CashMagnet App Review – Make Money with Android | Legit or Scam

CashMagnet is an App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store for making Passive income while you do nothing. Can you really make money with CashMagnet App?

At first, it sounds like a Scam. If making money is that easy then why everyone has not installed this App.

Quick Report- CashMagnet



CashMagnet is a  Mobile  App which you can install in your Android Phone for making Passive Money. You can make $15 to $20 per month without doing any work. 

This is not some business opportunity to make you financially Sound.  In case you are looking forward to build your own online business and start making 6 figure income, you can check out my recommended Platform by clicking the link below. 

Over All Rating :

I have reviewed programs like 22 minute to Profits, Quantum Ad Code and many more claiming that you can make money on Auto Mode but they turned out to be Scam.

Therefore I decided to review the CashMagnet App so that you may know how you can make money with CashMagnet App and How much?

 What Is CashMagnet App?

CashMagnet App review

People's opinion about CashMagnet?

People Opinion cashMagnet

CashMagnet App is free to download on your Android Phone and as claimed you can make money even when you are not using your Mobile.

You are not required to participate in surveys or complete other Tasks or Play any games and still, you make Passive Income.

They have a referral Program as well. Therefore I thought they might be promoting Some MLM.

The Owner claims that as Long as App is in your mobile and you have an internet connection, You will continue to make money.

We need to understand how they are making money through this App and paying you.

How CashMagnet Works?

I decided to dig further by installing CashMagnet App in my phone and see its working.

After watching closely I realized that they use your Android Phone Like a BOT.

This may not seem ethical but this is how they are making money and paying you.

The App will look for online Ads and click them Automatically even when you are not using Your Mobile Phone. The App keeps on working in the background to complete More tasks like downloading the games and clicking on paid Ads.

This may not be ethical since paid Ads are meant to be viewed by the real persons. People have paid for running those Ads for Generating Leads and converting them into Sales.

But this is How it Goes.

I think you won't mind as long as you are making money.

 How Much Money Can You Make With CashMagnet?

If you think you can make enough money with CashMagnet and support your family, you are not on the right track.

Yes, you can make some passive income but that won't be much.

The income would also depend upon the Location and speed of internet connection.

People from USA, UK, European Union countries, Australia and Canada can make maximum money but not more than $15 to $20 per month per device.

You can use up to a maximum 4 devices which gives you a chance to earn $60 to $80 per month.

People from African region have claimed that they are not making any money with CashMagnet App.

Money is not enough but even if you can make $15 per month without doing anything, it is not that bad.

Since CashMagnet App always be active in the background, there are chances that it may kill your Mobile Phone.

Some people have uninstalled the App after using it for a few days.

I personally do not go after such ways of making money and slows down my mobile.

After installing the App, you may also have to download at least one game for App to work in passive mode. More games you install, you have more chances of accumulating points. These points will be converted to the money.

1000 points earned are equal to $1.

Once you have $1 in your account, you withdraw into your Paypal account or BitCoin Wallet.

 CashMagnet Referral Program:

CashMagnet Has a to tier referral program. You will earn money through your direct referrals and referrals at the second level.The referral program of CashMagnet work like an MLM and hence people may treat it as a Pyramid Scheme.You will find the mixed reviews on the Google Pay for Cash App. All the people who are promoting this App would leave five-star rating along with their referral code so that other people can download the App in order to make money. To recruit the referrals, you will have to share the code with your friends. You will earn 5% of the money made by the referrals up to the second level.

CashMagnet App has got mixed reviews from the Android users. The response also depends upon the location of the users. Of course, people from countries having less or no sponsors are not making any money. therefore they leave a low star rating.

App working continuously in the background tends to make the phone very slow. Hence some of the people are using it overnight and stop it during normal working hours.

CashMagnet Pros:

  1. CashMagnet Available worldwide.
  2. You can make money without absolutely doing anything.
  3. Works 24X7
  4. Good Customer Support via email, chat and Facebook group.
  5. User-friendly Interface.

CashMagnet Cons:

1., Only People from USA, UK, Australia, India, and Canada are making good money but not more than $15 to 20 per month.

2. Slows down your Phone tremendously.

3. Some of the people have complained that they have not received money in time.


Is CashMagnet A Scam?

CashMagnet App is not a Scam. People are making money with CashMagnet without doing any work, however small it may be.

$15 to $20 is not big money still you may be interested to download the App as it comes without putting any efforts. Moreover, you can make more money when people install the App using your referral code

Further, you can withdraw as little as $1 directly into your PayPal account or Bitcoin Wallet.

Bottom Line:

You can make some money with mobile Apps like CashMagnet but that is not going to be enough. You can not treat it as an online business.

In case you are looking forward to establishing your own online business and be your own boss, you may have to look for other legitimate options.

Affiliate marketing is one such legitimate but then you must be ready to learn and work hard initially for a few months.

Once you have your own affiliate website, you can easily make 6 figure monthly income.

In case you are keen to learn and be your own boss, Just click the link below and check out my recommended # 1 program.

You can share your experience with CashMagnet App by leaving a comment below. 

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