Cash FX Group Review | How Long would it last ?

You might have landed on this page searching for some money making opportunity. Probably you might have received the invitation to Join Cash FX or  seen some advertisement.

People are making 1000's of dollars with Cash FX Platform trading Platform without doing any work , that's what is being claimed. I understand that you do not want to be left behind and want to join Cash FX immediately so that you can also become rich overnight.

It is not just an advertisement or an email always, you might find lot of people pushing for similar money making programs on Social Media as well. 

It is good to note that your inner consciousness warned you to be cautious and you decided to do a proper research before joining Cash FX. I really appreciate your decision.

I have reviewed and unearthed many online scams in last few years and therefore decided to check if cash  FX  is worth Joining. I have examined Cash FX from different angles before writing this review.

Is Cash FX a Scam or Legit ?  in this Cash Fx Group Review , You will find the answers to the most of questions surrounding this program. 

Cash FX Group Review- Quick Summary

Name: Cash Fx
Owner: Unknown
Price: $300 to $100,000

Best For : No One

Rating :

Conclusion : Scam


What is Cash FX Group?

When you come across a company with FX attached to its name, it quite natural to consider that company is dealing with Forex.

Cash FX Group also claims to be dealing with forex Trading and making revenue through “assisted trading systems with algorithms” for paying ROI.

However, website failed to provide evidence of any trading.  This is simply due the fact that they are not involved in any trading activities.

In my opinion Cash FX group is just just a recruitment based MLM where you pay a joining Fee and then recruit others for making money. The owner make money on every recruitment.

I have seen many other similar sites come and go and I am not sure how long would Cash FX stay?

How to Join Cash FX Group?

You Can Join Cash FX Group through other affiliates reference or invitation only. The membership will cost you between $300 to $100,000 depending upon the package you opt.

Reinvestment is required once you have achieved the ROI of 200% or 400% to continue participating in this home based money making opportunity.

Cash FX  Compensation Plan

There are 10 different compensation Plans as explained below. You can buy any of these packages with an assurance of 200% or 400% return capped at 15% per week.




Academy Pack

Trade Pool



Package 300







Package 500







Package 1000







Package 2000







Package 5000







Package 10000







Package 20000







Package 30000







Package 50000







Package 100000







 The 200% Cap applies to the returns related Passive income whereas MLM returns and capped at 400%.

Once these returns are generated the purchased package would expire and you will have to reinvest again in order to continue.

Cash FX Group Affiliate Ranks

Different qualification criteria have been laid down for qualifying into 7 different ranks within Cash FX. These are:

  1. Affiliate –  You sign up Cash FX group as an Affiliate by making certain investment.
  2. Executive – Recruit and maintain maintain 3 Active investors and generate 7000 PV apart from maintaining own 1K(500 PV) or higher package.
  3. Manager – This is the third step in hierarchy which can be achieved by maintaining a 1K (500 PV) or higher investment package, recruiting and maintaining minimum two Executive or higher ranked affiliates and overall generate 25,000 GV
  4. Director – 1K (500 PV) or higher investment package and recruit and maintain two Manager or higher ranked affiliates and with 100,000 GV
  5. President Club – Maintain a 1K (500 PV) or higher investment package, recruit and maintain three Director or higher ranked affiliates and with generating minimum 500,000 GV
  6. Ambassador – Same 1K (500 PV) or higher investment package, recruit and maintain three President Club or higher ranked affiliates and total 2,000,000 GV generation
  7. Global Ambassador – Minimum 1K (500 PV) as usual or higher investment package, recruit and maintaining two Ambassador or higher ranked affiliates and generate 5,000,000 GV.

PV is the Personal Volume generated by own income and GV stands for Group Volume. GV is generated by you and team under you.

Recruitment Commission:

Csah FX pays a commission equivalent to the 50% of Leadership PV generated by the Package. As per the table above, if you sell a package worth $300, it will generate 150 PV and you will be earn $75.

Apart from the  Recruitment income , you will also make money through unilevel and Multilevel residual income.

How Does Cash FX works?

They would like you to believe that they are investing your money into Forex trading and share the profit with you. They assure you that you will make a fix percentage every month and guarantee 200% 0r 400% return.

But that is not the truth.

In reality, they will have recruit you as an affiliate and offer you a handsome incentive to recruit other people.

You will be paid a fixed percentage as recruitment commission and keep balance with them. The some percentage from the balance amount will be shared with you as passive income.

They are not investing your payment any where and as long as they are getting huge number of new affiliates, you will get your commission.

The system is designed in a manner to give you profit after 30 days which give company enough time to recruit more people. 

As long as this process continues, you  will make money.

Once newer members stop joining, they will be gone.

Can you make any money with Cash FX Group?

Cash FX or similar program do make payments in early stage.You can Join and hope that you have joined in on the right time to make profit.

If you are still thinking about Joining Cash FX or any other similar program, You should not expect your money back. They may be paying today but there is no guarantee that they will continue to pay.

You still can join Cash FX if you have surplus money and do not mind losing few hundred dollars in the hope of getting them back.

Don't invest the money saved for some other important purpose.

You might have seen some proofs from the people making money with Cash FX, they may not be lying either.

They are making huge money means they have joined a long back and program is near the saturation point and sooner people will stop joining.

Now I leave it up to you. If you have the enough money and risk appetite, you can take a call.

Cash FX Red Flags: 

  • There is no information on the Cash FX group website about the owner of website. I would never Join any program whose owner hesitate to share own identity. This indicate a Scam.
  • Cash FX do not offer any reliable product. As an Affiliate of Cash FX , you will only be selling it's membership for making commission.
  • You will be able to participate in MLM activities after signing up and investing your hard earned money in one of its Plan but any MLM without an owner and without a product is a Ponzi scheme and must be avoided.
  • You will have access to a useless "Trade Academy Education Package" which you shall be promoting as a product for recruiting new members.
  • These type of programs can only make money for its promoters and no one else. After making tons of Dollars, They will close the site and after some time will relaunch the program in some other name.

There are many legitimate options are available for making money online and You can test drive one such option for free by clicking the button below

Cash FX Pros:

The people who would be able to join the program just after its launch may make money. 

Cash FX Cons: 

  1. There is no real product.
  2. Owner is Hidden
  3. The system is just recruitment based.
  4. No Proof of Trading. 
  5. The would not last longer.

Is Cash FX a Scam? 

I leave it up to you to decide.

I have shared all the available details and information with you transparently.

I do not recommend joining Cash FX or any other similar program even if you are desperately in need of money.  

After losing your money, You will add more problems to the  existing ones.

Bottom Line - My Recommendations:

There are better alternatives available for making money online. I started my online Journey few years back. 

It was not easy initially but I was fortunate enough to find the best affiliate marketing training platform. 

Affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight and further you will not receive any money without work.

If you are looking forward to make money without learning and without working hard, Affiliate marketing is not for you.

But if you are willing to learn and ready to work hard, Here's the legitimate opportunity to achieve financial Freedom

I Hope I have been able to save you from falling into a trap. In case you like this article please share it with your friends and others,  on Social media so that they are also benefited.

And if you have any more queries. Just leave a comment below, I will definitely reply at the earliest possible. 

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