I am sure you are searching for ways to make money online, and there's no better way than having your own affiliate money-making website.

Building your own website from scratch needs some technical skills, and that's where CBProads comes into the picture. It provides you a fully functional storefront loaded with best-selling ClickBank Affiliate Products.

CBProads started in 2006, and since then, it has helped thousands of people fulfill their desires of making money online.

It offers various tools Like Affiliate Store Fronts, Niche Storefronts, Affiliate Storefronts word press Plugins, and ad Rotator.

You may click the links below to check how Your Affiliate store would Look Like

  1. Weight Loss Niche Store
  2. Make Money Online Store
  3. Tattoo Store
  4. Dating and Romance Store

There are more than 20 readymade Niche Stores available with excellent money-making opportunities.

CBPROADS - Quick Review

Name: CBProAds

Owner: CB Proads

Website: Click Here


Recommend : Yes


I Joined CBproads.com almost a year back for promoting ClickBank Products.

The advantage with ClickBank is that it gives you a commission of 50 to 75% on each sale against only 5 to 7 % commission offered by the companies like Amazon and Walmart.

A readymade ClickBank storefront can just give you an early start by saving you time in building own website.

It is not some DFY business to make money on auto pilot. If you are new to affiliate marketing, It is better to have some training in affiliate marketing.

CBproads is not a quick rich scheme but a legitimate affiliate marketing Opportunity.

  • Trusted by more than 48000 members.
  • Highest Number of Tools to the members for making money online.
  • Free and Premium Membership Offer
  • ClickBank Products with redefined Titles and Product Description.
  • Ultimate Tool Kit to make Money With ClickBank Affiliate Products.

What is included in the ClickBank Pro Ads:

There are many tools and features included with the free and Pro membership. These Include:

1. Affiliate Storefronts

If you don't have an existing website or a blog, this is the best opportunity for you.
You can have an affiliate store entirely populated with ClickBank products. The best part is that you do not require any web hosting or Domain Name.

These affiliate storefronts are pre-configured and ready for promotion. They offer a great opportunity to newbies who want to promote ClickBank products without bothering about technical things.

As of now, CBProAds offers 5 different variants of Affiliate Store Fronts i.e, version 1.0 to version 5.0

The Affiliate Store Fronts has the following Features.

  • More than 13000 ClickBank Products with Images
  • 33% to 75% Commission.
  • 100% Links integrated with your ClickBank Affiliate Link in case of Pro Membership.
  •  All commission is paid directly into your ClickBank Account
  • It is Possible to Customize the Store Fronts with your Affiliate Ads

Affiliate Niche Store Fronts:

It is seen that most affiliate marketers prefer to promote the products in a Particular Niche only rather than marketing all the products.

Every marketer has a different marketing strategy for marketing.

Many affiliates like to have all the products in the store and see what works for them.

In contrast, others narrow down to a specific niche and promote to the selected audience for better conversions.

CBProAds offers 20 click-bank Niche Store Fronts, and some of them are shown below.


2. CBproads WordPress Plugins Store Fronts:

If you have already started your blog or created a website, you would like to opt for the WordPress plugin to make the storefront on your existing Website.

CbProads offer the word press Plugins for 

  1. Creating Affiliate StoreFront
  2. Affiliate Niche Store Front.

Along with the word press Plugin, You get more than 100 ready-made niche blogs in different niches, as listed below.


ClickBank Product Ad Rotator:

ClickBank Ad Rotator is a better alternative to Google Ad-sense.

Google Ad-sense pays you a few pennies for each click generated on their ads on your website, whereas when you promote Click bank Products, you are paid per sale. And can make up to $75 on just one single sale.

The Ad Generator will allow you to customize the pre-created ads to match the look and feel of your website.

Once you have customized the ad for its color and border, you can generate the script and paste it on your website to make money. 

CB Pro Ads Pricing:

CBProAds is available in 2 versions, i.e., Free and Pro. 

Pro Version will cost you a $32.95 one-time payment for a lifetime membership.

If you are already registered as a free member, You get promotional offers from time to time.

In Free membership, your ClickBank ID will only appear 50% of the time and will be rotated with the CB Pro Ads link. In contrast, in the case of Pro membership, your affiliate links will appear 100% time.

As a Free member, You will lose out on 50% of the revenue you might have gotten.

The other significant difference is that you can send limited traffic to these ads, and you cannot participate in the CB Ads Affiliate membership.


For Whom this Opportunity Is?

The program works for all, irrespective of experience and technical skills.

Suppose you already have experience in Affiliate marketing. In that case, you can use the traffic on your blog to promote ClickBank Products and CB affiliate program.

Suppose you are new to online marketing, who do not have experience creating websites.

In that case, you can use automated storefronts pre-calibrated with your affiliate links and start promoting the click-bank products.

Bottom Line: Is CBproads Worth Buying?

ClickBankProAds is the best program for making money online with ClickBank Products.

If you are not already into affiliate marketing, CBproads offer you a reasonably priced option to get started. 

And in case you are already into affiliate marketing, you would like to spend a small amount to increase your income. 

The Company provides you an opportunity to market Click bank Products and make a 50 to 75 % commission.

Get Ready to Boost Your Income and Achieve your financial Freedom.

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  1. This is very interesting as I have never heard of this kind of affiliate program. 50-75% commission sounds almost too good to be true, but I will look into this when I have time. This is a very detailed and informative post.

  2. CBproads offers a nice variety of options to fit in with many different types of affiliate marketers, whether they have a website or not. I like the idea that it isn’t too technically involved and it seems to have a high success rate for those who follow the right format for setting things up.

    I have recently started my own blog about children’s toys and related ideas. Would you suggest this product for that type of website?

  3. Be sure to copy and paste all of the T&C so you will have a record of them whenever they decide to change the rules!

    I signed up in 2011 for the CBProAds LIFETIME Pro Membership. The Pro Membership is supposed to include LIFETIME updates.

    I recently installed one of the niche store plugins on one of my sites. They contacted me saying if I want to use the plugin I need to pay an additional fee… ??
    The reason they gave was that I signed up in 2011.. and the plugin was not released until 2012.

    I thought my membership included LIFETIME free updates. If the plugin was an update why would I have to pay an additional fee to use it.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website.
      You purchased a product with commitment for life time updates pertaining to that products. They have updated their store front many times after their launch and all those updates were given free to all existing customers. They keep on adding new niches in their database and they don’t ask for any additional money.
      I don’t see any thing wrong. They commit and they honor.

      No where did they mention that you will get all the new products for Free. WordPress Plugin is a separate new product and not an update to existing product. They have all the rights to sell it. If you buy the plugin, you will get lifetime free updated for the plugin.

      That’s what every company does.

      Suppose you buy an accounting software from an organization with life time free update. Tomorrow if they launch some antivirus software, would you expect them to distribute it free to every existing customer.

      Your membership still include LIFETIME Free updates for Affiliate Store Front and Plugin is not an update but a separate Product.
      Hope you understand.

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