Today, I will review another product from Anthony Morrison, Fast Cash Commissions, sold through ClickBank.

The advantage of buying a product through Clickbank is that you can get your money back, which probably has saved many buyers their hard-earned money.

What is the Fast Cash Commissions System? Is Fast Cash Commissions a Scam ? 

Though I Normally reveal the rating at the end of my review, this Fast Cash Commissions is a scam.

What is Fast Cash commissions ? quick review

Name: Fast Cash Commissions

Website: Click Here
Owner: Anthony Morrison Price: $50 Up front and $67 Per month 


Is Fast Cash Commissions a Scam

What is Fast Cash Commissions ?

Is Fast Cash Commissions a Scam

Fast Cash Commissions is a video training on internet marketing consisting of 28 videos for step-by-step training and software. 

Anthony Morrison claims that he can teach you new methods of making money online with AutoPilot business with his training.

He Claims that you need not use the traditional ways of internet marketing by adopting his copy and paste system, which turns out to be finding a niche and setting up a blog and nothing more.

In the keyword searching section, he has provided a social media keyword tool for commenting and replying. But, unfortunately, this does not turn out to be more than a list-building method in a spammy way.

One more section is called the "copy and paste" section in the fast cash commissions platform, which only teaches you to set up a WordPress blog and upload a theme.

More free information is available on the internet on this particular topic. The training provides a little bit of helpful information on creating CPA using their pre-written articles.

They have purposefully left out some advanced topics to upsell other products.

Is Fast Cash Commissions a Scam?

I do not have much problem with the software but the methodology used is questionable.

You will be left to wonder if Anthony Morrison is a real internet marketer as he is not educating you through his training. As stated earlier, many crucial components are missing in his training.

The first component required to be a good and successful affiliate marketer is to find a profitable niche. Unfortunately, he has nowhere explained this in his training.

If you do not know how to find a profitable niche or are just getting started, you can read my post, Selecting a Profitable niche.

The next crucial component missed is targeting organic traffic using proper SEO. Without targeted organic traffic, you can not succeed in affiliate marketing.

In my opinion, the Fast Cash Commission is a scam as there are many upsells available that you come to know only after joining the Program.

It seems that the front end of Fast Cash Commissions provides only half-cooked knowledge. The training offered by Anthony Morrison is not complete and unorganized.

What is my Recommendation:

I have started my online marketing career a few years back and have come across many similar scams on the internet. 

Unfortunately, most of the time, a person just starting would get trapped into those scams and leave the option of making money online forever.

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing can be the permanent solution to your money problems. You can start earning either passive income or can become a full-time internet marketer with the proper training.

Setting up this profit-making business needs hard work, patience, and persistence, along with professional step-by-step training.

I had joined Wealthy Affiliate a few years back and have not looked back since then. As I am making a full-time income following their training, the Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended # 1 program. You can read my transparent reviews on the wealthy Affiliate. You can Join it immediately by clicking the link below and starting your free training.

I would advise you to become a premium member only after complete satisfaction. Then, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free without furnishing any credit card or bank details.

If you have any further questions, you can leave a comment below, and I Will reach you at the earliest.

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  1. Hello Arun! Nice to read your review as an experienced online marketer. I don’t trust people who are not educating others when they offer this kind of service. I guess I will pass on Fast Cash Commissions. Thanks a bunch!

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