Best SEO Tips and Tricks
Welcome, 2021, with all new hopes, determination, and will to move ahead. For online business success, Your business website must rank higher in search engines.

No Traffic means No Business.

Just Follow these Best 7 SEO tips and tricks for 2021 to increase Traffic, ranking, and hence your Business.

Google algorithms are changing very fast, and accordingly, You must align SEO efforts with changing scenarios.

There is no alternative to writing amazing and unique content, but it would be challenging to rank without good SEO techniques. 

It would help if you synchronized both to enhance your online visibility and Business.

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Best 7 SEO tips and tricks for 2021:

1. Site Loading Time - Fix Slow Loading Web Pages


How often have you moved away from the slow-loading website and instead searched for other websites providing similar content?

While designing a website, you may be tempted to add great Pictures, Banners or videos, etc., on your website.

These are essential to creating an attractive post and overall appeal to the visitor, increasing the loading time.

Therefore it is reasonably necessary to maintain a balance between these essentials.

Visitors usually move away from the site if it takes a long time to load or performance is not on par with expectation.

And this is more important for users accessing the site on mobile as mobile lack memory and fast speed.

Do you feel that Google and other search engines won't know that visitors are moving away to other faster websites leaving the slow website?

Don't you think that websites loading fast will rank better than slow-loading websites?

Therefore to maintain a balance between Contents and Features, try to use compressed images and limit the number of Plugins.

How many times have you moved away from the slow loading website and rather searched for other website providing similar contents?

While designing website, you may be tempted to add great Pictures, Banners or videos etc. on your website.

All these are essential to creating an attractive post and overall appeal to the visitor but increase the loading time. 

2. Avoid Poor Backlinks - Blackhat SEO

How Many Times Have You come across an advertisement like "buy Backlinks packages" for $5 or buy an automated software for article generation or article spinning?

Old-timers still feel that there are plenty of ways to cheat the search engines by using Black-hat techniques for acquiring backlinks and traffic.

With the algorithm change over the last few years, Google will immediately know about the purchased backlinks or paid traffic. 

Since these would suddenly impact the traffic, the bounce rate will also increase tremendously.

It will help if you do not build so many backlinks to achieve ranking. Instead of getting un authoritative links from

Spammers try to build authoritative links over a while. You may approach the High authority niches in your domain and request them to link to your site.

3. Content is the King - Always

Content is still the king and will remain forever. 

Search engines always give priority to natural content. Do not worry, even if you are not a writer.

People will visit your website to help the subject of your niche and not observe your writing skills.

You are building a website to help the community in your niche, and when people land up on your Post, it is because they are looking for a solution to their problems.

Therefore your Post must have the content related to the title of your Post and the Focused Keywords. 

Your website or Post should provide the right solution and help to the visitors. People don't like to waste time on useless content.

Therefore, you must learn to write valuable content for users keeping in mind SEO copywriting.

Many new entrants often get confused about the length of the Post.

Some of the so-called gurus advise that the article should have a minimum of 500 words.

But in my opinion, your goal should be to provide value to the people visiting your website.

So if the topic needs 1500 words, Let it be.

On the other hand, if you are targeting to write 500 words only per article, you will always concentrate on the length rather than the quality of content.

You must define your goals to provide a solution to the visitors and not on the counting.

4. Too many advertisements-- Distract the visitors

Don't distract the visitor with too many advertisements on your page.

You want them to stay on your page rather than clicking and leaving the website.

Helping people in their buying decisions can only be achieved if they read your article and get satisfied. Keep your site clean.

5.  Be mobile friendly- Get More Traffic

Mobile users number have grown too much and are further increasing at a rapid pace.

Most of the youngsters spend lots of their time on mobile.

If your website is not mobile responsive, the bounce rate will increase.

Google has modified its algorithm in favor of mobile-friendly sites, and sites that were performing well earlier have lost their rankings as they weren't mobile-friendly.

6. Meta tags - Helpful for SEO and Ranking?

People browsing your website may not see the Meta Tag as they are part of codes only and hidden.

Meta tags must summarize the contents of your web page.

Search engines use this description to form a snippet to tell visitors what they can expect on the page.

Nowadays, Meta Tags may not have much impact on the ranking but definitely, help in conversions.

