Auto Commission Suit Review :

Auto Commission Suit is a complete DFY (done for you) system for making money online. The product's sales page claims that you can make $1000 each day by just working for 10 minutes a day.

I have reviewed hundreds of products making similar big claims, but ultimately most of them turned out to be big scams. To date, I have not come across any product that can make money online without any hard work.

Since the system comes from Bill McRae, an experienced online marketer, I have decided to review this system.

 I hope that he would live up to expectations, and this system would just be turned out to be a scam like many other similar programs.

 Auto commission suit review ?   quick summary

Name: Auto Commission Suit
Website: Auto Commission Suit
Owner: Bill McRae
Price: $17 Front End

Best For : People want money on Social Media



What is auto commission suit 

Auto commission Suit is a collection of web-based software to automate the whole affiliate marketing process. Alongside, the program offers a step by step training for using all these tools and setting up your own affiliate campaign.

The software can be integrated with all the major digital affiliate networks like Click Bank, JvZoo, warrior plus, or any other MLM company.

The system allows you to make money by using the sequence of pre-written emails for getting Response Autoresponder.

The software will connect the Get Response with the prebuilt landing pages hosted on their web server and set up 45 days follow-up emails campaign with your affiliate links.

All you have to do is leave your four affiliate links in Dashboard and get started with the click of few buttons.
It won't take you more than 10 minutes to set up the system entirely and start making $1000 each day.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I know how much work is required by a newbie. I used to spend 6 to 8 hours a day during my initial days, and even now, I work for at least 20 hours a week for making $10000 each month.

And if there is a system that can help you make some money online by spending just a few minutes, it must be worth buying.

More about the Bill McRae :

Bill M has been working online since 2002. He started his entrepreneurship journey with an e-commerce business when he used to sell guitars online.

He sold his eCommerce business in 2008 and started a software company that dealt with various software related to affiliate marketing. He was also involved in affiliate marketing during this period and has made a lot of money.

He has got a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. Auto commission suit is a software to automatically implement his ways of marketing.

Auto Commission Suit Working :

As claimed Auto Commission system works in 3 simple steps as explained below.

  1. Buy the system.
  2. Login to your Dashboard and add your affiliate links
  3. Follow some simple steps and click a few buttons and get ready to collect $1000 per day in your bank.

It seems so simple. Isn't it?

Let us see if it really comes anywhere near to the expectations.

Auto Commission Suit Tools, training - Inside Dashboard

When you enter the dashboard, you will find video links for various video-based training that teach you "How to set up Auto commission suit" in auto mode.
The training comprises of the following videos:

1. Welcome Video :

In this video, Bill welcomes you to his money-making tool and gives some basic information about the system.

Unfortunately, he did not go into many details. He failed to explain that how this system is really going to make money for you.

2. Get Response Integration : 

This video will teach you to integrate Get Response Autoresponder with Auto Commission Suit using API.
Suppose you have not already registered with getting a Response. In that case, You can register now by clicking here and enjoying 30 days free trial.

No credit cards are required.

3. Click Bank Integration :

In this video, you will learn to integrate the Clickbank affiliate network with the system in 3 easy steps. Click Here to Join ClickBank

If you create your Clickbank account by clicking the above link, you will just have to add your affiliate nickname.

4. Add your 4 affiliate Links

In this video and section, you will have to add your affiliate links to the space provided there. These links will be circulated to prospective customers via email.

5. Email Marketing Pages :

This is where the real action would start. These email marketing pages are nothing but prebuilt landing pages hosted on their website.

Once a person clicks on your advertisement, they will be sent to this Landing page. Interested persons would leave their email IDs and names.

Their name would be added to the Autoresponder list you had created in the earlier step. Then, the subscriber would start receiving emails for 45 days.

After filling the form and clicking the submit button, the subscriber will be taken to the Thank you page that will be your affiliate product sales page.
In the same way, you can create FB and YouTube marketing Pages with the lading pages templates provided for that purpose.

6. Manage Email Pages :

In this section, you will get the links for your landing pages. You will have to promote these links to get traffic. We will discuss this traffic part in detail a bit later.

7. Email Broadcast:

This section will teach you to use tools to send a one-time email called broadcast to your email list subscribers.

8. Secret Traffic source :

Making money online depends upon the traffic (site visitors), you can drive to your landing pages.
This section discusses the best traffic sources being personally used by Bill M.
The training video in this section first explains the basic terminology (YAWN), and that will be followed by the introduction to 3 traffic sources.

