Can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?  Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated? These type of questions have been asked umpteen times by the people searching for Legitimate opportunity for making money.

The question is quite simple but there can not be a straight forward answer. The real answer depends on the number of factors.

The problem is not with the question itself but committing Figures on your behalf. I can say I am making a six-figure income with wealthy Affiliate but there are people who may be making more money than me or vice versa.

You can make money with Wealthy Affiliate Provided

  1. You are willing to work
  2. Not looking to become Rich overnight.
  3. You must be willing to earn Success.
  4. Ready to Learn and follow the training step by step.
  5. Follow the Process rather than bypassing it.
  6. Not shy of asking questions.

Before digging further into the question and providing a satisfactory answer, I would rather like to discuss why People fail in Affiliate marketing.

Though most of the People who start any new business fail in the first three months, we will examine only the Affiliate marketing domain.

Why Do People Fail in Affiliate Marketing?

They fail as they do the wrong things. It is as simple as such. They happily waste their time on those things. Later on, they will have nothing to show except maybe a website and some great contents with Affiliate Links.

They will have: 

  • No Audience
  • No Sale

The Lack of results will then demotivate them and they will treat that Affiliate marketing is not meant for them. I do not blame them as it is human nature. You can not stick with the work if you don't get the positive rewards.

People start affiliate marketing with a lot of enthusiasm and with a lot of passion going into it but slowly would lose the interest and stop working on their sites.

 This happens as they have not concentrated on what they should actually vo doing to get more Traffic and Sales.

Are you worried that same thing will happen to you as well?

We will discuss in detail the most common mistakes people commit in their Affiliate marketing Journey which can be easily be avoided.

Before we discuss the mistakes. Here are a few success stories shared by real persons making money with Wealthy Affiliate.


I have shared theses success stories to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate training Platform and offers training in Affiliate marketing Domain and the learnings can be used to start your business and establish it.

You can make money with wealthy affiliate training by learning affiliate marketing.

You get the best training, tools, and help but no one is going to work for you. The process being share has been tested and Proven

Common Mistakes Committed by New Affiliate Marketers:

Mistake 1: Wasting time on useless things

I have shared many Success stories above and you can read their profiles also. They have not been running after something Perfect. Nothing can be 100% Perfect.

When People start, they will be wasting lot of their time in fining

  1. The Perfect Domain Name
  2. Perfect WordPress Theme.
  3. Designing Beautiful Logo
  4. Adjusting the Fonts
  5. Working on Design

These things may have little impact on how your website looks but are not going to bring the traffic to your Website.

A theme can be changed any time and even you can change the Domain name any time in case you do not like it.

None of the Success stories above would reveal that their sale broke all the records after changing the theme. They all have taken small steps in the right direction and achieved the Success and Moreover, they did not become rich overnight.

Mistake 2: Not Picking the Right Niche:

Picking the right niche is a first and most important step in sustaining your interest in Affiliate marketing. I have written a separate article on finding the right Niche for Your website, therefore, I am not going the selection Process here.

You must have a Profitable niche and a great set of Keywords within the niche to be a successful affiliate marketer. You can do some keyword research before Picking up a niche and evaluate the competition. However, Keyword research will be the most common job you shall always be doing in Affiliate marketing.

Even all the Niches with great contents and least competitive words can not be most Profitable all the time. The Keyword may be least competitive but people may not be searching for it. You will Have to Look for the Following

  Average Number of Searches Keyword receive every Month.

  1. Number of Visitors on Your website if you Rank on First Page in Search Engines.
  2. The Number of competing Website for this Keyword.
  3. SEO Score based on Traffic and Competition.

The above seems very tricky but can be found out very easily with a Keyword Research Tool Like Jaaxy.

Mistake 3: Following the wrong Path for Getting Traffic

You must drive the traffic to your website. You may be in the right niche and have produced great contents with Proper Keywords but you need an audience to read your articles.

Even if you get the right niche, you still need traffic on your site. If you have the best content in the world but no one is reading it, then you have an issue.

