A business in a Box for Just $ 29! That’s what BuilderAll Website claim. Is it possible? Why so much hype for BuilderAll in the market? As per the BuilderAll website, they offer all the tools required for internet marketing in one place.

Are the claims valid? Is BuilderAll a Scam like many other programs? Is it worth buying? Can you make money with BuilderAll?

As an affiliate marketer, I always search for legit online opportunities to promote and earn money. Seeing the hype, I decided to Join and write BuilderAll review as an insider.

I found it to be good but still Wealthy Affiliate, my Recommended #1 is miles ahead. Both these programs have lifetime earning potential.

With the wealthy affiliate, you have the chance to get all paid trip to Las Vegas, and BuilderAll provides you an opportunity to win a Car this Year.

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BuilderAll Review - Quick Report

Overview : Builderall is a cloud-based website builder and digital marketing platform built into one product. It enables you to create, launch and develop an online business. Please read complete Builderall Review for more details.

Web Site : Click Here

Price: $14.5 per month and more options


  • BuilderAll is Business in Box.
  • You can build unlimited websites, landing pages, blogs, or membership sites using a pixel-perfect technology-based website builder.
  • •You can use unlimited domains with your account.
  • You can use the SEP tool repost to create an SEO-friendly website.
  • You get a Free Auto Email responder for 10000 leads, which will cost you $165 per month. There is built-in SSL support for all websites
  • Ability to create graphics, responsive videos and presentations at no extra cost.
  • With Heatmaps, you can track visitor behavior and conversions.
    • You can Create A/B split tests of your web pages
  • You can create your own Android or IOS apps with BuilderAll tools.
  • Readymade Funnel of 10000 in the most saleable niche.
  • Free membership of Facebook Community.
  • Good Customer Support Service


  • You Can not build WordPress website
  • You can not transfer your website to other platforms. You can not use Wix or Squarespace for building your website.
  • At present, the website created with Drag and drop is not mobile responsive. But Hopefully, they will add this feature soon.
  • Customization options are minimal for the blog feature.
  • Email system RainLoop is fundamental but serves the lead conversion purpose.
  • Lacks Step-by-step Training 

Over All Rating

What Is BuilderAll?


BuilderAll is a cloud-based software and website builder for building unlimited non-word press Websites. The BuiderAll has a drag and drop type website builder with many functionalities and is relatively easy to use. Building platform.

Erick Salgado, a Brazilian digital marketer, is the owner of BuilderAll Erick Salgado started his career as a digital marketer and launched his own company, eBusiness4us, in 2008.

He aimed to use digital marketing for entrepreneurship. He created more than 5000 websites for small businesses before moving into the franchise model.

With extensive experience and customer base, he realized that it is getting difficult for an internet marketer to succeed due to the high number of online scams. Therefore he decided to build a low-cost single platform BuilderAll, to help upcoming internet marketers and businesses.

BuilderAll Features: What do you get?


Here is a list of the main features of the BuilderAll platform:

HTML drag and drop website Builder and App Builder

You can use this feature to build your website, Blog or Android, or IOS Applications(Apps) using Drag and Drop Elements

Autoresponder and Sales funnel of 10000 subscribers.


Once you have Joined the BuilderAll, you are not required to buy any other Autoresponder. The Builderall Autoresponder comes with a Sales funnel of 10000 members. The cost of Autoresponder itself covers the monthly membership of BuilderAll. You can check the price of GetResponse Autoresponder here.

Animated and Floating Video Creator and Design Studio

You can create Professional Videos and high-quality graphics for your website. You may be aware that videos and graphics always have a high conversion rate compared to plane content.

Presentation Builder: You can use it to build presentations for your Web site.

On the page SEO report Tools: This tool gives you instant reports for SEO optimization. You would know about your website rankings, the number of Broad keywords in your webpage, the number of exact keywords, etc.

Facebook Integration: You can integrate your website with Facebook with a click of a button

Heat / Map tools: This Will give you an idea about site visitors and their behaviors on your website.

Training: A tool without proper training is a waste of time. Inside the Builderall, you will have a good knowledge base to get you accustomed to using every tool.

Apart from the above, You will also get

• Unlimited Domains and Subdomains

• 10GB of Disk Storage

• Payment gateway integration

• Training to use the tools and build your business

How does BuilderAll Work?

BuilderAll work on the principle of First Create, Then Automate and finally sell.

You can create unlimited Sales Pages, Capture Pages, Blogs, websites or, membership Sites using their Drag and drop website Builder. All these pages are SEO optimized and with the highest conversio0n potential.

You can create any one of these following the simple steps.

1. Select the category of your website

2. Choose the theme of your choice from more than 1000 templates.

3. Drag and Drop the Elements to build a website page.

4. Write the contents.

5. If you are selling something on your site, you can set up the checkout process for your customer to buy on your site and make payment.

6. Press submit button, and your website will be ready in Sec

Once your website is ready, you can use the best marketing Automation tool to convert your leads into loyal customers.

How Much Does BuilderAll Cost? 

BuilderAll has three pricing options.