Then, you can decide which one is better for you. You will also learn about CPC (cost per click), CPS (Cost per sale), and ROI (Return on investment.
I will discuss more the traffic in the last section.

9. Facebook and YouTube Ad training :

I really like these two sections. Bill M has provided detailed training touching every aspect of Facebook and YouTube Advertisement.

The training covers every topic in detail. Some of the topics covered in these two sections are

  1. Which business to promote on these media.
  2. Setting up advertisement (Business) accounts on Facebook and Google (for YouTube),
  3. Creating the best ads,
  4. Creating Facebook Pixels
  5. Building an Audience from your email list and your website.
  6. Creating Look-alike site visitors and Site Buyers
  7. Pages Likes and Group Pages Likes
  8. Building groups
  9. Tracking Ad spends and income
  10. Researching YouTube for creating targeted Ads

And a lot more.

There are more than 35 training videos in these two sections. Every video is worth watching and provides a lot of learning material.

10. Members Training :

Here You get a detailed overview of ACS and why you should join this system. In addition, you can use the links provided here to Join different affiliate networks.

Auto Commission Suit Price :

You can buy an Auto Commission suit for $17 using the button below. However, the price is expected to increase soon.

Bill M also occasionally offers some discounts, but you simply can not wait for deals as there are high chances of price increases.

Apart from the front end, OTO's are also available for sale, but right now, you should not be worried about the OTO's.

These would be available in your Dashboard, and you can buy them after making some money and as and when they are required to generate more income.

One Time Offers :

Following OTO are available with the system

OTO 1 ($39) - Auto Commission suit Unlimited Version

OTO 2 ($37)- ACS Autopilot  - $37

OTO 3 ($197)- 100% Done-For-you

OTO 4 ($167)- Reseller License Rights

OTO 5 ($97)- Auto Commission suit Mega Bundle

Auto Commission Suit Bonus:

If you buy the Auto Commission Suit Now, You will get the Following two Bonus

  1. Solo Ads Master Class Training
  2. WP Traffic Plugin: This can be used with this ACS to increase traffic and track results.

Auto Commission Suit Pros :

  1. Priced Reasonably.
  2. No Monthly or Annual Recurring Expenses. Only One time Payment
  3. Multiple streams of Income
  4. Secret Traffic Sources for your affiliate Offers
  5. Can be integrated with all affiliate networks
  6. Newbies friendly. No Previous Experience or Technical skills required
  7. Best Facebook and YouTube advertisement training
  8. 60 Days Money Back guarantee.

 Auto Commission Suit Cons :

    • Exaggerated claims: You may set up the system in 10 minutes but have to spend a lot of time on training. Facebook and YouTube Training is much comprehensive and should not to rush into. I will advise you to take your own time and learn all the techniques properly.
    • Expected Price Increase: Taking a decision take time. I expect the price will increase very soon.
    • Only 3 Traffic Sources: Right now, Bill M has shared only 3 secret Traffic Sources used by Him. I expect he will add a few more.

Conclusion: Is Auto Commission suit a Scam :

No, the Auto Commission suit is not a Scam but a DFY system containing many tools for making money online.

The system is perfect, but you can not expect to make money during the initial few days.

First, you have to follow and implement the complete Facebook and YouTube training.

Traffic is the backbone of affiliate marketing. You will have to learn the art of driving targeted traffic to your landing pages.

Besides paid traffic, you must also learn to drive organic traffic. That can be done by writing blogs and understanding search engine optimization.

 Now it is time to say goodbye. I hope you might have enjoyed Auto commission suit review and in case you have any further questions, Just leave a comment below in the comment section.

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  1. This was interesting to read Arun and it sounds pretty good. My only concern is it is still early days for your trial using it and I would love to hear how you go. I’m afraid I tend to run the other way when I hear overblown comments about making $1000 a day with only 10 minutes of work because it is rarely true. It sounds as though it is still best to learn good SEO practice, write quality content and put affiliate links there.

    1. Hi Lily

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment. The system is pretty new in the market and yeah there are early days. Lily, I am a product reviewer and have reviewed similar products like this and Most of them were scams.

      None of them lived up to my expectations, not even this product. I am happy that the product is not a scam and will help you make money using paid advertisements. I am not satisfied with the way it is being promoted. They should clearly tell the people interested in the product that following their training and using the collection of tools they offer, One can start making money. You can even make more than $1000 per day but it will not happen the very first day and it would require more time. 

