Binary Options Trading Signals  (BOTS) is a binary trading software designed by Franco that has received  very positive reviews from real users.

In this Binary Options trading signals review, we will find out if BOTS subscription is worth buying?

Trading is considered very risky. Though You can make a big money in a shorter period but there are equal chances of losing the money.

Binary options may not be completely safe but chances of losing big money are less as You will only lose the money available in your binary trading account. you are therefore advised to start with very little money and under the guidance of experienced trader. 


Website: Click Here
Owner: Franco
Price: $97 - Free Trial available




If you are interested in trading such as binary options, you should have the right knowledge and the right kind of binary trading tools.

The main reason why Franco's binary options trading Signals software has received the top rating is the live connection to professional charts and a live commentary by Franco.

Franco himself has been a professional trader with lots of experience in binary trading.

Inside the Strong room, as they call it, you will be able to interact with other international traders via the live chat window.

This live chat window is suitable for all and if you want to know why, please continue to read the review.



Like another binary trading platform, Franco also uses binary options signals software that uses a complex algorithmm to give the alerts. But unlike other trading software trials, here you get to see the live trading in progress.

Earlier Franco used to trade live in front of the members but now he has changed his strategies a bit. Instead of trading life, he now focuses on assisting the subscribers, mainly newcomers by pointing out good trade opportunities

As a newbie, you should concentrate on the signals and follow Franco's suggestions on which trades to take.

Franco is based out in Canada and trading sessions timings are 9.30 A.M to 11.30 AM from Monday to Friday.

Franco uses Thinkorswim Software from TD Ameritrade for showing his charts.

Chart setup may seem a bit complicated to the newbies but it has a very logical structure and is easy to understand.

Apart from the technical indicators like Bollinger bands, moving averages, and volumes, you will also see the custom indicators in the form of arrows. These custom indicators would include buy and sell triggers.

The custom US dollar momentum indicator is used to give you the warning to stay away from trading for a certain time when the momentum becomes 100 % red.

The same indicator will also suggest the entry point when the indicator is green.

The software will give you the short-term binary signals i.e 60 seconds, 2 minute,s and 5 minutes signals.

Franco now uses only the most poupls currency pair i.e GBP/USD, USD/EUR AND USD/JPY.

Earlier used to trade in many currencies sets but he has recognized that his system best work with the above currencies.

As shared above BOTS buy and sell signals are best for shorter terms lime 60 sec, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes trade but his team has now included 15 minutes charts that can be used for spot forex trading.

Depending upon your location and internet speed there may be some delay in signals reaching you, therefore I advise you to avoid 60-second trading signals.


Franco's system has been constantly working to improve system and incorporate new functionalities. BOTS (Binary options trading signals) can now be used for forex trading.

Many investors prefer Forex trading to Binary trading as they can place stop losses on the trades. The stop loss helps in huge losses and also improves the overall chances of making a profit by restricting losses in losing trade deals.

In binary when you lose a trade, you lose 100% money but in forex trade, if you have put a stop loss at say 15%, you will only lose the maximum of 15% of the traded value.

Understanding Francos trading Signals - Easy or Difficult ?

I may take 3 to 4 trading sessions to get fully accustomed to Franco's signals and be successful in binary trading options or Forex.

On request, Franco's team may also set up the same professional charting software on your system but without his expert "buy and sell" indicators.

That is a secret and Franco and his team has spent years mastering the trends and develop the system.

Running the same software even without "buy and sell indicators" will help you with your entry timing, if you are facing any lags due to your location and internet speed.

Most of the traders of course refrain from installing any additional software as it may create confusion and they go by what they see on Franco's screencast screen that is shared in HD resolution via MeetingBurner.

Martingale Strategy - Does it  help ?

Many traders use Martingale Strategies and they announce it in live chat. Martingale's strategy means doubling the trading amount when you lose.

Suppose you lose $20 on your first trade, then you place $40 on your next trade. When the second trade is winning, your actual winning score will be 1-0 and not 1-1 since you have recovered your lost trade.


Subscribing to the community room is very easy. You can visit the site by clicking the subscribe now button below and fill a simple sign-up form and pay $97 as a subscription fee to get started as a paid member.


In case you are not sure about continuing, it is better to test the system with a  60 days  money back guarantee by payment processor.

All the new traders will receive a free self-explanatory study guide and are advised to study the training material properly and be patient for initial 3 to 4 days.

The guide will teach you everything step by step with the help of simple images and videos.

If you still do not understand how the system works even after reading the material and watching live for three days, you should ask questions. The questions will be answered by Franco or other experienced traders present in the room.

Franco is quite confident that you will have a full understanding of the system after three days and most of the traders in the community room agree with this.


There are traders who have been trading with Franco for the last many months and making money. Some of the people claim that they are making much more money than their regular job.

Franco himself opts for 2 to 3 trades these days with a success ratio of 85%. This success ratio can be more but he misses many good opportunities since he is training the people alongside.

At the end of the everyday session, Franco asks his traders to disclose the success faction which is like 5:1 or 7:1 or similar for most of the traders. 5:1 means wins against 1 loss.

Trading involves some financial risks and if you make wrong trades, you could end up losing a lot of money in a shorter duration, and that's why you need a system like Binary Options trading signals to eliminate the risk.

By following the strict entry and exit levels, you will be on the winning side. Moreover, in the community room, you will hear the ideas and strategies from other members that work to help each other in making money online.

Binary Options Trading Signals Pros :

  1. 60 days money back Guarantee.
  2.  No Software to download and install.
  3. Self Explanatory Study material.
  4.  Work only 2 Hours a day , 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
  5. High winning ratio (up to 85%)
  6.  Live chat
  7. Custom indicators
  8. 15+ years experience

Binary Options Trading Signals Pros :

Trading always involves the risk of losing money. It is not a win-win situation always. But if you strictly follow the Buy and exit calls, there are fewer chances of losing.

In any case, you can’t only lose the money available in your trading account and no more, and hence you are advised to start with small money initially and rotate the winning profit.


No, Binary options trading signals is not a scam, though there is a small risk of losing money.

Franco has more than 15 years of experience in the trading business and has many positive testimonials. You can actually see that real person making money in the community room.

In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can take advantage of 60 days money-back guarantee and take your money back.

Bottom Line : 

I am not a big fan of trading but this does not mean I am stopping you anyways.

Binary trading is done with the help of a trading expert and using the charting software can turn out to be a profitable venture.

You should not get carried away with some initial success and put big money in trade. Small wins can also make a lot of money.

Though the market is open on a 24X7 basis, I would like you to stick with Franco for the initial days and see how it goes. Once you have learned, you can start trading in various assets and make more money.

I hope you have liked this Binary Options Trading Signals review. In case you have more questions, just leave a comment below in the comment section and I will revert at the earliest possible.

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