It is always nice to have organic traffic on your website. Google may be sending thousands of the visitors to your website monthly, 70% of those would never be returned to your website. There are 3 main sources for bringing visitors to your website:

  • Search Engines.
  • Social Media.
  • E-mail Subscribers

The third one i.e email subscription is the most important in bringing back visitors to your website and converting them to customers. You may use some Popups form to capture emails of the customer to make a list and interact with them on a regular basis.

Popups though are not liked by a majority of visitors as they create a distraction. Despite the fact that nobody likes them, they yield wonderful results and available data have already proven it.

Today I am going to discuss the best popups WordPress Plugin – Popups Ninja.


Due to its simplicity in use, Ninja Popups is the best selling premium WordPress Plugin on the Envato market.

What Does Ninja Popups do?

Ninja Popups capture the emails of site visitors by engaging them with the professionally build Popups and offering them something special in turn of their email.  You can offer a discount Coupon or an ebook or something else which they may be looking out for before buying something. Visitors would be happy to leave their emails against the offer.

You can also use Ninja Popups for locking content until they share your contents on social media or like your contents to increase the like counter which gives a positive signal to search engines and increase your ranking.

How to Use Popups Ninja for WordPress:

Popups Ninja is a premium plugin which can be purchased from the Envato Market by clicking the link below.


1. Setup and Installations:

Once you have procured and downloaded the plugin, you may proceed for installation. The plugin can be uploaded to word press by clicking the Plugin>>Add new from your WordPress Dashboard.



This will take to you to the Plugin installation page, where you have to click upload Plugin and upload the zip file from your computer.


Uploading may take a couple of minutes depending upon the internet speed. Once the Plugin is Uploaded, click on install and then activate the Plugin to complete the process.

Some time Plugin installation fails through the dashboard interface, in that case, you can use a free FTP client like FileZilla to upload the plugin to your website.

2. How to Import Popups to WordPress:Ninja-Popups-Import

    1. After Activation, you can go to Pops Library and add your purchase code. Once the purchase code is verified, you will have to update elements and images library by clicking the import button. Once the Library is updated, you can add any of the Popups in your WordPress by importing those particular popups. The imported Popups can be found under Ninja Popups>>Popups menu.

3. How to set up your first popup on using Ninja Popups:

You can set up your first Nina Popups following the steps in the video

The method explained in the video is for setting up the readymade Popup on your homepage. But in case you want to create your own Pop-up and set it up on the whole site, please follow the steps given below.

4. How to set up Ninja Popup for the entire site? | your own style.

Add NewCustomize

You can add new Popus Ninja by going to Ninja Popups>> Add new. Once you have added a new Popups, Lot of Customization is possible. You can choose the theme, Color and type i.e Opt-in or Social.

Apart from the above, you can edit the following contents settings:

  • The width of Popups and contents
  • Customize the header.
  • Can choose Header Fonts size.
  • Sub Header Bold / normal
  • Main Text
  • Bullet List
  • Embed Videos
  • Button Text
  • Button Color etc
  • Overlay Opacity.
  • Closing and Opening date (Leave blank if Popups are not some event related)
  • 7 different style of Close Buttons.

You can also the type of Popups or when exactly you want it to appear. You can select any one of the following

  • Popup on page load
  • Popup after a certain time of page inactivity
  • Open popup when people scrolls down the page
  • When visitors are leaving leave the site/closing the browser window.
  • When the user clicks on some external link.

5. Autoresponders:

Capturing email will become useful only when you interact with the site visitors. Popups Ninja can be integrated with many email clients or Autoresponders. You can set the Autoresponders to send the emails at a certain regular interval of time. Fist thanks mail can be sent immediately after capturing the email of the visitor. The frequency of emails and the contents must be chosen very carefully. You should not bombard the visitor’s inbox always with the promotional emails. You must set up a ratio between informational mail and promotional mail to 4:1 minimum.

If you need more information on email marketing, you can check up my other post What is email marketing and how does it work.

Or you can check up this video for detailed information email marketing 2018 (Steps to list building)


Setting Up Cookies:

Ninja Popups provides you 2 different options for controlling cookies. You can set it up to disable for some time once the subscriber has subscribed to your form. You can choose to disable it for the current session, a number of days or permanently.

The second option provides you the control over the other kind of visitors i.e who choose not to subscribe. You can disable it for a certain period of time before it reappears. As repeated Popups are always annoying you need to be careful while setting up this option.

6. Redirect to Sales Page:

The other feature of Popups Ninza is to set up for redirection. You can redirect the visitor to any other page, maybe your affiliate platform.

Again You must use this feature wisely by informing the visitors that after click they may be taken to some other page which may be your sales page or a download link. Unexpected Redirect will not please your customers and may have a negative impact.

Increase Social Media Counts:

You can choose facebook like box theme to pop up to increase your facebook like counter. You can also choose the content locker which would unlock the contents once the visitor has liked the social media.



A/B Testing & Analytics:

You can perform A/B split testing with Ninja Popups for all the published forms by going to Ninja popups>> AB Testing and choosing the form to be tested.

Further, you can analyze the performance of each popup by going to Ninja Popups >> Analytics >> Choose a from and then Select the date.

Popups Ninja Pros:

  • Easy to Use.
  • 76 Readymade themes and more will be added
  • Drag and Drop Visual Editor.
  • Popups Alignment Options.
  • 8 Free Optin Panels.
  • 74 Animation effects.
  • Can be configured with almost all available email clients.
  • Fully compatible with WPML and Woo Commerce.
  • Can be integrated with Social Media.
  • Mobile compatible
  • A/B testing and analytics.

Popups Ninja Cons:

  • I can not find any except that once you have captured the emails, you must not spam customers inbox.

Bottom line:

With so many features being offered, the Ninja Best popup plugin for Word Press. Ninja Popups is reasonably priced at $26 one time payment. It has been around quite some time now and has crossed 31,000 installations. I would highly recommend this plugin for email marketing setup.

In case you like my review or you need any other information, do not forget to leave a comment below. I will reply at the earliest.

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  1. Fantastic article. I’m looking to install something like this on my new site to collect email addresses. I have a modest number of subscribers via giveaways on Prolific Works but this plugin would be fantastic for collecting emails. I’ve been scouring WordPress for something reliable for months but wanted an article like this as a review to really get a credible opinion from experience on plugins. Thank you for this honest article and I look forward to looking at the ninja more in depth.

  2. I’ve tried using pop ups but without much success since site visitors consider them spammy. Maybe I should try it with some more incentives to encourage them to sign up. Thanks for the tips.

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