When I was just starting with my internet business, I kept on surfing the net a lot to find ways to become successful. In the process, I came across Brendan Mace on youtube and found his videos to be very informative. I decided to move a bit further and investigate his coaching program offering ways to make quick money. In case, you are also planning to join his program, Please read my complete review before taking any decision.

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Brendan Mace has been in the internet business for any few years now and also have been setting up a good amount of cash online.

Quick Report:

Name: Brendan Mace coaching Sessions

Owner: Brendan Mace
Price: $397 for 3 to 4 hours coaching sessions.

Rating: 3 out of 10

In fact, if you visit his blog www.brendanmace.com, you will observe his income reports saying he makes $30K/month.

In fact, I tried to join his coaching sessions by putting my email ID there and immediately I could sense something bad.

I would like to read the sentences below which raises the red flag for me. I have written a bog on how to identify an internet scam. You may like to read the same before proceeding further.

Upon Joining his mailing list He would offer you the live classes up to 3 to 4 hours. In these classes, he is supposed to train you on the whole system he has adopted to earn money.

Further investigation and searching for peoples observations, I found that in the first session he would share with you a portion of email marketing methods that have produced the most of the money earned by him and then he would also share how is he now running and his consulting service and earning money.

I understand he himself is making money by Blogging, amazon affiliate sites, and Youtube channel. You know three hours session would not be sufficient to learn all these techniques and then he will try to take advantage of the same by offering up-sell.

His Earning methodology is

  1. While surfing the net you may come across his youtube channel.
  2. His youtube video is somewhat informative and would keep your interest.
  3. You would visit his website and leave your email which would be added to his email list.
  4. Once register, you will land upon other landing page having few more videos.
  5. You may Joi his coaching sessions where he has not much to offer.

Once you have done with his coaching sessions, he will not respond to your queries what so ever or will send half answers.

After some time, you will stop bothering him.

My final thoughts- A better way to get trained:

I will never settle small sessions since they leave more questions than knowledge.

Internet marketing is a huge domain and can not be learned in 3 to 4-hour sessions. If this was to be, Every other person would have been a successful internet marketer and would be earning online.

After thorough research, I have joined this program which I can access any time and from anywhere

If you are interested to establish your online.ine business then stop wasting time and Join wealthy affiliate for free

Once you join wealthy affiliate you will have access to online entrepreneurs certification course and Affiliate Bootcamp.
Besides these courses, you will have access to weekly live video training on various topics related to affiliate marketing. Here all your doubts will be cleared online.
Besides that, you will have access to 24X7 live chat to get your queries answered almost instantly.

In case you need a personal help from me, I am available there as a premium member and can be contacted at any time.

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This is my honest and transparent review on Brendan Mace, I hope you will find this information quite valuable and helpful in taking a decision whether you want to spend your hard earned money on such useless sessions or would like to join wealthy affiliate as a free starter member.

If you’ve got any more questions about Brendan Mace or Wealthy Affiliate, Please leave a comment below without hesitation. I shall revert back at the earliest.

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  1. Thanks for the information on Brendan Mace’s coaching sessions. You really do have to be careful of all of these scams out there. You can tell this guy probably cares about taking your money more than actually helping you succeed. Appreciate the caution you’ve shared when considering Mace’s coaching sessions. Thanks!

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