I have decided to review Article Video Robot as this tool has created a lot of buzz in the online marketing domain.You might find a lot of other reviews online but this review is going to be different. 

This Article video robot review will help you in buying the best article to video converter software for your digital marketing campaigns. 

Article Video Robot - Quick Review

Name: Article Video Robot

Owner: Navneet Rai

Website: Click Here

Price : $ 47/ Month (Free Version Available)


Recommended : Yes



Article Video robot immediately caught my attention as there are not many products in this category. 

Lots of newbies who got started inti online marketing do not like to come before a camera for making videos. Most of them even hesitate to use their own voice for recording.

Article video robot can do the following activities for you

  • Turn already published Blog Posts into videos by Articles into video either by simply copying and pasting your article or sharing the Links.
  • May turn your articles into presentation.
  • Upload your Video to Youtube and 50 more Video sharing and social Media Sites.
  •  Capture Leads with call to action Video Player

As an affiliate marketer, I understand the importance of creating unique content for driving organic traffic. 

If the same article can also be used for creating stunning videos in less than 2 minutes that can be shared on 50+ social media platforms, making money online will become much simpler.

Sample Video Created by IVR:

What is Article Video Robot?

Article video robot 2.0 uses the cutting edge technology that not only convert your blog post into an article but also upload the same to the Social Media Platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter with just a click of Button.

As an online marketer, you may already be aware of the importance of videos. They are one of the best resource for engaging visitors and generating revenues. Article video robot is one of the best TTS software available on the market.

Article video robot can any plain-text article into a stunning marketing video with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over in just one single click!

How Does Article video Robot Works?

Article Video Robot has been created after a proper research of many years.

To convert an article into a Video, Please click on the create video button on the top right hand corner below your account link.


After clicking the create video button you will be presented with 2 options.

  1. Download article from an article directory.
  2. Copy paste on article. 

You can select the option as per your requirement.


In the  next step, you can add keywords for SEO, select the category, fill authors's name and select the narrator's voice.


Now next step will help you divining you videos into frames and selecting pictures for the frames. 


In the next step , you can customize many other properties and add intro / outro video for giving human touch to your videos. 


Your video will now be ready for use after clicking the process video button. You can view the video now and directly upload it to many social media platforms from within your members dashboard. There is one more tool for sharing the links of your videos you many socials. You can use the tool for promoting these videos.


You can also upload your video to slideshare as a powerpoint presentation just on the click of a button.


Article Video Robot Features:

In this section of article video robot review, I will explain some of the features of this tool. 

  • The software can convert articles into animations, videos and presentation for making your marketing efforts very easy.
  • You can choose from 6 video styles to make eye catching videos.
  • Automatically submit site to more than 50 SOcial media sites with bonus tool Video submit Robot.
  • Create videos using your Android or Iphone without downloading any App
  • Add Intro /Outro videos to give personal touch to your videos for engaging viewers and increasing chance of conversions.
  • Add keyword for optimizing videos.
  • Record videos in Natural Sounding voices.
  • Capture Leads and incorporate call to action in your video using other bonus software worth $147 included free in your membership.

What People are saying about this products ?

During my research I found some good feedbacks from experienced digital marketers. SOme of these have been reproduced below.


As per my discussions with some more people, they were satisfied with the pricing part and the features that are available in the tool.

The free version is also available but with very limited Features. You can join for the free version and after proper satisfaction, You may upgrade your membership. 

How Much Article Video Robot Costs?



  • 30 Sec Video Length
  • 3 Voices
  • Web Only
  • Web Quality Videos
  • No Video Download
  • Can Not Distribute Videos
  • No Self Branding




  • 20 Minute Video Length
  • 7 Voices
  • Web + Custom Pro
  • HD
  • 125 Videos /Month Download125 Credits Per Month
  • Self Branding

What are the Cons of Article Video Robot?

The tool comes with some very good features but few others may have to improve with time. Though the robot voices are exceptionally good but they are still Robot voices and lack human emotions.

I think, the videos where real people share their own personal experiences, always do better but if your are camera shy it is always good to use this type of software rather than paying hectic amount to the artists.

I suggest using Article video Robot to begin with and start making videos in your own voice after gaining confidence.

My Final Thoughts

The tool is worth buying. This product comes in handy for any online marketer who want to create cool videos directly from own blog post or  article directories.

I use these type of tools for creating videos from my old posts and share on social media to revive the traffic. One can also use this tool for creating product review videos to be used for affiliate marketing.

I hope that you have liked this review and this review will] help you in making a buying decision. In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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