ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate network promoting digital products. It is being used by the Publishers and affiliate marketers for making online money. 

As a publisher, you can launch your own digital training program on Clickbank which may be promoted by thousands of affiliate marketers to make it successful and as an affiliate marketer you can promote anyone program of your choice in your niche and make money.

ClickBank University deals with two different modules of training but their main training is about teaching individuals to create and publish their own digital product on ClickBank and make money.

The other training is aimed at training the affiliate to sell other people's product for making money online but the information provided by ClickBank University in this regard is very limited.

ClickBank University 2.0 was launched in the year 2016 as an upgraded version of the first version launched in the year 2013.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review -Summary

Name: ClickBank University 2.0
Website: Click Here
Owner: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan
Price: $47 / month + Upsells



Quick Review

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Arun-Online Marketer

ClickBank University 2.0 is a very useful training which would teach you to make money online. 

They have two modules i.e 8 week Affiliate marketing and 12 weeks Vendor or Publisher training.

If you want to learn how to create and sell own digital products, CBU is the best course available in the market and is highly recommended. You can start your training by clicking here.

The price of the training is reasonable but Upsells are very costly. I will discuss these upsells in my review.

But in case you are looking forward to establish yourself as an affiliate marketer and make money online, I won't advise you to Join ClickBank University.

I am an affiliate marketer my self making 6 figure regular income and know the limitations of the training offered by ClickBank.

I learned affiliate marketing from the leaders in the this domain. They have been around 15 years and have trained more than a million people. You can Join the training for free as a starter member and evaluate it. You can interact with the real people taking benefit of the training and have successfully running their own business.

What Is Clickbank University?


ClickBank University 2.0 is an online training platform having the online course to train the people to make money online either as publishers or as affiliate marketers.

The ClickBank University mainly deals with training to create your own info products & market the same. However, you will also learn to market other people's product as an affiliate marketer.

Let us look more into both the training modules being offered by the CLickBAnk University 2.0

Module 1: 8 Weeks Affiliate marketing training

Affiliate marketing is for those who want to make money by promoting others products. Affiliate marketing is really greater for you if You are

  • Just Starting out in Online Domain.
  • Not interested in Creating Own Product.
  • Ready to learn and adopt
  • Not looking forward to become rich overnight
  • Not Looking for a Shiny Object for making fast cash but searching for a permanent Solution of your financial Problems.
  • Ready to work hard without any distraction

The Affiliate marketing training is delivered by Adam Horwitz and covers the following in detail

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing Road Map
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • List Building
  • Building a Squeez Page
  • Capturing Email
  • Driving Traffic

 It seems that ClickBank University 2.0 have not put much emphasis on the affiliate marketing training and have focused more on the product creation training and selling it on ClickBank.

Though There is enough material related to affiliate marketing training in the form of videos , However I feel that they could have organized in a better step by step way. I always prefer a step by step training with a to do section to implement what you have learnt.

The information seems to be really good for newbies and would lead them upto a certain level beyond which they will have more questions and no answer. 

They have a live community and you can take benefit of the experienced People there but you will find less percentage of people in Affiliate marketing and more Publishers. The Program I recommend for Affiliate marketing training is much better in response and contents as far as Affiliate marketing is concerned.

I have reviewed many programs being sold on ClickBank and some of them were identified as Scam but ClickBank University Training  2.0 a real good effort to teach to launch your own Product.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

Module 2: 12 Weeks Publisher Training:

This training will teach You the complete process  of creating your own product and get it listed on the clickbank marketplace.

The approach followed by them is much different than any other "Online money making" Product available online. Most of Money making products are based on affiliate marketing, Dropship or eCommerce but this is just different. 

There is a lot of potential for making enough money  online, if you can create a Solid product by following the methods shared in this training. As usual it is not easy to create own product and find affiliates to  promote the same but making money anyways is not easy and take a lot of efforts.

You may find it very difficult to find the affiliates for first or may first few products but once you get on their Radar, it become very easy.

Publisher training is delivered by Justin and mainly focus on the following:

  • Finding the Perfect Product
  • Crating your Avatar/ Customer
  • Creating Your Product
  • Creating Your Upsell
  • Creating Sales Copy and maximising Conversions
  • Creating Easy Video Sales Letter (Easy VSL)
  •  Finalizing Your Product.
  • Getting your product on Click Bank
  • Attracting and Managing JV Relationship
  • Scaling Your Success.
  • Selling High Ticket Products though Webinars

Apart from the above two different modules You will find a dedicated training on the generating targeted traffic through PPC.  

Online marketing is all about driving traffic to your website. A website without traffic is just like a shop without customers. 

You can generate organic traffic by Optimizing your website for search engines but the process is very slow and you will have to wait little longer for getting the results.

Other way of generating targeted traffic is through Social Media Advertisements and you need to understand all this.

In the traffic module, CBU covers the following

Facebook Advertising -3 Parts:

Facebook Advertisements are more about finding the targeted traffic audiences by controlling the various parameters like age, Sex, Location and earnings etc. 

The Facebook ads are relevant to the audience and can easily be created and measured for results.

Instagram training and Shout outs -3 Parts:

The Instagram training is also quite impressive. You can use Instagram to tell stories. 

Instagram stories are the best way to catch attention of the people to teach them about your business. 

The other way to use Instagram is through Shoutouts.

Instagram Shoutout also known as IG Shoutout or Insta Shoutput is a way of Promoting other user on your Instagram.

