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You might just be curious to know if cbsuperstar.com is a legitimate online program that can help you make money online or a Scam before joining it.

There are lot of opportunities being promoted online and it get very difficult to differentiate between a Scam and legitimate opportunity.  The people who have been scammed in search of making some fast cash have also left with no option but to promote the same scam knowingly so that they can recover their own money.

I’m glad that you have decided to do your own research and have landed on this post because here you will find the complete truth about this program.

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ClickBank Superstar Review -Quick Report

Name: ​ClickBank Superstar
Website:Click Here
Owner: ​John Thornhill
Price: ​$19.95 




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Some of my blog reader ​sent me an email showing concern about ​ClickBank Superstar and ​requested my transparent opinion about the program before investing his time and hard earned money.Here It goes..

​CB Superstar is a training program is created by John Thornhill and is about selling products  on ClickBank as a vendor. This is not something new and people have been making money by selling their digital products on ClickBank.

John Thornhill is an experienced digital marketer who has been making money online with ClickBank since 2005.  I don't have any doubt that he is not making the kind of money he is talking about in the sales video.

When I first landed on the sales page, I found it quite refreshing and different from the other ClickBank products I have reviewed.

At least the John Thorn Hill  is not making any misleading claims just to promote his product. He does not call it a secret system for making money but it does not mean that he will share all his knowledge in this $19.95 worth course.

The basic concept is simple to understand. You will create a digital product and market it on ClickBank but it is  not as simple as it sounds and need a proper training.

The training offered by him is good to get started. You can not ignore the fact that these digital marketer quite often will show you ‘just enough’ to sell the upgrades when you need to learn more after acquiring the basic knowledge and starting your business.

This is a good training and serve the purpose if you already have a digital product. In case you are really interested to learn to create a digital product from scratch and become a vendor on ClickBank for selling your own digital product, You may like to check ClickBank University 2.0, official training created by ClickBank itself.

​How Does CB Superstar Work?


ClickBank is an online market place  existed since 1997. It allows you you make money either by selling your own products as a vendor or by promoting others products as an affiliate marketer.

The ClickBank Superstar teach you to make money by selling your existing digital product on Citibank for making passive income. Therefore the this course is meant for those people who already have an existing product and still want to learn to promote on ClickBank.

The Course module will walk you through the opening your account with ClickBank, adding adding your product to the ClickBank marketplace, setting the sales funnel, adding up sells and  making ready your membership site.

The PDF file and 7 modules of video training will  step by step train you from setting up your account to attracting affiliates for promoting your products,

Taking benefit of Affiliate marketing is the real motive behind selling your product on the market networks like ClickBank , JVzoo or Warrior Plus.

Affiliates promote your products for a commission. Most of the vendors offer 50% or more commission on Click Bank.

Say for example, Let us assume you keep the sales price of your product at $49. Now if an affiliate promote your product and generate a sale through his links, Affiliate will get $24.5 for the sale. You will get $24.5 minus the ClickBank Selling Fee.

Now You can attract thousands of Affiliates to market your product and achieve tons of Sale.

If the product is good with less returns and if you offer a good commission, more and more affiliates would like to promote your product.

The training is worth its price and works as described . You can make money if you have the existing product and apply the learning, however there’s no guarantee that you will be able to make money as claimed by  John.

But What if you don't have an Existing Product?


You will find a video call product creating workshop within the member area which is recording of a live webinar and shed some light on product creation.

The real purpose of this workshop is not to teach you step by step product creation but marketing an Up-sell worth $1997 called ‘Partnership to Success Program’. You can buy it on monthly subscription of $197 per month. The Product is bit costly but one of the best in the market for ClickBank ​Vendor training.

​I case you are bent upon making money by creating and selling your own products, ClickBank University 2.0 is the best training for the purpose.

Other option is to learn affiliate marketing from the leaders and star making money as an affiliate. More on this neat the end of this article..

What I like about ClickBank Superstar:-

The sales page do not make any misleading claims. The Owner of the product is a real person. I have reviewed lot of products like Profit Point Autonomy, Instant Email Empire and many more where the owner ​was Hidden.

The sales video here transparently reveal the credentials and Testimonials of the John Thornhill who is an established marketer and a billionaire.

Owners who do like to associate with their own products and do not reveal their credentials tend to be scams. This is not the case with CBS.

What I do not Like About ClickBank Superstar?

The training is good and worth its price but John should have revealed about the cost of Up sell. In case you want to actually learn the whole process of digital product creation, you must buy the up-sell worth $2K.

Is ClickBank Superstar  a Scam?

ClickBank Superstar is a legitimate training program that would teach you to sell your existing product through affiliates. The program is not a Scam.

I understand that the whole process of Product creation , selling it on ClickBank and driving organic traffic on your funnel can not be covered in training worth $19 but I am not a big fan of Up-sells.

I would have appreciated if John had put up the complete training  for sale in one go. He should have confident in his product and its sale-ability. If the product is good and if worth can be explained, people will definitely buy it.
Now you can decide if you want to buy this product or not. If you like it , you can buy the product through my affiliate link here. It will not cost you anything extra but I will make some commission.

Bottom Line: Is there a better option Available?

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

​I am an affiliate marketer and I make 6 figure income as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing best way of making passive income to achieve your financial goals and support your family.

Affiliate marketing is not that easy but is not a rocket Science. When I started like you few Year back, I did not know anything about affiliate marketing.

I was running after shining objects in search of easy money and in the process I was scammed and lost lot of money. But I was fortunate enough to find a legitimate training being managed by the leaders in the field.  Wealthy Affiliate University has successfully trained more than a million affiliate marketers in last more than 15 years. I offer you a free trial as a starter member for 7 days without any obligation. In case you join today and ping me inside, I personally will mentor you and help you in becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

​In case You need more details about ClickBank Superstar or My Recommended programs, Please leave a comment below and I will respond at the earliest

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  1. Hi Arun,

    I enjoyed your post on ClickBank Superstar. It’s nice to have someone out there telling the public how these products work!

    I’ve been looking for some affiliate training programs and I’m having a hard time deciding which one to go for. Have you heard of any of these other ones? https://cutt.ly/ce6cl7l I’m just looking for some opinions before I make my decision.

    I love the content you’ve been posting, by the way. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Stormy
      Thanks for visiting my website. ClickBank Superstar is one of the best training for selling own digital products on ClickBank and if you have a budget of approximately $2k. I have checked the programs mentioned on your link above and recommend twoof them and I have reviewed both the products on my website. You can read my reviews on ClickBank University 2.0 and Wealthy Affiliate by clicking these links before deciding.
      I can further help you in making the final decisions. In case you are interested to create and sell your own products you can opt for either ClickBank Superstar or ClickBank University.
      But if you are looking forward to make money as an affiliate marketer just like me you should join Wealthy affiliate. They are the best in field and market leaders for last 15 years.

  2. I invested a total of $7500.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company that does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly, they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to $17,000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shut down their website, Can I recover my money?

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