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Today I am going to review a new product by Shan Din. This is the first time I am reviewing any product from Shan Din.

He is comparatively new in this digital product creation domain, though he is a very successful digital marketer. A product from a new vendor always brings new hope of making money online as the established vendors keep on throwing the same old rubbish with new names.

When I first visited the sales Page I found extraordinary claims like how to turn your $5 into $500 over and over again by turning an ugly PLR product into a masterpiece that you can launch into an affiliate network for making money.

I know people used to buy PLR from IDPLR and use them for making money with PLR but the process used by them is completely different. They normally buy PLR to use as a free ebook or use the articles for promoting their products on Social Media.

I never imagined that a PLR can be converted into a digital product for selling through affiliate routes on Click Bank and Jvzoo for making money.

In this Blue Hassle review, I will take you through the product to see how it works. I will also discuss the Pros and Cons, Cost of the Product, and who can use this product.

By the end of this post, you shall be able to decide if Blue Hassle is worth buying and can you make any money following the same process. Is Blue Hassle a Scam? Let's find out

Since the product is just launched, you may not find negative reviews online. We will have to wait till we get some feedback from the actual users.

But in case you are sincerely looking for making money online, You can check the program, that has helped me making $50000 in 2020. The training has worked Before, during, and after Covid-19 Pandemic.

Blue Hustle Review - Making Money With PLR - Quick Summary

Name: Blue Hustle

Owner: Shan Din

Website: Click Here

Price : $12 +OTO


Recommended : Experienced Marketers will be benefited more



What Is Blue Hustle About?

The core of this product is to find a PLR of your liking preferably on the trending topic and rebrand it as your own. It may not be that easy for a newbie but the step-by-step training will take you through the whole process.

Inside the training, you will learn to buy the PLR or find the free PLR from various resources.

After finding the PLR, you should go through the contents and edit them to remove all kinds of rubbish from it keeping the good contents intact.

For rebranding purposes, you can change the Product Name and Title. You need to do some more research on search engines to find the updated information about the subject which can be added to the content for making it more useful.

In the next step, you will be trained on finding royalty-free images from Sites like Pixabay or Shutter stock so that you can replace some of the existing images.

I would advise you to add some graphics as well. You can buy them at a very reasonable price from Pixabay.

Now you can create your own logo using some free service or better to get it designed on Fiverr for $5. A properly designed logo helps the product being more attractive.

Even though you will be selling the products on affiliate networks, you will have to build a small website.

 it is best if you could find a domain name matching your niche. If you have chosen, the PLR in the weight loss niche, you can find the domain name like "”

You can build a free trial website on SiteRubix by entering a subdomain below. Once you have fully designed the Sales page with the Free Page builder available with the Free site, you can transfer it to your own domain.

The three main pages that are required to create a Funnel are
  • Bridge Page: This is the page where you will send all your traffic and capture the visitor's email before sending them to the main
  • Sales Page: This is where you will promote your offer and share the details about your product.
  • ThankYou Page: This is the page where you would thank people for buying your Product.

After creating these pages, you can list your product on Warrior Plus and create the offer. Once the main offer page is created, you will have to create the upsells and down sells and setting up these offers on warrior plus.

This is how you will be making money with PLR.

The product is almost similar to another Product named Pimpr, which was launched on warrior plus almost three years back. 

Blue Hustle Sales Page :

You will be greeted with the big claims on the Sales Page. Let us review it and what the vendor has to say about the product and the real truth. We, Will, review the information transparently


 You will be greeted with the big claims on the Sales Page. Let us review it and what the vendor has to say about the product and the real truth. We, Will, review the information transparently.

I understand that he is talking about a business opportunity that seems to be easy but can a newbie really make money with Blue Hustle?

Is it Possible to make $500 again and again by spending just $5?

I think NO.

The business is not meant for newbies. 

Why am I telling this?

At first, you have to learn to create offers and OTO’s on Warrior Plus and then You will have to create a website with an appealing Landing Page.