Insta Shoutout Fall under the category of Influencer marketing. There are three types of ShoutOut

  1. Paid ShoutOuts
  2. Shouts for ShoutOuts (S4S)
  3. Voluntary Shoutouts

The Paid shoutouts can be achieved in following 3 steps.

  • Identify an Influencer in your niche and enquire if they are ready to do a shoutout for your product. If they agree, Pay for shout out.
  • Follow these audiences sent by the influencers and retarget them by using retargeted Ads.
  • Once you have converted the Audience to customer, use the list to sell more similar products.

This stuff is covered in the training and you will find it very easy after doing it once or twice.

ClickBank University 2.0 Upsells:

The following are the upsells

1. The ClickBank Builder 2.0

ClickBank Builder 2.0 is just like a website builder used to create landing Pages, Home Page or Complete website including any other Page like about-me or Contact Page. 

ClickBank website Builder is a Drag and Drop tool like the Thrive themes Architect used by me to build this website. 

You can get the lifetime access of this tool by paying  $594 one time or two installments of $297. But the point here is that they didn't disclose anything about this upsell in their sales video.  

Originally I was against using any site builder but having used this thrive architect, I can tell you that the site builders can help a lot in designing the website but the cost of ClickBank siteBuilder is very high and a matter o\f concern. You can get a professional Website builder for just $67 from Thrive Themes.

Ths ClickBank training has been designed taking  ClickBank Builder 2.0 into consideration. Though the Builder is not a compulsory buy , you will find it very difficult to proceed without buying this.

Other catch is the in order to use the ClickBank Site Builder, You will have to host your site at ClickBank and even in future if you can not move your website with other hosting provider.

2. ClickBank Tool Kit:

You will require different tools to build your online Business. There is a tool section in the CBU 2.0. You will find all the tools related to Booking a Domain, Design, Optimization and Outsourcing Etc.

This in fact is not an upsell but the founders of CBU have used their affiliate links here for various services required for building online businesses. When you buy any of these services , CBU 2.0 owners will make money. But by buying through these links you will not be paying anything extra.

ClickBank University 2.0 Pros:

1. Very Good Training: There is no doubt about the quality of training. The video lessons are very easy and informative. There is a downloadable written file also which consists of the finer points of the videos. This can be used to refresh the learnings whenever required.

2. Live Community:  The community has improved a Lot in last few years. You can interact with other members her and ask questions. You may get answers from other members. You will find that Experienced members are helping the newbies.

3. Live Q&A :  Live webinars are always useful as they provide you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers and clear your doubts. 

In case you miss the live sessions due to the reasons whatsoever it may be, You can watch them later as all the sessions are recorded. You can then post your questions in  the forum to get the answers.

4. Bi Weekly Expert Classes: You will have the chance to interact with the real people who have succeeded with Justin's and Adam's Training in CBU 2.0. The main aim of these classes is to inspire you with the real life examples. 

5. ClickBank's Own Program: ClickBank is the largest Affiliate marketing network for digital products.

There are thousands of ordinary people like you and you making money with the ClickBank Platform. On the other had there are many people who claim to be gurus of ClickBank marketing. 

Now You can avoid all those claims and learn to create or market ClickBank products from original ClickBank Training.

6. 3o Days Money Back Guarantee: I normally advise to join the program m offering free trial. Earlier CBU used to offer a  trial for $1 ( not free) but they have stopped it completely.


But now they offer a 30 days no question asks money back guarantee. Therefore you can be rest assured that in case you do not like the training, you can cancel the training and get your refund within 30 days.

Click Bank University 2.0 Cons:

1. Costly Upsell Builder 2.0:  As discussed already, the Builder 2.0 is being sold at very high price. Since the CBU training have used Builder 2.0, it became necessary to buy the builder though not compulsory.

I feet they should have offered this builder for free or if not then at least at a very reasonable price.

2. Mainly for Publishers: As already discussed, the ClickBank University 2.0 have two different modules of training each dealing with Affiliate marketing Training and the Product creation Training respectively.

But overall the training is very useful for the vendors looking forward to start their business for selling digital product.In case you are interested to learn how to create your own product and sell on ClickBank for making money online, ClickBank University 2.0 is the best training available and you should join it by clicking here without wasting any more time.

On the other side, the training for affiliate marketing is not up to mark and need updation and improvement.

If you are looking forward to make money as an affiliate marketer by promoting other people's products online, the CBU 2.0 is not for you. I would instead advise you to look into other program Wealthy Affiliate University.

3. Locked Training Module: Even after making the payment for the membership you will not have access to the complete training immediately. This can be really annoying for most of the people. You can watch week 1 to week 3 training on joining the program but to access the rest of the training you will have to send them an email.

According to them, this arrangement is made to avoid you from skipping any steps. The logic seem very strange as the people have paid them for learning and not for skipping the training. 

Bottom Line: Is ClickBank University a Scam?

You might have seen lot of ClickBank University 2.0 reviews online and some of them might have claimed that CBU2.0 is a scam. These are the people who might be promoting some other affiliate and have written the biased reviews.

As an affiliate marketer, I  also promote a number of products but if a product is good I would  say so irrespective of the fact whether I promote it or not.

ClickBank 2.0 is a very good and legitimate training and worth its price. They deliver more than the expected. In case you want to create your own digital product and sell it online, you should join this Training.

However, Being an Affiliate marketer my self making 6 figure income,  I am not much convinced with their Affiliate marketing training.

In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below. I will definitely reciprocate to your queries. 

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