Typically it would be best if you use your focused keyword in the meta description.

Then, when visitors see the snippet formed by Google, they become aware of what to expect on your web page.

With this information, when they visit your web page and find relevant content, the chances of conversion are very high.

You must ensure the targeted keyword in the Meta description to encourage searchers to click your website's Link.

7. Does SSL help SEO?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. And it is used for establishing an encrypted connection between the web browser and web server using an SSL certificate. 

This SSL certificate creates a padlock using two cryptographic keys.

Sites with SSL certificates use HTTPS protocol. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transport Protocol security.

Secure websites can protect a user's connection by securing information in three layers, i.e., Encryption, Data Integrity, and authentication.

In 2014, Google updated its algorithm towards HTTPS sites, and they got a slightly higher ranking.

In 2015 there was a statement from Google about Https tiebreaker indicating that if two websites are equivalent in speed, content, tags, etc., the site on HTTPS protocol will get a ranking advantage.

Only 1% of websites may be using HTTPS, but 40% of Google organic search on the first page favors HTTPS.

8. Is Https good for SEO?

Https at present may not be a significant ranking factor but definitely, help in increased traffic.

 Increased organic and targeted Traffic lays the foundation for successful Business.

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  1. Hi there. I just finished reading your article on SEO for 2018. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. There is so much to take into consideration with SEO, but you have made some good points here.

    Backlinks is something that I think a lot of people are still very misled by. There trouble is there is so much outdated nonsense online these days that a lot of people think they are doing the right thing, when in actual fact they are damaging their site. Article spinning and cheap backlinks are a sure fire way to end up at the bottom of Googles index!

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Andrew 

      one should not be any type of hurry to build even quality backlinks. First priority must be having good content, I mean quality and quantity both. New Bloggers get trapped in buying the PR-9 link like activities and wait for traffic without knowing that not only they have lost the money but the actual chance of ranking wes site is also lost. I always recomend both on page SEO and Off page SEO.



  2. Hello. I run a website and I continually train myself in terms of SEO. It’s good that I came across your website. Your post has answered many of my queries. I did not know that the page loading time is so important. I agree with you that the content is king. I try to write as much helpful information as you wrote and I stopped focusing on quantity only on quality. Thanks for being able to learn something again thanks to you.

    1. Hi Michael

      As mentioned page speed is going to be be a ranking factor. 

      Gary Illyes from Google
       discussed page speed and how it would be incorporated into mobile first.  Google has now said that they will be including mobile page speed in the upcoming mobile first indexing change.

      So This is the right time to take action and let the sites be updated for Google ranking.



  3. Hello Arun, this is such an informative article. I am completely fascinated by the amount of information to learn about SEO. So an article like this truly helps.
    As a relatively new blogger it is really difficult to figure out what is working and not. Thank you for this! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Very interesting article Arun. Always something to learn here, that’s why I love coming back often.

    The Internet changes so often and quickly that we need to keep informed all the time if we want to remain competitive and in business.

    I look forward to your next article.

    John ツ

  5. Very insightful and informative write up. I will surely avoid many adverts. But how does keyword abbreviations help my article with SEO?

    1. Thanks Peter for passing by my website.Acronyms and abbreviations may help sometimes but only those abbreviations which are in common use like using NY for Newyork or OBL for outbound Link or G+ for Google plus.But must be very careful in choosing the abbreviations. I mean if people are searching for it, Does Google know??

  6. Thank you for this great article! Very good tips. I will definitely keep them in mind. One question….you explained what meta tags are. I see the benefit of them. But how do you create them and add them to your site?

    1. Thanks for Visiting my Website.
      A meta tag is an HTML tag providing information to search engines.

      You can Place:
      1. Title Tag which is an important element of Site Optimization Process. Title Tag should have the Focused keyword in it.
      2. The description meta tag defining the site information to be displayed by the search engine as a snippet.
      3. The keywords meta tag lists the search keywords for the site. These keywords are the phrases, internet users are searching for.
      If you have any idea of HTML, You can incorporate Meta Tags yourself.
      But Do not worry in case you don’t know HTML. You can use All in One SEO Plugin in word press and enter the description for Title, Description and Keywords. This Plugin will create the Tags itself and while creating you can observe how snippet will look like.

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