There are many factors contributing to a successful online marketing business. A good niche with high-quality contents is the basic requirement. It requires a lot of time and efforts in bringing customers or readers to your website.  You require a fully SEO optimized website and combine it with an effective paid Ads campaign. You are required to conduct the split testing of the pages over and over to finally find what works for you.
Finally, you would manage to get good traffic to your website only to find high bounce rates. People visiting your site would leave within seconds without taking any action or without buying. As per confirmed data suggests and you will be surprised to note that hardly 3% of site visitors will take action and you will be lucky enough if all of them actually buy something.

70% of the site visitors may leave the site in less than 10 seconds without bothering to check your second page. 3% conversion rate is still considered very good and for an average website, it will be much less.

The question to affiliate marketer is what to do with huge bleeding traffic?

What does all internet Guru earning 6 figure income doing?

They turnover the lost traffic into highly convertible leads by capturing their email using email capture forms.

Once you have the list of the subscribers or your funnel, you gain the advantage and ability to notify them about your new blog posts or sharing valuable information about the product.

You can notify them about new launches or may share promotions and discounts. An email list reduces the marketing cost and helps in creating brand awareness alongside building customer loyalty and trust.

How to Capture email Addresses on your website:


As already stated only 3% of the visitors will take action first time they visit while 27% will remain on your website for more than 10 seconds indicating they are at least searching for a similar product. If you can gather their email addresses, you can improve the conversion rate dramatically. You may agree that site visitor would ready to leave their email addresses for more interactions rather than spending money on the first instance. They need a solution to their problem and if you can offer them something useful in return of their email, they would be willing to spend their money. Conversion rates from email marketing are very high compared to other methods and have the potential to offer them multiple products later on.

Simply having a sidebar comment box or a comment box at the end of the post is not going to work. You need to offer your visitors some kind of incentive. If you are asking them to leave email addresses, you need to something very substantial which can generate their interest even if they are less interested in the affiliate product offer. You can offer them either of the following.

  • Free Short report or mini-course.
  • Free membership to evaluate the product.
  • Offer free tools
  • Free Video course

In short, no one is going to leave their email address without actually asking them to do so and that too in a professional and trustworthy way.

To capture the email, you need an opt-in form which actually gets visitors attention. You can use a popover which can be timed to appear when your visitors are reading the content or content Lockers that will ask the site visitors to sign up.

It all depends on you as to how you want to use these popovers. It could be when they are still reading the contents or when they are trying g to leave the page.

All this can only be accompanied by using a Premium Software

While selecting the best email capturing software for your website, you must consider the following tips

What to look out for in selecting Email Address Capturing Software?

  • The software must be easy to use.
  • It must deploy Powerful Interface.
  • It should offer you multiple forms and various templates to choose from.
  • It can be integrated with all popular Autoresponders,
  • It Must trigger as per your requirement. Like you may want the pop up when the visitor is leaving.
  • It must facilitate A/B testing.
  • It must allow you to create and manage various opt-in forms for your different posts and websites.

While some time back OptinMonster was treated as the best word press plugin for capturing emails due to its number of Features but things have changed now. Many best attractive options are available at most competitive prices. Therefore, though OptinMonster may still be in demand, I will here be reviewing alternatives which either fall in the budget or have better options. In case, you are still interested in Optinmonster you can download it from

Best Email capturing Plugin:

My Vote goes to Ninja Popups available at Envato market.


You can design professional looking pop-ups to increase your conversions by inviting them to join your Newsletter or offering them a discount coupon for leaving their email. You can also lock up the content until they share your content on social media which would increase your subscriber count.

Ninja PopupsPlugin for WordPress can be integrated with all popular mailing systems or autoresponders GetResponse, JetPack, and mail chimp etc.

Its drag and drop visual editor or theme builder allow you to create a professional looking pop very easily with its 76 ready-made themes and the best part is that this plugin is pop up Blocker Proof which means that Pop will always be displayed. In fact, Ninza Pop up offers all the features and even more to make it the best email capturing software.

Features of Ninja Popups:

  • Exit intent PopUp, thrown when a user tries to exit the page.
  • Open Popup, when the user has scrolled through some percentage of the page.
  • Open Popup when the user is inactive on the page for some time.
  • Display Popup when a page has lust loaded.
  • Delayed display Popup
  • Opt-in Locker used to lock your content.
  • Social Locker to Lock the contents by Social Pop Up
  • Close yes/No/text Buttons
  • 76+ Beautiful pop-ups and being added more.
  • Responsive themes to support Mobile devices.
  • Different Popups for different posts / pages.
  • A/B testing for relocating Popups.
  • Support for transferring Pop up in any language.(WPML).
  • Ability to choose colors, fonts, and animations.
  • Page level data analysis.
  • Lifetime free updates.

I am sure you would like to have this plugin for making your own funnel. You can buy it from Envato. In case, you are still looking for more valuable information, you can check my detailed review post here.

Bottom Line:

Successful Online marketing involves many techniques and email marketing is one of them. You can start capturing the emails once your website has some traffic. Ninja Popups does the job very efficiently for you but before deploying such popups on your site you must have the sufficient number of visitors or else these plugins won’t be of any value.

As an online marketer, you would first like ensure a good ranking for your website. If you are new to online marketing and do not have sufficient knowledge about generating organic traffic to your website, I can advise you on the best available and my recommended # 1 training platform. They have covered all the aspects of digital marketing starting from very basic like building your own website to very advanced stage covering on the page and Local SEO along with free and paid traffic. You may join following the link given below and once inside I will share with you my success formula

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  1. Wow! I had no idea there were so many ways to use popups on a website. I think I’ve seen most of them, though, which just goes to show that we are so used to popups we don’t really think about them being a marketing technique. Very insightful.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Arun! I have considered trying OptinMonster myself, but have not yet done so. Ninja PopUps does sound like a great alternative, based on your description. Can you tell me how this compares to OptinMonster price wise?

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