In this article, I want to show something that has worked for me in dropshipping. I have been able to make $100,000 in the last 6 months without any “winning products” and That's why I advise you to use this strategy.

I want to share some valuable information on how you can run your dropshipping business with these High ticket dropshipping ideas. The strategy is totally different from what is being taught by Dropshipping Gurus.

I used to spend somewhere close to 10 hours per day doing Aliexpress Dropshipping and now it takes me a maximum of 2 to 3 hours per day making more profit with less work.

And it all started by selling the best high ticket dropshipping products. The idea was to get more profit with fewer sales.

What would you prefer? Fulfilling more than 1000 orders a month with low returns per order or just 50 orders per month and make more profit.

In this article, I have explained How High Ticket Dropshipping works and how is it different from selling affordable products .

But before we go into the list of the best High-ticket dropshipping products, here are few steps you need to take in order to start this high ticket dropshipping business.

  1. Find an unsaturated niche.
  2. Build a niche store,
  3. Ask Manufacturers / Brands to resell their products.

What is High Ticket Dropshipping ?


There is no fundamental or technical difference between affordable dropshipping and High ticket dropshipping. It works on the same basic principles that a Dropshipping supplier fulfils the order on your behalf.

The key difference is that in high ticket drop shipping you sell expensive products like Electric Scooters, Raised beds or Green Houses  with high margin.

The basic question will remain what is high dropshipping price range. Some Dropshipping gurus will tell that any product that is sold over $50 is a high ticket product while others will claim that ask that the product must have a price range above $1000.

There’s a lot of confusion due to different perceptions. There cannot be any definition and it all will depend upon on what you are selling today and how much big product you can afford to dropship and will you be able to fulfil bulk orders from cooperates.

In this article I will stick to something around $500 as that has helped me in making $100,000 in six months.

Irrespective of the price limit, the idea is that High ticket dropshipping products are costlier than what we use to sell otherwise.

And the other difference is people prefer High shipping dropshipping products from Local supplier and not from a Chinese Supplier.


Since after paying $500 or more, No one would like to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. They want it urgent.

When people are buying high price products, they are more quality conscious and do not want to waste their money.

Moreover, someone buying an expensive item will expect the best after sale service, authorized service centre in near by area and availability of spare parts etc.


For setting up a successful high Ticket dropshipping business, you must therefore find a local supplier in the country where you want to do business.

The biggest advantages to work with brands in the country of business are

  1. Fast Shipping
  2. Customer Confidence
  3. Good after Sales Service
  4. Chance of repeated business.


Here’s the directory of USA based supplier, you may use it to find a suitable supplier in your niche

 Why should you step into High Dropshipping Products? 

Switching to more expensive Products is a common thing these days and typically there are 3 reasons to change the game plan

1. Higher Profits: 

Typically, when you sell an expensive item your revenue is almost equal to more than what you would get by selling 8 to 15 affordable products.

This seems exciting as you would be spending less time in managing the orders and make a considerable profit in no time at all.

2. Unique unsaturated Niche:

In affordable category, you will find that most of the websites are selling similar kind of products and almost all the niches are very competitive. When you go for expensive products, competition become less with more targeted customers.

As you niche is not still saturated, some efforts can lead to better results.

3. More Ambitious Business Plan:

If you are already involved in dropshipping, you may get bored by selling the same inexpensive and undemanding items over and over again.

You may then start looking for some change in products and a more ambitious business plan by accommodating expensive items in your store.


How to Sell Expensive Products in your Dropshipping Store ?

Before dealing with high ticket dropshipping products , you should have some some experience in dropshipping business. If you are a newbie , you must gain some experience by selling affordable products for some time. 

By selling affordable products in your Dropshipping store at least for few weeks, you will attain basic knowledge of all the technical aspects of managing your Dropshipping business.

I have chalked out a basic plan for going from affordable products to more expensive products. You can fine tune the same as per your requirement.

