In this Boomerang Buddy review, I will share what Boomerang Buddy is, how it works, and the total costs so you can decide whether this software is worth buying.

As per the claims in the sales video, Jono Armstrong uses this software to make $142 per day. So now he is marketing the same software and the step-by-step blueprint you can follow to get the same outcomes.

Jono Armstrong assures $100+ in your bank by tomorrow for just 5 minutes of work on your part.

He made similar claims of easy money before with his programs "The Lockdown formula" and "Bang Bang Profits," but both programs were over hyped.

Can Boomerang Buddy help you exploit the other's success and multiply your money in just a fraction of time? Let's Find out.

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Boomerang Buddy Review?- Quick Glance

Overview : Boomerang  Buddy is an influencers marketing software and training from Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace, and Tom. They claim that you can make $142 every day working less than 5 minutes of work following their training.

Web Site : Click Here

Price: $22.21 and 5 up sells


  • The software is legitimate and may help experienced affiliate marketers make money online.
  • The software will save your time in finding the top influencer in your niche and provide you complete data.
  • Step by step training explain precisely how to use the software.
  • Money Back Guarantee.


  • Not suitable for newbies.
  • Misleading claims on Sales Page
  • Need lot of experience in negotiating with influencers
  • Chances of losing money

What is Boomerang Buddy?


Boomerang Buddy is a Windows-based software created by Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace, and Tom E. It automates the process of identifying the Instagram influencers in your niche.

The software is bundled with step-by-step training to show you how to use the software to get loads of traffic to your affiliate offers.

The software finds the top influencers and gives data about their accounts, such as the number of followers, posts, engagement rage, etc.

How Boomerang Buddy Works?


Boomerang Buddy provides you with a faster and automated way of finding the top Instagram influencers in your niche. 

You can then contact them and ask to promote your affiliate offers for a small fee to get you traffic, clicks, and sales.

For example, let's say you are promoting weight loss supplements. So, your niche is weight loss. 

The software enables you to search for influencers on Instagram in the same niche quickly.

You will get the appropriate data, and then the step-by-step training will teach you how to make this decision to select the most popular influencer based on all the data.

The subsequent step is to reach the influencer and arrange the shoutouts. A shootout is an Instagram story or reel that the influencer will post on their feeds to promote your affiliate link. 

As a result, their followers will get to see your offer, and you have a likelihood of making commissions when people buy the product through your affiliate links. 

The amount you pay to the influencer depends on what you agree, but typically $10 upwards, depending on their follower number and engagement stats.

The Boomerang Buddy members area gives you five short training videos explaining how to use the software.

Can You Make $142 With Boomerang Buddy?

Yes, you can! But If

  1. You are promoting the right affiliate product.
  2. You find the top influencer in your niche. That is possible if you are in a popular niche.
  3. If you negotiate a reasonable price with the influencer.

The process is neither fast as claimed to be and nor fully automated. A lot of research and negotiation is involved.

Typically the popular influencers demand a lot of money, and it will be challenging to make adequate sales to cover the costs of those expensive shout-outs.

If the influencer is in the same niche, why would they promote your affiliate links for a small amount and create their competitor? 

Even if they agree, that will be for very high money, so their shoutouts are usually overpriced!

So, you can make money, but it's not as simple and as quick as claimed. 

Of course, Boomerang Buddy can save you time identifying influencers, but you still need to put in the time, money, and effort to make it work.

The Boomerang Training:

The training videos are concise and walk you through precisely how the software works and how you can make money with it.

Aside from the software tutorial, Jono Armstrong provides the following three training :

  1. How to select the best Clickbank offers to promote.
  2. Learn to collect people's emails and do email marketing.
  3. Learn google ads and re-targeting to promote your landing pages and build your email list.

The Boomerang Software cost and upsells

Boomerang Buddy software and training course is available for $22.21 at the front end, but there are many upsells

These guys will try all the tricks up their sleeves to sell you at least a few of these upsells.

Upsell 1: Boomerang Buddy Pro for $37

Upsell 2: Limitless Traffic for 365 Days available for $197

Upsell 3: "Advanced Training" for $67

Upsell 4: "Done-For-You" Campaigns for $97

Upsell 5: Full Resellers Rights for $97

Is Boomerang Buddy a Scam?

Boomerang Buddy is not a scam because that does not mean that I recommend the product.

The software can save you a lot of time finding the top influencer in your niche, but the way it is advertised may lead to unrealistic expectations.

When they tell you that there's a possibility that you can double your affiliate sales by tomorrow, it's a probability and not a guarantee. Don't expect your account to be flooded with money in 24 hours.

I do not recommend this product to newbies as Boomerang Buddy will not teach you the process of making money online. Moreover, the strategy revolves around paid advertising; you may also lose money!

Boomerang Buddy Review - Conclusion

Boomerang Buddy is not a scam but unsuitable for making money online, particularly for newbies. 

There's no training and tools to let you know the complete process of making money online.

There are other alternatives available, and If you want to create a successful and lucrative online business, would you mind giving you the most effective start possible?

You'll get instant access to the best and proven beginner's affiliate marketing training, tools, and support with actionable steps to launch your first money-making site.

If you have some experience in affiliate marketing, Boomerang Buddy may be software to have in your kitty and will help you supplement your current affiliate income.

I hope You like Boomerang Buddy review. In case you need more information about Boomerang buddy or even the best affiliate marketing training, please leave a comment below in the comment section. I will try to respond at the earliest possible.

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