CB Superstar Review :

ClickBank Superstar is the latest training program launched by John Thornhill to teach you how to sell your own products on ClickBank.

John Thornhill is an experienced online marketer and product creator. He has already made millions of dollars online with affiliate marketing.

In this training, he is revealing all his secrets of making money by selling digital products on ClickBank. The Training is very reasonably priced at $19.95.

Sounds good, But let's find if it delivers what is it is meant for or Is it Just waste of Time?

ClickBank Superstar - Quick Review

Name: ClickBank SuperStar

Owner:  John Thornhill

Website: Click Here



I Use ClickBank for making regular PAssive Income. ClickBank market place is the marketplace that shows the real Power of affiliate Marketing.

It won't take more than 30 minutes in adding your product on ClickBank and Once it is added, it will start attracting millions of affiliate looking forward to grab any opportunity to promote a legitimate product.

You can have a glimpse of my Sales SnapShots Below


Why CB SuperStar?

  • Full Step-By-Step training videos that will help you get listed your product on ClickBank and start making sales in the quick possible time.
  • Advanced tutorials to train you on setting up JV contracts and  how to  get the most from ClickBank by attracting more affiliates by using coupons or paying 100% commissions.
  • Detailed checklists to ensure that nothing is overlooked
  • Amazon sells millions of products in various categories. Therefore it is easy to find a Product of Your Choice.
  • Everything that is  required to activate one click upsells and other features
  • All of the legal declarations and compliances that must be added to your pages.

ClickBank Superstar Review:

I came to know about this site today via an email sent by somebody requesting me to review the program.

When I landed on the  sales page, It looked quite refreshing and different from other Click Bank products as they are normally JAM-PACKED with misleading hype about making money fast and easy way.

Appreciatively John isn’t pitching hype like other guys. Therefore, this gives positive vibes and I decided to move further to learn more about the program.

Anyways, as I mentioned this is a training about “How to Sell your own products on Click Bank.

Making money by selling products on ClickBank is not a new concept, but it is not possible without proper training and that’s where the experience of people like John will come into picture.

He knows what he’s doing and from everything I’ve seen I do believe he’s achieved the level of success he’s claiming.

But it is quite obvious that he’s not going to share all of his knowledge with you in this $19.95 course but definitely will give you the basics to get started and make money.

I guess there would be more upsells and once you start making money you may like to buy those and take advantage.

In fact, A good trainer product will give you ‘just enough’ to get you started first and buy more stuff from them down the road, when you need to learn more to progress with your business.

They know that it may not be possible for you to spend large amount without making at least some money.

In any case, this still is a quite extensive training course and ClickBank is definitely a worthwhile platform to sell your digital information products.

There are millions of affiliates promoting ClickBank products. If you follow the training properly and Launch your product in proper way , many of them would be willing to promote your products as well.

How Does ClickBank Superstar Work?

The way ClickBank Superstar train you to sell an existing digital product on ClickBank, One of the major digital product marketplaces online.

The main training comprises of seven modules and will walk you through setting up your ClickBank account , adding your products on ClickBank Marketplace  and setting up your sales funnel.

The advanced training will teach you to attract more affiliates for promoting your products and that is the key to making the most volume of sales possible.

Affiliates are the backbone of ClickBank marketplace and they would be looking for more commission from you for promoting your products.

Most of the product owners pay up to 50%  commission on ClickBank and it may in some cases goes up to 75%

Let’s say your product costs $49 and sales is achieved through an affiliate, that affiliate will get $24.50.

You will get $24.50 minus your ClickBank selling fees.

You should not worry about sharing your profit as you could be getting tons of sales from affiliates.

The sales volume would definitely depend upon the conversion ratio of your product. If you have a well converting product, you will be in a position to pitch this to affiliates in a better way. This will help you attract more affiliates and make more money in turn.

What if you don’t have your own product ?

When you logon to the member area, You will come across a video asking you to Join the ‘product creation workshop’ and you must attend this before doing anything else.

This is a replay of a webinar that shares few tips on creating your own products.

In case you really do not have your own product , You can opt for one the following Options.

1. Listen the above recorded webinar after Joining the CB superstar and join the recommended workshop.

2. Get a product created at fiverr

3. Join ClickBank University (CBU), the training provided by the ClickBank itself for creating Your own Products and promoting it on ClickBank.

BottomLine – Is ClickBank Superstar  a Scam?

ClickBank Superstar is NOT a scam.

You get a decent training at a reasonable price that shows you what you need to know to start selling your products on ClickBank. It also provide additional tips on how to attract more affiliates for making more sales.

The course is worth buying and is beneficial for all those of you who want to start selling own digital products online.

Yes. There are upsells I saw and you can buy these when you have made some money and can afford. The upsells will in turn help you make more money.

In case you do not want to create your own products and want to make money by promoting others products, You can look at 12 Minute Affiliate System.

I hope you found this article very helpful and in case you need more information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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