  1. Make sure you have the basic knowledge of technical procedures and daily operations in running a dropshipping store.
  2. Do not get rid of all the non-expensive products from your store. Rather I would advise you to keep fast selling products in store and simultaneously start adding expensive products.
  3. You may also start with a survey or quiz on your website to know the buyers interest in the high priced items. Knowing. When you know the buyer’s preferences and reaction beforehand, you would be better equipped to launch your first expensive product and advertise to the targeted audience.
  4. Price should not be only criteria. You must check the Google trends and Aliexpress trends to find what kind of items can be added to your store for earning more profits.
  5. Build a trust. People can buy an item worth $1 to $5 from almost any site but when it comes to the expensive items, they would not like to buy from an unfamiliar store. You must provide some social proof on your store to win the customer’s confidence.
  6. You should have sufficient amount of money to buy the products from your supplier after getting the order. You must ensure proper financial back up for buying 2 to 3 products at a time and also to cover unfortunate refunds.
  7. Continuously keep working on branding. Your customers must have the confidence that they are buying the product from a brand.
  8. You should be in a position to offer a better after sales service. The buyers buying luxury items do expect a better customer support.

How to Find High Ticket Drop shipping Product?


  1. At first you should find a niche that is not only unsaturated but trending.
  2. Once you have listed few niches, head over to Amazon to find a product above $500 in your niche (or whatever value you decide).
  3. After selecting the product, go to Google and check monthly searches to be more than 50000.
  4. Now check latest trends on Google trends and see if people are interested in products.
  5. Select a ware house / distributor in USA / EU countries.
  6. Spocket is the best platform for finding high ticket products from both Chinese and non-Chinese suppliers.

You can directly import the products to your dropshipping store using Spocket.


5 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Ideas

 Though you can find high ticket dropshipping ideas in every niche but here are 5 greatest niches You can start with

  1. Home Décor
  2. Lawn and Garden
  3. B2B
  4.  Sports and OutDooors
  5.  Home and Kitchen

Home Décor :

You can find many expensive products in this category. People who have money do not hesitate to spend on decorating their homes and that's where you can easily sell them high quality expensive products that can enhance their living standard betides adding some great looks

Some of High Ticket Products in this category are :

  1. Electric Fireplace
  2. LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror
  3. Lay-in Ceiling Tiles

Lawn and Garden :

Lawn and garden niche and further sub niches contain a wide variety of high ticket dropshipping products that you can start selling in your store and make profit.

To begin with , you can select from a lot of low ticket dropshipping items and then move slowly to high ticket products and add a lot of money to your profit margin.

Let’s take a look at some different high ticket products in this dropshipping niche :

  • Herb Gardens
  • Sprinkler Controllers
  • Green House
  • Garden Statues

Business to Business (B2B) :

Frankly speaking, B2B is the best as they place bulk orders from 20 to 100 units and more and  You could make a full year salary just with one or two sales!

Some of the Products in this category are :

  1. Precision Knife Sharpener
  2.  Knife and Tool Sharpeners
  3.  Floor Grinders
  4.  Chainsaws

Sports and Outdoors :

Sports and Outdoors is always a very high in demand niche. People can spend any amount to buy the products not only to fulfill their hobbies but also to stay fit.

The niche is particular cater to the needs of Young generation and as you know, if you target them there is huge money. Some the great products in this niche are

  1. Electric Foldable Scooter
  2.  Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike
  3. Binoculars
  4. Thermal Imaging Monocular

Home and Kitchen :

Whosoever is passionate about home cooking will have to think about fitting their kitchen with the best appliances possible.

You can easily find expensive but high is demand products in this niche and some of them are a must to have in every kitchen. You can easily find very good  products ranging from $1000 to $2000 in this niche like':

  1. Induction Cooktops
  2. Smart Refrigerators
  3. Special Kitchen Sinks
  4. Kitchen Cabinets and so on

What should you not Dropship ?

You should not dropship affordable products for too long. It is good to get started with the low ticket products and learn dropshipping but the efforts required to sell a $500 products are almost equal to what it take to sell $50 worth product but profit will be 10 times.

Therefore as soon as you have the basic idea abojut dropshipping and have made some sale, just switch to high ticket dropshipping. 

Bottom Line :

You can find so many high tickets dropshipping ideas with little brainstorming.

 I could have mentioned here 100's of more products but my aim is just to give you the direction so that you can find the best product matching your interest.

In case you need any information to get started, you can just leave a comment below and I will respond at the earliest.

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