I have just come across Cash at Home Bonanza website which claim that you do not require any specialized skills to start making $ 500 per day using their DFY (Done for you) System.  The same program is also being promoted in the name of Bonanza Cash. The site look very similar to the website of another Program " 22 minutes to Profits"  reviewed by me recently. Therefore I decided to research and share Cash at Home Bonanza review with you.

Most of us are upset and distressed with the present jobs. The low pay and sense of being undervalued drive a lot of us to desire of our personal businesses. Earning $500 or more per day sounds Cool but that chances are you may be scammed and Lose your hard earned money.

Please read my complete review before taking a call.

Quick Report

Name: Cash at Home Bonanza
Website: cashathomebonanza.pw
Owner: Unknown
Price: $50


Cash at home Bonanza Review


Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Internet affiliate marketing is a way for people to be employed by themselves with no risk. There is absolutely no cost to you and you're paid on performance.

However , today one has to be cautious.

There are many scammers and people on the market that are more than pleased to take your cash and effort off of anyone.

Sadly, internet affiliate marketing is not really immune to these scammers usually. Day-to-day, people are consumed in by promises of big cash with comparatively small effort. 

Cash At Home Bonanza of One Such Scam.

What is Cash At Home Bonanza:

When I first Landed at the page I could sense something fishy. The spokesperson in  promotional video state that this program will make you rich overnight. He further add that you do not require any technical skills to start making money. You just have to follow the simple instructions and system will be setup and work for you automatically.

He further claim that he is not going to produce any false screenshots of the money made by the members.

But video it self seems to be scripted and made by using text to speech voice over.

In the 30 minute long video, the spokesperson just keep on repeating the kind of money you can make by using his system but he did not share what the actual system is?

He said that system is not an MLM but  did not tell anything relevant to the actual work. He just tried to catch the attention by showing high end cars and big houses owned by the members using this system.

At the end of video,  He would ask you to leave the personal details. Once you fill the opt-in-form you will be  taken to the Second sales video.

Though I wanted to leave the site after watching the first video, I decided to stick so that I can have the complete information for my review.

After Watching second Video  and gathering the information about How cash at Home Bonanza or CAHB  Works, I knew that the system is nothing more than a Scam.  The work is quite similar to Other Scams like Auto Cash Profit  and My Daily Cash Machine.

Cash At Home Bonanza Review - How Does it Work?

Cash at home Bonanza Review

CAHB offer no secret system to earn money. The site is just made with the sole aim of making Profit for its owner.

In other words the Cash at Home Bonanza just give inappropriate and misleading information for making Money.

The method revealed  by the Spokesperson in the second Video is " Ad Links Posting"

I was really surprised to note the hype created around this Program.

How a Person can just make $500 by posting the Ad Links. I could never believe that a complete scam can be built around the Ad Links Posting. I never treat this work as a business.

The Promotional video emphasized on 3 things

  1. Following Step by step System
  2. Select the Ad Link Posting Company.
  3. Start making Money

If making money would have been so simple , then every one would be making money online.

As per website, You have to post 20 links every day and each link posts would start making $15 for you and you will be making $300 per day.

If you are not aware of the Ad links posting companies, let me tell you that these companies would ask you to share the affiliate links of the products they are promoting. They would be least bothered to count the number of links posted by you and so not pay you just for sharing the links.

Rather they will pay you some percentage of the money earned by them through the sale generated by those links. Even I have my doubts that they would pay you a single penny. There may be lots of other people sharing the same links , then how would the companies differentiate the clicked link.

Moreover I can tell you with my experience that it is very difficult to generate sales by just sharing the links on social media or other directories.

I am earning a full time online income through affiliate marketing and I know that no affiliate marketer can make money just by sharing the links on social media.

Is Cash At Home Bonanza a Scam:

Yes, cash At Home Bonanza is a scam. They are sharing the misleading information.

Of course there are some PPC programs Like Google Ad sense which pays you some money against the click on the advertisements but not the huge money as claimed.

Moreover in order to earn money from Google Ad-sense , you will have to get registered with them which is not possible without having a content driven website.

Other Affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay or Click Bank etc pay you affiliate commission against the sales and not for sharing the links.

So the ultimate goal of any advertising company recruiting you for sharing the links is to generate sales through your links and share some percentage with you.

Moreover even if some one clicks through your link, it is not necessary the person would be interested to buy the Product. You need a a targeted traffic to achieve the sale.

Bottom Line:

You can never make money with such programs. They are designed to take money from you so that owners of the Program make money.

In my opinion , Affiliate marketing is the legitimate opportunity to make money online. Therefore rather than sharing the links for others , you should establish your own online affiliate marketing business.

In case you are interested to make money online , you will have to stop running after DFY business or push button type of business.

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing but I followed a method which is newbies friendly, tried and tested. The program has been in the market for the last 14 years and is trusted by more than 1,5 million members.

I hope you enjoyed my review, Please do not forget to leave a comment below. 

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