 Only targeted site visitors can make money for you. Let us Suppose an Amazon Affiliate and Promoting Amazon Products. You have all the reasons to be confident that people who visit Amazon after Clicking your Affiliate links would buy from Amazon as they trust Amazon.

 But to click the Links People must visit your site and read the content i.e your website must have the organic traffic which is free.

Old techniques do not work anymore after many changes in the Google Algorithm. Earlier People used to Keyword stuffing and use Spun articles to drive traffic to their website. Sites using those techniques have been penalized by Google and have been deindexed.

 Backlinking Techniques used by the Affiliate marketers in 2010-12 do not work anymore as Google do not like Spammy Back Links.

 Great Contents with long-tail keywords work most effectively but You can not just sit and wait for visitors to find your great contents.

 You need to get Back Links using white hat techniques so that you are not penalized by Google. There and many ways of getting the White hat link The best and the most prominent technique is to network in your niche and ask for a guest post.

 Mistake 4: Wasting Time on Free Information

Most Failures happen because of uncooked Free information available on the Internet.

Let us assume you want to start an affiliate marketing business as a Part-time business initially until the time you start making some serious money. In the Scenario, you will have a very limited time.

You will have to utilize the available time in the most productive way. The most frustrating thing is to sit down before your laptop and do not know what you should be doing.

You will start researching on the Internet for Blog Posts or YouTube Videos and spend say 50 to 60% of your time. Apart from researching the latest Blogs on the subject, you would be researching on how to drive traffic on your website and Best SEO techniques, etc. That leaves you with very little time doing the real work like Keyword research, writing contents, SEO and sharing Posts on Social Media, etc.

 But wait, Are you sure that the information you found on the Internet for free is up to date and correct. I mean you may end up with wasting your precious time on researching the information which would not yield any result.

 And that will lead to your Frustration and quite Possible you will hang up your boots within the first three months.

 You may be curious to know about how much money can you make with wealthy Affiliate?

We will try to arrive at a conclusion soon.

We have already discussed the mistakes committed by newbies. Now let us see what is there inside the wealthy Affiliate training which will help them follow the correct path and avoid these mistakes.

There are two different training Module in Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification
  2. Affiliate Boot Camp

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC):


OEC training consists of 50 Chapters divided into 5 Phases. This training will walk you through the whole process of creating online business Successfully for any niche of your choice. The training and available tools will help you to overcome all the challenges and be successful in Affiliate marketing.

The training provides you the road map of a Successful 6 figure Income Affiliate marketing Business. You have already read the success stories and now you can join Wealthy Affiliate to interact with all those successful people your self. You can chat with them and seek their effective guidance in building your own successful business.

Affiliate Bootcamp:


The Affiliate Bootcamp training consists of 70 Lessons spread over 7 Phases. The training will deliver a series of courses to help you create your online business for Promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

That means wealthy affiliate training will teach you to be an online successful marketer in any niche and besides that, you can promote wealthy Affiliate's own Affiliate Program to earn wealthy Affiliate Commission.

You can test drive the system free as a starter member for one week before becoming a Premium member. The Starter membership is not available for the residents of Following Countries. 

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Egypt
  5.  Nigeria
  6.   Philippines
  7. Vietnam

However, they can join as a premium member at a discounted price.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate Costs:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? - Conclusion

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online.

I started few years back and for the first few months I struggled to make money with wealthy Affiliate. 

But I knew that it will work definitely. If others are making money following the same training, Why Can't I.

I can assure you that if you Join WA and follow the training properly, there is no limit.

I advise you to start with one website and establish it properly. Chances are that you may earn your first affiliate commission in 2 to 3 months and from there on you will not look back.

You can replicate your own success on new website and chances are you may surpass my income. You will be making enough money to support your family and enjoy your Vacations with Family.

After Joining Just say me Hi inside the WA Dashboard and I will help you in building your own Business.

In case you need any further information , Do not forget to leave a comment below

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