Here is the latest system that you can supposedly use make $ 5000 each day. The System known as Cash Formula is created by Michael Green. $5000 a day sound like a bit too much. It immediately creates doubt and Probably makes you think if cash Formula is another Scam? Does Cash Formula by Michael Green actually work for you?

There are a lot of answers to be explored before Joining this System. In my Cash formula review, I am going to touch all the aspects.   How does it work?  whether there is any chance of making money with Cash Formula? Or Are you once again be losing your hard earned money? Hang on to read my transparent reviews.

Quick Report

Name: Cash Formula
Owner: Michael Green
Price: $37 and Upsells



Are you serious about making money Online?

 Cash Formula is 100% Scam. You will end up losing Your hard earned money. I Strictly advise you to stay away. Though you can continue to read my transparent review to know more.

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 First Suspicion -  Scarcity | Few Spots:


I have already similar scams which would create a false alarm of scarcity. The recent being Tube Profit Sniper.  When you would land on the sales page of Cash Formula, you will be told that " Only 7 spots available" in your Locality and it goes one step further in creating a false alarm. It says that all Internet Gurus are after him and want him to stop and therefore the video can go offline at any moment.

Would you believe that?

Any affiliate program wants more and more affiliates coming on board and there can never be scarcity. Few programs rather deploy strict screening to avoid scammers onboard but there can never be scarcity.

Moreover, if you are running a legitimate business, no one can be after you to stop the business. The Internet is not a property of internet Gurus and anyone can make money online. Of course, to make money you need step-by-step training and a legitimate opportunity.

If you find a program with false scarcity, Be sure, you are going to lose your hard earned money.

Apparently fake testimonials:


The testimonials of the people who have been used in the sales video do not seem to be genuine.  If you watch the video for some time you will feel that they are reading a written script. They do not look like people actually using the system and making money through the system.

Once I saw them on video, I could recognize them as the same actors whose services have earlier been utilized to promote a similar scam reviewed by me- "The Secret Society of Millionaire."

I always stay away from Business in Box and 100% DFY systems as 99% of them can be rated as Scams. There can never be a business which can be started on click of a few buttons.

And believe me, you can not make $5K in 24 hours of Joining the system. You may be enthusiastic about joining the system for making quick money but believe me, these are the prevalent characteristics of a Scam.
The narrator further goes on to tell you that he is going to share a 100% certified system but beware there is no certifying agency for affiliate marketing. The claims are 100% untrue.

I have reviewed many scams now and it typically looks like a similar one which will only make money for the owners and you will end up losing money if you can not control your lust for quick bucks.

The Brain behind Cash Formula- Michael Green


Michael Green is the so-called creator of the system. He starts the 23 minutes long video by telling you that system has produced 52 millionaires in 90 days.

Further, he claims to be making $10,000  each day using this system. Michael Green likes him to be known as  "Green Machine" because all money he makes using the system.

The Creator could be making huge money by selling the system and not by using the system as claimed by him.

He claims that he is going to share with you a totally done for you system in next 2 minutes 45 seconds by which you can make $5000 each day. But in 23 minutes long video he does not share anything relevant.

Michael Green would further state that he is selling this system for $37 as he found that many others are scamming people by selling similar programs for huge profit. He claims that he is selling the system at a very reasonable price so that anyone interested to make money online can buy this.

But the reality is:

The picture of Michael Green used in Video is copied from

Now you will realize the whole testimonials including that of the creator are fake.

Would you still trust him?


But if you are still interested in joining the program, Continue to read

What is inside the Program?

The fake character of Michael Green does not tell you about what you are going to get after buying the system.

The creator has not shared with you any information about the system. In the video, he has just concentrated on telling you that you are going to make more than $100000 per month using his system but has not revealed the magic band.

We have already established that he is the fake owner making fake claims.

But I have spoken with some of the people who have been scammed by the creator and let me tell you that system is about becoming an Amazon Affiliate and promote Amazon Products online to earn money.

Earning money through Affiliate marketing is a legitimate opportunity but you can not start making money with a few clicks. You need to be fully trained for doing the job and it takes a lot of hard work and time to establish your business. I am earning six-figure regular income but I have spent a few years learning and implementing the techniques.

In any case, if you still Join Cash Formula by investing $37, you will immediately hit with the upsells.

The first upsell is $97 and another $297.

Those people did not buy the upsells did not buy the upsells and hence I am not in a position to tell you more about the contents inside.

But with my Experience, I can tell you that you are not going to get something worth the money. At the most, he will be sharing some training videos explaining the basics information about affiliate marketing which otherwise you can find free on youtube.

Bottom Line:

Do you have surplus money and ready to get scammed? Go and buy the system. Otherwise, you are strictly advised to stay away from Cash Formula Scam.


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