      I use free organic traffic and I am making $10000 or more per month using only SEO and organic traffic. That is possible because I joined wealthy affiliate and spend a lot of time on training. I am still a premium member and attend a weekly webinar to learn new tricks. 

      You can not compare two different platforms. ACS is not a scam. Many people prefer a system based on paid advertisement so that can make money without having their own website and for them, Auto commission Suit is best.

      But in case you are looking forward to creating your own money-making website, you should opt for the wealthy affiliate. You can click here for a complete wealthy affiliate review.

    1. Thanks, Gavithra for visiting my website. Article commission suit is a DFY system for making money online. The inbuilt training for using setting up the system and paid advertisements.
      If you want to learn affiliate marketing then I would advise you to join Wealthy Affiliate, the world’s best training in affiliate marketing. The training helped me to learn all the tricks and now I am making more than $10000 every month.
      Being a premium member, I may be a bit biased but You can test it yourself for free without any obligation or using a credit card. Click Here to start your free trial.

  2. Hi Arun,

    This is a really informative article and well written. I must admit when I saw the name Auto Commission, I immediately thought scam. I had in my mind that this was going to cost 1000’s if we were going to be earning $1000 a day. But, it costs $17 and it looks like it has good training on Facebook and YouTube.

    With this training we might be able to grow the business into something else in the future from the commissions we make. So I agree that it isn’t a scam. We just need to put the work in with the training and then the actual doing of the work.

    I will let you know if I invest in this system and if I have any burning questions then I will ask. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      When I first visited the sales of Auto Commission Suit, I thought it to be a scam. I do not believe in DFY systems but somehow decided to buy it as the system is launched by an experienced online marketer.
      You can safely invest in the Auto Commission suit. Rest assured, you will make money with the software if you follow the training properly. Facebook advertisement and Youtube training are some of the best I have seen in recent times.
      You may not start making $1000 from day one but if you keep the patience, it will definitely work for you.
      I would have liked to see some training on driving organic traffic but see how it is not there as DFY is built for paid traffic.

  3. Hi Arun

    Many thanks for this. It looks interesting but anything that says ‘earn £1,000 a day’ and ‘done for you’ is a red flag for me!

    They seem to be assuming you already have an email list but new people won’t have a list. So how do you get traffic? It looks like (and please correct me if I’m wrong) you will have to learn and run paid ads in which case, the cost will be infinite.

    Does the system work on its own, if so, why are there so many upsells?

    Thanks for any advice.



    1. Hi Jean
      Thanks for visiting my website. You have raised a very valid point. You must be careful while joining any “Earn $ 1000 per day, DFY System”. I myself have reviewed and found all of them big-time scams. When I heard about this system, My first reaction was “Scam”. But when I found that an experienced online marketer’s name is associated with it, I decided to test the system. In most of the Scams, they do not mention the owner’s name as they don’t want the identity to be revealed.
      Perhaps the program is not being marketed the right way. The owner should have informed people that $1000 per day is possible with affiliate marketing but not from day 1.
      The system teaches you complete Facebook and youtube marketing which itself is worth a few hundred Dollars and your cost is recovered.

      You are right that beginners would not have the email list which is the backbone of affiliate marketing. That’s why the system use paid Facebook and Youtube ad. Interested People would click on your advertisement, visit the landing page and decide to buy the product and their name will also be added to your email list in the Autoresponder. That’s the only way forward to make money in a shorter span. The advertisement would cost some money but that’s what you are being taught here. Spending less money for greater ROI.

      Yes, you can generate Free traffic and that’s the best way if you have the patience are ready to learn a lot of new things like Keyword research and SEO from a trusted resource and are ready to spend some money on your training. If you check the conclusion part of my article, I have already mentioned free traffic. In the $17 program, you can not learn all the aspects of Affiliate marketing

      I myself have learned the same from word’s best training program. If You are interested, you can test the training for free by “Clicking Here“. The training is trusted by more than a million people.

      Paid traffic is fast and Free traffic will take some time.

      Now coming to upsells. The system would work without upsells. Upsells are available for the people who can spend more money for adding a few more functionality like having more landing pager or agency license for distribution etc.
      Now whether paid or Free traffic, One can only make money by learning things and putting in the effort. No one can make money without working. I have rightly concluded my article by saying that you can not start making money overnight.

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