Is that Easy? Absolutely not,  Atleat if you don't have proper tools.

Even if you have created your website, how would you drive traffic to your website? It is really difficult for a newbie.

You may assume that the affiliate marketer on warrior Plus will promote your product and you will make money easily.

Most affiliate marketers are attracted to the big launches. Do you know how to Launch a product on Warrior Plus or Jvzoo?

Do You know the steps required for a successful launch? How to approach influencers in the niche so that they become part of your launch.

How Much Money can you make with Blue Hustle?


I just got access to the free eBook being shared by the vendor and just Noted the calculations. He has used his OTO's. I will discuss all these OTO's a bit later.

In the Calculation, Shan Din has shown how he has made $664 y selling 25 copies of the main Product, One OTO for one-to-one training and One More Upsell and have calculated the total profit as $664 (Revenue $669 - Cost $5).

It really looks very good on paper.

But what he has failed to tell you is the cost of acquiring these 25 customers.

If he has sold it on any affiliate marketing network, he has to pay 50% of the front-end product as commission besides Warrior Plus Fee.

Moreover, as a newbie, what do you think you will teach to your customer.

Do you have specific knowledge about How Affiliate marketing work? At this stage, you yourself are looking for a good training for making money online.


To a larger extent, I agree with this disclaimer on the sales page that this is not a Quick Rich Scheme and you have to take action.

I would have appreciated it if he had put here that Scheme won't work for newbies.

Do not worry there is a legitimate and newbies-friendly program available in the market that will provide step-by-step training and I will discuss them in this article.

Who is This Product meant For?

The Product is really useful for any experienced marketer who is now looking forward to starting creating their own products but does not know where to start.

The training will help in setting up the product and if someone is familiar with how warrior Plus and Jvzoo works and How to create their own website.

Blue Hustle OTO's

OTO #1-- Blue Hustle PLR Golden Bundle  $27  ($17) 

Finding a PLR that sells is not easy to find. One has to spend countless hours to find a PLR that is perfect for your targeted audience and you may be spending a lot of money in buying those PLR's

When you buy this OTO, You will get a Hot and top-notch PLR Products Bundle..

OTO #2 — Full Access to My 2020 Product Releases $97  ($47)

  1. Full access to all the products released by Shan in 2020 along with the Front end of this Product.
  2. $5 Monster for advertisement and generating Leads

OTO #3 — Premium 1-on-1 Coaching $197  ($97)

You can buy this OTO for one-month one-to-one coaching with Shan. The coaching that includes 4 Skype calls to Design Exclusive Attack Plan to Start Your Lucrative Internet Marketing Business and one-month email support for resolving your queries.

OTO #4 — Multi Reseller License $27  ($17)

  1. Multi-License Rights of 3 Best Selling Product’s.
  2. You will Get Reseller and Developer Rights to “Confession”,”List Ya”, & “$5 Monster” 

Blue Hustle Pros : 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Step by step training
  • Good for Experience Marketers
  • A very actionable method

Blue Hustle Cons :

  • No training on setting up a website
  • Not for Newbies

Bottom Line - Blue Hustle Alternatives for Newbies

In this Blue Hustle review, I have tried to give you all the information you needed to make your mind up about buying this.

Blue Hustle is not a Scam but a Valuable training for people who have some experience in the online marketing domain and want to start creating their own products for affiliate marketing.

The system is not suitable for Newbies as a lot of things are not covered.

And Franky You can not expect a front-end product priced at $12 to offer something more.

I would advise you to rather go for a complete product, if you are just starting in the online marketing domain and serious about making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate will actually give you a free website and 10 free lessons on how to set up your website to the starter members.

This is the same training platform that has helped me in making $50000 in 2021.

You can also get started free and check if it works for you. There is a free trial for 14 days without any obligation and without any credit cards. 

Just log in using your credentials and start training. There is a live community as well. You can chat with real like-minded people and ask questions and resolve all your queries. 

Just say hi inside the training and I will be more than happy to mentor you.

In case you need any further information, you can ask me questions in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you.

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