SEO Basic Page Checklist

This article provides you with a complete "Basic Page SEO Checklist," making SEO very simple for you. This step-by-step framework will help you to take action and rank high on search engines.

After reading this article, you will be able to SEO any Website or blog and start your digital marketing agency or work as a Freelance SEO Expert.

You will also learn 

  • How to make high authority Backlinks for your Website.
  • How to get social signals to improve the Website's ranking.
  • How to track day-by-day performance and improvement of your Website traffic and performance. 

The checklist will be helpful to Digital marketers, Free Lancers, and people looking forward to starting an online business to make Passive income.

In addition, this Basic Page SEO checklist will benefit any company trying to establish an online presence.

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With Basic Page SEO Checklist, You will be Able to:

  • Select and Buy the best domain for your business that will help in SEO.
  • Pick the best long-tail keywords for your articles.
  • Do “ On-Page,” “Off-Page,” and “On-Site” SEO
  • Improve your Website performance and make it Google-friendly.
  • Find if something is missing in your SEO practice. You will be able to find all SEO related problems on any Website and fix them.
  • To test and increase your Website speed and reduce bounce rate in your blog/Website.
  • Improve your site traffic and conversions. Subscribers.
  • Understand how to manage social media for social signals and get social signals for your Website.
  • Build your brand name over the internet.
  • Understand How to track your visitors, content popularity, and performance.
  • Optimize YouTube videos and channels for SMM & Backlinks.
  • Put your social media on auto-pilot

Basic Page SEO Checklist:

I have covered all the important aspects of SEO in the  Basic Page SEO List and these are

  • Planning Before Launch Of Website.
  • On-Site and On-Page SEO
  • Off-Site SEO

SEO is the backbone of any online business. Therefore, optimizing your Site should start when you decide to launch your business, not to miss anything important.

There is a lot of inter-related content available on my Website, and I have provided the links for you wherever possible. So I hope you will click and bookmark all the vital information to read when you get time or need any help.

Planning Before The Launch - Basic Page SEO List

Select your niche wisely

You should probably do proper research before entering into Business.

For example, you might be planning to launch an eCommerce Store, a Dropshipping business, or an affiliate marketing business. Whatever the case may be, take your own time to decide the final niche. Do not take a hasty decision. You can not run a successful business without proper planning.

Though it is better to start a business in an area of your expertise, and in case it is not possible, you must do proper brainstorming.

If still, you cannot decide about your niche, You may read Selecting a profitable niche

Once you have selected the niche, you must do keyword research and find at least twenty low competition and high traffic keywords before starting your Website. 

After that, you can use a free keyword research tool like Jaaxy for finding Long tail keywords or soft hanging fruits. 

The above exercise will help you to examine the competition in your selected niche. Then, if the need is, you can change the idea at this moment rather than wasting your time and effort.

Moreover, You will use these keywords in your domain and home page

Pick the best domain name For Your Website.

It is better to select the domain name based on your keywords for your product or subject.

More importantly, the domain name should be small and easy to remember. Here are all the tips and tricks to select the best domain for your Website.

You must shortlist at least 4 to 5 domain names and check their availability at BlueHost. If all the domain names are available, you can pick up your first choice.

BlueHost is the hosting provider for WordPress Websites.

Don't Forget to add an SSL certificate to your Website. Adding an SSL certificate not only secure your Website for site visitors but also helps in improving search engines ranking.

Once You have purchased the domain name and Web Hosting Space, You can install WordPress by following instructions provided by BlueHost.

WordPress is the best CMS and offers many free features. You won't be required to spend unnecessarily on different tools and can use free Plugins available.

Select the best theme available for your Website. 

You may find free themes best suited for your niche from the WordPress collection or buy a paid theme.

I do not compromise with the theme's quality and typically use an originally paid theme from Thrive Themes. It enhances the look, capabilities, and speed of my Website.

Website is your asset, and You would like it to look elegant and give the best experience to the site visitors.

