will be with losing 35% of their income on 6 months. Everything else about this checks out apart from that. I can imagine how stressful it will be, having to move around to find people who do not have a life insurance policy. Can someone without an insurance policy still market American income life insurance company and get paid?

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