Website Presence: $9.90 per month for taking your business online. (unlimited websites, unlimited visitors, and unlimited Funnel)

Digital Marketing: $29.90 per month. (Website presence and all Digital Marketing Tools)

BuilderAll Business:

Your Business in a Box with Unlimited Earning Potential.

Other website building services like Wix or Squarespace will charge you around $25 per month for one website only. Here for $29.90 per month, you are getting unlimited sites.

You Will get a free email auto responder for 10000 emails and leads

If you but GetResponse Autoresponder for a list of 10,000, you have to pay $165 per month.

2-Tier Commercial License- BuilderAll Affiliate Program

If you are already in an internet marketing Domain or just starting, It is essential to have multiple income Stream. You can not just be relying on a single Option. So whenever you find a legit affiliate Opportunity, you should not miss it.

You can join BuilderAll Funnel club to promote Builderall by paying $199 for first month and $79.90 per month thereafter.

BuilderAll Affiliate program allows you to earn 100% on the first month's Sale, and each additional month You get 30%.

Not only does BuilderAll give you 100% commissions, but they also pay you within the first five days of someone signing up.

So if someone under you upgrades to 2-Tier, you will get back your $97. With one Sale only you recover up-gradation charges and start earning 30% every month.

Get a Car

Builderall review is not incomplete without mentioning this bonus. Once you have reached 100 Direct Customers, BuilderAll will include you in their New car Program and start giving you $500 per month to lease the car you want, and when you reach 200 direct customers, you will start getting a check for $1000 every month. So getting a car has become very easy now.

Builderall Review: Conclusion | Is Builderall a Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1Recommendation as it taught me to build my successful online businesses. Unfortunately, Builderall does not come close to the Wealthy Affiliate

Though it provides you with some excellent tools required for internet marketing, it misses the
training part that is the most crucial element of any affiliate marketing platform.

You may like me to answer Is Builderall worth it?" and "Should you use Builderall?"

Builderall may be worth it because it's a great deal considering their price and tools. But when you want to build your successful business, you compare the products from major players in the market.

Builderall products nevertheless fall short.

I know it's compelling to see such an All-in-One platform that provides you with so many things at an affordable price, but what about training?

When you are getting started, the first thing you need is step-by-step training along with the tools, and that's where the Wealthy Affiliate is miles ahead of Builderall.

Finally, BuilderAll is not a Scam, but still not my recommended program. I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you like this Builderall review and if you need more information, please leave a comment below in the comment section. I will revert at the earliest.

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  1. Hi!
    I really liked your website and this post about builderall!
    It seems quite interesting to see that there are more internet marketeers out there other than Wealthy Affiliatte with different options. I find it interesting that this page provides non-Wordpress webpages, unlike WA. It is always good to keep the options open.
    It also seems quite cheap and if it is really not a scam it seems worth a try if you want to develop your business in other directions with non-Wordpress websites.
    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hi Mila

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Internet market is full of opportunities but there are scammers as well. Builderall is  a legit opportunity  just like wealthy affiliate. However both are working in different directions.

      Wealthy affiliate is a training platform providing complete step by step training on affiliate marketing. To facilitate the people who have joined them for training they provide free wordpress web hosting and a site builder so that one can learn and perform.

      Whereas Builderall is bunch of tools or a business in box itself having all the inbuilt tools required for internet marketing.  

  2. Just like to say.. this is probably the best review I’ve read thus far.. as I have been scouring the net to see what Builderall is all about.. heads up to your post

  3. I have signed up with builerall in December of 2018. I have had nothing but headache and frustration. My account has been canceled and reinstated and listed as inactive since January of 2019 yet they continue to charge my account for a site i cannot access. I have tried countless times to have a person contact me so we can sort this out and no one has as much as sent me a letter explaining how they can take $239. and give me nothing but aggravation for it. I had also signed up for the affiliate membership and after one month it too was canceled. If this is a profitable site I would like to use it and see for myself. so far all I have gotten was chump change from the free email biz that pointed me to them in the first place. I will not turn to an attorney to find out why this has happened and what Builderall is going to do to compensate me for the loss of income, time and lack of support.

    1. I will now turn to an attorney I meant to type. This has me so upset I can’t even type straight. If you could see me now I’m sure smoke is coming from my ears.

    2. Hi Williams
      Thanks for visiting my Post.
      I myself had joined BUilderAll in April 2018 and have not faced any such problem. You have not mentioned here why your account was canceled and reinstated later.
      I understand you have joined BuiderAll as a premium member and paid for accessing various features and promoting its affiliate program. They have various membership options.
      When I joined they had stater membership at $9.9 per month but it seems they have dome away with this option. They used to charge an additional $97 to upgrade your account and before allowing you to promote the platform as an affiliate.
      In case you stop paying the monthly Fee, Account gets canceled.
      You can check up for the reason of cancelation with their customer support and find a resolution if you want to promote builder all.
      In case you are new to Affiliate marketing, I would advise you to join Wealthy Affiliate which provides you a step by step training to promote affiliate products. You can find millions of affiliate products for free and are not required to make any monthly payment for promoting the products.
      I have myself been generating 6 figure Passive income following the WA training.

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