CFD Society Review – Scam Exposed

When any new business opportunity emerges, a lot of entrepreneurs and the people who can earn money try to get involved. The same is true for any financial investment and trading systems like binary options as well. Binary option is gaining popularity among the individuals in the trade market. CFD Society System is created to take advantage of this hype. Is it really what they claim? What is CFD Society about? Read CFD Society Review to find -Is CFD society a Scam?

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CFD Society review

What is the Binary trading?

Binary trading is trading over equities or commodities by predicting whether the price will rise or fall within a certain specified time limit.

In the Algorithm Binary means only two options, yes or no. Binary option, in fact, is not a tool of investment but more like a platform for betting or gambling. In my opinion, any intraday trading is just a sort of gambling only.

If you want to earn money online, either you must invest for a long period after proper research or you may choose other options like affiliate marketing or Dropshipping.

What is CFD Society?

CFD Society site suggests that this is the brainchild of Chris Chase, who claims to be a successful CFD investment manager having experience of more than 18 years. CFD society, they claim is a software, which gives the signals for entering and exiting from the trade.

How does CFD Society work?

When you register on, it will redirect you to a brokers site. You will then require to get registered with the broker and deposit initial fund of USD $ 250.

It is quite common for any signalling software to get you registered with a broker and deposit payment for trading purpose. Here is the catch, CFD Society is just an affiliate of these binary brokers and will money by directing you to these brokers and collect their affiliate commission.

This is enough to raise a red flag on CFD Society.

CFD Society  – Stealing your money

The video presentation by the CFD society is very crafty. It makes you believe that you are being offered a real financial opportunity. But the reality is that they are not offering any opportunity to invest and make money, rather they are stealing your money. This is an opportunity for scammers to deceit you and traps you in a cobweb. As already stated, as soon as you subscribe, you will be taken to another web site lose your $250 immediately. This binary broker will then try to upsell their product and soon you may start getting a  scam calls and emails.

Unlike other trading options in Forex, equity or commodities, in binary, you are not trading in the open market but betting against the broker.  The broker would not let you win against them. In binary, you are betting on the probability of a commodity moving in which direction in a dedicated time frame. The decision you have to make is whether to keep your capital with a scammer or regulated broker.

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Proving the CFD Society Is a Scam

Is CFD Society a Scam

Are you Still Wondering – Is CFD Society a Scam, Continue reading

  • CFD Society has mentioned on their website that traders can earn $ 60000 annually. Their video promise that you will be making around $ 11000 per month. Now it is up to you to do little math. $11000 per month makes it $ 132000 annually. Does it raise any red flag further?
  • They have used a fake name of Chris chase whereas the pictures used are of a model. In the video, we do not see the real Chris Chase. We just see the image of a man and they voice claiming to be Chris chase. How is it possible for a man claiming to be featured on Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg to hide behind the image of a model.
  • According to video, they have made more than 200 people rich and have helped them earn more than $20 million in last three years but if you research on Whois little more, you will find that the site is operative since January 2017 only.
  • In the testimonials, they have used the photos of innocent people, who may even not know that their photos are being used for promoting the scam.
  • To further establish that CFD society is a scam, you may read their disclosure on the website.


  • The video presentation is fictitious.
  • They have used actors to present these videos.
  • Income results shown are fake.
  • CFD society does not guarantee any success.
  • CFD Society video must be seen as entertainment opportunity only


Conclusion- Is CFD Society a Scam? Yes, it is.

Let me conclude CFD Society Review.

If you ask me what is CFD Society about, My straight answer would be that there is no doubt that CFD Society is another binary scam like Nuvo Finance, Vena System, Rubix Project and Wifi Millionaire Scam. Furthermore, This system will not help you make any money. My strict advice to you is – Stay away from scam.

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