In this Bingdin Offline Client Grabber Review, I am going to reveal if Bingdin Offline Client Grabber is worth your money and anywhere near the claims made or an over-hyped program.


A business can never be successful without clients. The success of any business whether online or offline can be attributed to acquiring new leads and retaining the existing customers. You can retain a customer by offering a good product and after-sales service but generating new leads is always going to be a challenge.

Not only the new businesses,  but established ones as well feel the heat. People keep on searching for new training programs to resolve their lead generation problems.

In such a scenario, the hype created for Bingdin Offline Client Grabber seems quite natural due to the huge claims made by them. The creator of the Program. Mike Paul claims that this new "Bingdin" formula, the best lead generation training Program to get rid of "The lead Problem".  

Quick Report

Name: Bingdin Offline Client Grabber
Owner: Mike Paul
Price: $27 + upsells




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Bingdin Offline Client Grabber is a useful training created by Mike Paul to teach you the ways to generate Leads combining LinkedIn data with the paid  Bing Ads.

The Basic training consists of  50 Pages PDF eBook and videos.

The main problem with the training  is that it teaches only one method  for capturing Leads however it does not touch the more effective ways.

Paid Ads can be very risky and costly affair if you are not aware of whole process of online marketing.

I leaned the complete process of online marketing including Paid ads which have helped me become successful online entrepreneur.

What is Bingdin Offline Client Grabber all about?

As per the Mike Paul, Bingdin Offline Client Grabber is a Training Program to teach you the fastest way to generate leads for your offline consultancy business using new and still untapped paid advertising methods.

The name Bingdin has been driven from the Bing and Linkedin. According to the sales video, Mike Paul has created 50 pages training Manual to teach you the methods for getting high quality targetted leads for your business using Bing and Linkedin inexpensive paid advertisements.

Mike Paul has created some methods to use LinkedIn data to target Business Owner Profiles on Bing and call it a " Super Combo Secret" to catch your competitors off-guard.

He claims his methods are not only more effective than the Facebook advertisements being used to promote the business but also inexpensive.

By using these techniques you can avoid cold calling and cold emails.

How much Bingdin Buying Cost?

The sales page of Bingdin is a Landing page created on the Mike Paul's website. Apart from Bingdin Offline Client Grabber, Paul has also created FB Bot Bonanza,  Local Life Leads and many other programs.

Pricing part is a bit tricky. Mike says that the program is worth $97 but he is offering it at a promo price of $27.


He further informs that promo price would end 4 days after the launch date and the price would be increased to $37 but till the time of publishing this article, the Promo price still valid.

But when you go to the buy now button at the end of Sales Page, you may find that program is being sold for $29.99 and not $27 or $37.


This may be a deliberate attempt to tell people that price is increasing now.

Once you have purchased the training for $ 29.99,  you will further be presented with two up-sells one after other.

The first Up-sells is a sales funnel being sold for $47 to speed up your lead capturing process using more inexpensive advertisement process. You also get the FB Audience Grabber as a bonus with First Up-sell.

In case you do not want to buy the first Up-sell and try to leave the sales Page, you will be offered a downs-ell at $27 which is the lite version of Up-sell.

If you refuse to buy this down-sell, you will be taken to the second up-sell page which would also cost $47 and is offered with the bonus eBooks Pendulum Prospecting Move Bonus and Call Capture Method PDF Bonus.

The game is not finished yet, and if you decide to pass off this up-sell, you will again be presented with another down-sell for $27.

I really hate these up-sells and down-sell marketing techniques. A legitimate business must transparently share the total cost before Joining the Program rather than taking you to up-sells after you have become a paid member.

These up-sell / down-sell always creates a doubt in the mind of customers whether the original training being offered is worth.

Any customer who has purchased the original product and not up-sells will feel cheated and missing on some useful techniques not disclosed in the main Product.


Bingdin Offline Client Grabber Pros :

  1. The training provided in Bingdin Offline Client Grabber offers in-depth training on Capturing Targeted Leads Using Paid Advertisements
  2. It seems to be the first of its kind training sharing the unique concept of using Linked data with Bing Advertisements.
  3. At Promo Price of $ 27, training is reasonably priced but I feel all up-sells must be merged in initial training itself.
  4. It offers 30 days money back Guarantee.

Bingdin Offline Client Grabber Cons:

The Bingdin training concentrate on teaching you to set up and use Paid advertisements for generating leads for your business. You will learn to create landing Pages and Opt-in Forms for capturing Leads.

Paid advertisements are not a new concept and I don't feel any online marketer is unaware of this technique.

But in case you want to establish your brand online and create awareness, you must have your own website and must not be dependent on the paid Advertisements only.

Paid advertisements is a risky affair and you stand a chance of losing huge money if you are not an experienced online marketer. All the people clicking through your advertisements may not be interested to buy your products. They may just be looking for some information about the products.

Moreover, With my experience, I can tell you that just one paid Ad for your product is not going to work. You will have to create many sets of advertisements with some variations to see what works for you.

Apart from creating paid Ads, You will have to buy the paid membership of an Autoresponder Like GetResponse to respond to your lead.

This could turn out to be a costly affair if your advertisements do not produce anticipated results.

Further, the cost of advertisements is directly proportional to the competition. As more and more people start targeting the same keywords in their ads, the cost of advertisement automatically increases.

Bottom Line - Bingdin Offline Client Grabber Review :

Bingdin Offline Client Grabber provider a legitimate training on paid advertisements combining two major platforms, LinkedIn and Bing.

But It does not mean that I am recommending the Bingdin Offline Client Grabber.

The present era is an era of digital marketing. Irrespective of the fact whether you are into online marketing or running an offline business, you must have an online presence.

The Online presence cannot be created solely by paid advertisements and you have to give equal or rather more importance to other aspects of online marketing and learn all the techniques.

I would advise you to concentrate on generating free leads by building your website and optimizing it for search engines, Promoting it on Social Media to generate free traffic.

I am a full-time affiliate marketer and have never been dependent on Paid advertisements. I have established my business using techniques which have worked in past, working now and would continue to work in the future.

Once you have mastered the art of generating organic traffic, you will never be looking for spending money on Paid advertisements. program In case you are interested to learn the same techniques, you can just check out the place where I learned all these techniques by clicking the link below.

In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below. 

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