Best online business opportunities for students:

The Covid 19 Pandemic has a very bad effect on students.

On one hand, Schools are temporarily closed. All the classes have gone online and Students have been forced to buy new laptops or Tabs to attend the online classes.

On the other side, their parents have either lost their jobs or are working on reduced salaries.

There seems to be no end to this turmoil and everything seems to be in mess. Survival has become a challenge.


Even if the students have been able to manage their education online, the biggest questions still remain unanswered.

If you are a student, you might be asking yourself – “Will I be able to get a decent job after I have finished my studies?

The economy is still bad and Lay-offs have not stopped.

I advise you not to lose your hopes. Though everything seems to be very bad, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

With everything going online, there are legitimate ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. You don’t need a 9 to 5 job.

You would need some training and I know students are quick learners especially when it is something related to making passive income and supporting their families.

And here I am talking about 6 figure income to fulfill all your dreams and make money more than what you should have anticipated in your regular job.

But I would like to warn you as well. There are many scammers online promoting Done for you (DFY) systems for making quick money. 

I advise you to avoid falling prey to scams. There's nothing called quick money and such systems are designed to make money for their promoters only. The promoters make money by selling the dreams of quick money.

So, what is the choice?

You will have to take the decision to get started and take control of your life.

You might have spent many years in traditional studies, now it is time to learn to earn money online. Don’t just wait for a conventional Job.

Currently, there are millions of individuals making passive income online and they are not dependent on others to provide them a job. Rather they have taken the control of their fates into their own hands. Don’t let any lockdown or economic recession shatter your dreams.

Yes, that’s OK but How can I start making money? Where do I exactly start?

As I stated, the Internet is full of scammers. You may find a lot of advertisements from Internet Gurus ready to help you and give you a system that will make money instantly but in reality, they are just after your money.

You may click any one of the following links to see how they operate. I have unearthed many scams to help newbies avoid online scams.

The question still remains- How to start making Passive Income.

Now I will share some of the opportunities available globally. All these are very low-budget businesses and have the potential to make 6 Figure income. All These businesses can be started by students, Wok from home moms, retired persons, or by anyone interested to make money online.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to be successful online, You need good training delivered by a good instructor, and You don't  need "Intenet Gurus"

Let me outline the available options. I will also mention the training resources for you so that you can start learning from the best in their field.

Legitimate Opportunities for Making Money Online :

There are many legitimate options available for making money online but I will discuss only the Top 4 money-making options here. In case you want to explore more options, you can visit "Top 10 Passive Income Business Opportunities"

3 Best Online Business Opportunities for Students :

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Own e-Commerce Store

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business :

Affiliate marketing is a business to promotes others' products for making money. It may seem similar to a franchises business or distributorship in a way that you are making money by selling other products. But similarities end there themselves. There are Lot of Differences and some of these are :

  1. As an affiliate marketer, you don't pay any franchise fees for promoting Brands.
  2. You can promote any product of your choice without limiting yourself to a single product or Brand.
  3. There are no restrictions on the area and products can be promoted throughout the world.
  4. No need to keep any inventory.
  5. Merchandise will be shipped to the customer directly by the company.
  6. All the After-sales-services will be taken care of by the OEM

These are some of the differences.

The image below will help you understand the concept of the affiliate marketing business.


There are normally Four parties involved in Affiliate marketing.

  1. You (Affiliate Marketer)
  2. Customer
  3. Products owner/OEM/Brand
  4. Affiliate Network

You can choose to promote either a Physical product or a digital product being sold on the marketing networks like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, ClickBank, Jvzoo, or WarriorPlus respectively.

In either case, you should join an affiliate program (or Associate in the Case of Amazon) being run by these companies. After Joining these affiliate programs, you will get the unique affiliate links specially created for you.

Now You will have to build a product review website for writing the review articles. The potential buyer would visit your website for reading the review before buying the products. Click on the affiliate links provided on your website will take the buyer to the Product website.

If they buy the product, the sale will be registered in your name and you will get the commission. The marketing network use browser cookies to identify the affiliate links.


Amazon even pays you a commission for all the products purchased by the customer even if you are not promoting these products.

Best Affiliate marketing training is provided by Wealthy Affiliate. You can Join the training free as a starter member using the link below and check the quality of training.

You can also interact with the live community inside the training and have all your doubts cleared before starting your own affiliate marketing business for making passive income.

Please Click Here to know more about Affiliate marketing and you may also like to read Wealthy affiliate review before joining the training.

How To Start Dropshipping Business :


Dropshipping is another Low budget option in the list of best online business Opportunities for students..  It is similar to Affiliate marketing in the sense that you do not require your own Products for selling.

In Dropshipping, rather than Promoting the products created by Others, you sell their products on your online Store keeping your Profit margins.
you don't need any inventor and Once the product is sold on your website, You buy the same from the Product manufacturer. These Pre-identified manufacturers will then ship the product to your customers under your name.

Here you will be interacting with the customer and share the shipping details. After-sales communication will be done by you.

The process may seem a little complicated to you and in order to fully understand the Dropshipping process, You may read this article-How To Start Dropshipping Business in 6 Steps?

You can access the best Dropshing training by Clicking Here.

How To Start an eCommerce Store?

An eCommerce Store business is the best option for all those looking forward to selling either their own products or the products they deal with. You may be a distributor, dealer, or otherwise can buy the cheaper products from the market and sell them for a profit.

I don't advise newbies to start their eCommerce store as it would require a lot of Money and involve big risks. Instead of straightway going for your own eCommerce store, You can start selling on the market network like Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart.

The Best Training Program Course for Learning Amazon FBA is offered by The Last Amazon Course.


There are many options available for making passive income online. I have restricted to the top 3 in this article but in case you like to explore more, you can go through the Top 10 Passive Income Business Opportunities. 

I have restricted to the best 3 business Opprtuites because these three yield the best results with minimum budget. Not only the students but anyone looking forward to making money online can start any one of these businesses on a full-time basis following an easy learning path.

Affiliate markting is on the top of list of best online business opportunities for students followed by dropshipping and ecommerce store. Some of you may feel that dropshipping should be on top and that's OK. Both are really good.

Learning is important. I have shared the best resources to start learning. You can select the business best suited to your requirement and get started with your training. Most probably you will start making money alongside your training.

 I wish you all the success. In case you need more information, Do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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