Thrive Suit provide you with the bundle of all the tools required to make a site fully optimized, and you may not need any other plugin. The fewer plugins you have on your Website, the faster it will be.

Create an eye-catching logo for your Website. 

You can use Canva to make your logo. Canva is free to join, but you can not use all the elements and templates with your free membership.

I would advise you to enroll for 30 days free trial of premium services for creating the logo and some initial images required for banners. Then, you can anytime cancel your premium membership within 30 days without any obligation.

Use 4 to 5 keywords already selected by you in the main page's title, Meta description, and description.

Basic Page SEO Check List For On Page / On Site SEO

The first step is to optimize the Home Page of your Website. I use Thrive Suit's ready-made templates for building a fully optimized Home Page.

You can edit the home page offered by your free theme or create it from scratch using a Free Page Builder Like Elementor or WP Page Builder.

Now You should create a list of 50 essential topics you will write articles on and find relevant low-competition keywords for these topics.

These topics should be built around the selected main keywords and have additional keywords in subheadings and articles.

Use one main keyword per Post & place that one keyword in the URL, the title of Post and meta details, body text, and alt image.

The Post titles are typically H1 in all the themes. Therefore you should not use the H1 tag in the article.

It would help to have main keywords in some of the subheadings from h2 to h6, along with other relevant key phrases.

You should format the content properly and use images and graphics where ever required. All the images must have an ALT tag.

At least one image should have your main keyword as the ALT tab and others can have the key phrases related to your topics. All the posts must have Meta tags.

Before writing articles and publishing them, ensure to customize the permalinks in your word press settings to /%catagory%/%post%/.


In addition, proper URL Structures are essential to optimize the URL for search engines entirely.

And your post title should look like " Category/post-title.

Customize your 404 pages and provide a link there to redirect your site visitors to some other valuable content. For example, click here to check the sample of 404 Page.

Content is the king, and therefore keep posting unique articles regularly on low competition high traffic long-tail keywords for ranking high in search engines. However, it would help if you tried to restrict yourself to posting 1 article per day.

Make your content enjoyable. 

Though people will advise you to keep the article long, do not bother about the length. Instead, please keep it simple, informative, and connecting.

If You feel you can’t explain the topic in one article, divide it into two pages to increase user time on content. It will also help in reducing bounce rates and increase your ranking.

You should have mixed articles. For example, you can write about the upcoming events and changes in your Industry. People love updates on Industry.

Moreover, People search the internet to find a solution to their problems. Therefore, if your articles can provide solutions people face in your niche, It will be ranked high.

You should post some articles for providing information regarding your products, tutorials, and the latest trends without worrying about ranking.

Add some informative video inside the article. Adding a video will help engage your visitors for more time on your page and increase the chance of sharing your page.

All the articles must have outbound and inbound links. You may audit your Website from time to time to check and replace broken links.

Linking the article with related posts will help the site visitors with additional information not entirely covered in the present article. It will also reduce the Bounce Rate.

Use Content Lock Plugin to get more shares.

Content Lock Plugin will help you to hide your content until users share it on Social Media. But You should start using such plugins when your Website has gained some authority.

You must also add a search bar to your Website to easily search any article if they can't find it in a category.

In addition, adding a pop-up on the Website will help build an email list and interact with your site visitors from time to time.

All your articles will never rank high in search engines.

You can use the articles ranking on search engines to provide links to such pages,  not ranking in the search engines.

I just forgot to tell you about one most important setting. 

Would you please click the discussions in the WordPress Settings and select the following check boxes?

  •  Allow People to Post comments on new articles.
  • A comment must be held for moderation.
  • The comments must be approved manually.

Sometimes spammers try to get the Backlink's juice from your highly ranked posts, and their comments are irrelevant to your niche. Therefore you must manually approve all the comments.


Besides, make a habit to respond to the comments while approving.  

Your Website must be mobile-friendly. You can test the looks and feel on different gadgets like laptops, tablets, and mobile using thrive page builder and adjust the content to make it look nicer on mobile.

Before moving ahead, I will advise you to download, Install and activate the following plugins.

  • Yoast SEO Plugin or All in One SEO Plugin.
  • Google Analytical Plugin.
  • Automatic Social Campaign Plugin
  • Social Share Plugin
  • Image Optimization Plugin.
  • Content Lock or Pop Up Plugin
  • Broken Link Checker Plugin

You don't need last three plugins if you are using Thrive Theme Builder.

Informing Search Engines about your Website is most important.

Though search engines do not rely on the manual submission of a Website, it will help them discover faster when you submit your Website.

The search engines primarily crawl web pages to find new Websites. Their computer programs keep on checking the known Websites for unique content and now links.

When search engines discover any helpful link on these Websites, they add them to their crawling list or index.

That's why Backlinks from a high authority Website are vital for SEO.

Here's what Matt Cutts, a quality engineer from Google, says about crawling.

In a nutshell, Search engines may find your Website on their own. But there are a few benefits to submitting:

  1. Help in early Discovery.
  2. Inform Search engines about any updates.
  3. Use their free tools for improving your Website.

You may use the following links for submitting your site maps with the search engines.

Both site visitors and search engines, like the fast loading pages. You can check your Website speed by visiting

It will help if you act on the suggestions to improve the site speed. These suggestions will help your page to load faster and improve the site visitor's experience.  

. It would help if you act on the suggestions to improve the site speed.

These suggestions will help your page to load faster and improve the site visitor's experience.  

Off Page and Social Media Check List.

Now It is time to improve off Page SEO. You can follow the steps given below to enhance off page SEO.

  • Create a new account of every popular social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. The user name on these social media Websites must correspond to your Website name or your brand.
  • Create a Fan Page on Facebook corresponding to your Business. Again the user name and URL will be the same as your Website name and brand.
  • Join Facebook Groups related to your Business and follow people on other social media platforms who are an authority in your niches.
  • Would you mind sharing the new articles on social Websites and submitting them to search engines whenever you post a recent article?
  • Be consistent on these social media platforms and try to help people in your niche. Don’t share your links all the time.
  • Create your account and business Page on LinkedIn and start sharing content. The content shared on LinkedIn will help your Website to rank on google easily.
  • Share your content on the Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit,, and
  • Share some of the product pictures on as well.
  • Simultaneously you can also join some document-sharing Websites and share some informative products for people to download for free. Add your Website links in the content.
  • Irrespective of whether you are running an eCommerce business or a blog, you can submit some news or press release on the High DA press release site.
  • Create a small but helpful App for the Google App store. This app should have Backlinks to your Website.
  • Submit your articles to some popular directories like Don’t submit the links to spamming sites. Also, submit your Website to yellow pages for local SEO.
  • Infographics go viral these days, and you can submit your infographics to many Websites like and, etc. When someone uses your infographics to their posts, they will link back to your Website.
  • Google citation is a handy tool to rank. Create Google Map and Google business Page for your Business.
  • Write useful E-book and share them on E-book sharing Websites like Scribed and Amazon Kindle. Don’t forget to include the URL at the end of the eBook pages. 
  • Create YouTube channels and Publish Videos regularly.
  • Create or get a WordPress Theme from any PLR Website with reselling right. Customize it and put a Back-link in the footer of the theme. Distribute it free. Whenever some install the article on their Websites, you will get a Back-link.
  • Keep yourself up to date with Google changes to avoid any Google penalty.
    Perform SEO test regularly using to check if any step is missing. Many sites are offering free SEO tests for your Site.
  • Create user accounts on leading sites with your username and link to the Website in your profile. Please remember that all Websites should be the high authority.
  • Finally, Do not forget to keep an eye on competitors.
  • Do proper research on competitors Backlinks and try to make Backlinks as they build.
  • I know you may still have many questions while you are taking these steps. In case you need any help, leave a comment below, and I will respond ASAP!
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