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You might have landed here researching for clixstarter SEO time Machine before buying it.
The website claims that Clixstarter involves 3 billion people and you can easily make $100 per day using their system.

How far is it true? Is the new SEO time machine will help you making money online? Is the Clixstarter a Scam.

Is clixstarter a Scam? I am going to discuss from all the angles and let you decide.

 Clixstarter Review


On the face it seems that Clixstarter is a unique Software. The software being promoted as SEO Time machine. The owner of the website claims that they will help you finding the new keywords which will soon be searched.

It means people would start searching for the Keyword in coming days and would find your blog on the top of search engines.

There are many redflags which I have discussed in my Blog.

On one hand they say that no one would have written any content before you and then they say they would Scrap the websites to get the relevant contents and Images.

In my opinion Clixstarter is a big Scam. 

Over All Rating :

What is the idea behind ClixStarter:

Before going behind the Scene , I would like to discuss the claims made in the Sales Video.

The narrator says that the millions of people search Google for finding information. There are around 40,000 searches every second.

These searches can be treated as free traffic and this traffic can be used to make money on your website.

They claims to have found the SEO machine to predict the brand new keywords which would soon be searched. The system would also automatically create a web pages on these Keywords and monetize them.

​As per the sales video it was really tough to rankl high in search engines without Clixstarter SEO time machine. This SEO machine will keep you ahead of other affiliate marketers.

This seems too good but actually it is not.

Lot of other online marketers are following the same path effectively without any time machine

Finding the keywords which would be trending in near future is not a rocket Science and many people are already doing it.

Let us consider a new model of car is to be launched in next few months. In case you start writing posts using the keywords related to the new Model, your website would have a chance to rank high when actual buyers would start searching for the particular Model.

But it is not guaranteed that you are the only one writing about the same thing before its launch and ranking high is search engines is not assured.

Moreover Generating traffic for new launches does not mean money.

There can be lot of cold traffic. A new launch normally create lot of interests among the people who may not be keen to buy the product at all.

Just ranking on search engines without proper buyer's keywords would not generate any money.

Moreover Automated content can never guarantee that the visitor would actually get what they are looking for. Suppose a visitor land on your website searching for the comparison of price for various car versions. In case  your website do not have the relevant content, visitor would leave the website in less than 5 seconds.

How Does ClixStarter SEO time machine works?

As per the information click starter time machine works in 3 simple steps.

First Step: Run the Software:

After login to your ClixStarter time machine Dashboard , you will have to configure the settings for kind of future keywords you are looking forward to. You will find a training video to setup the settings.

Once you run the software, it will generate the relevant keyword and web page for the keyword.

Second Step- Proof read the generated contents and images: (Red Flag)

The software will generate a web page for you but since the keyword may not have been searched earlier, web page may  it have the relevant and perfect content.

The web page created by the system by scrapping the  similar   sources will have to be read thoroughly by you and mistakes corrected. You may also have to  align the images and video on the page.

This clearly indicate that the content on the web page created automatically would not be worth ranking on the search engines and you have to perform the proper research on topic to modify the content.

In reality you may spend much lesser time in writing a unique content yourself.

Step 3-Make money through auto monetisation:

When people start searching for these keywords , your webpage may appear in their searches. The automatic monetization will help you make money.

Cost of Clixstarter SEO time machine:

You may get the Clixstarter software free for life by clicking the image below. 

Is Clixstarter a Scam:

Clixstarter is offering some sort of software for predicting future keywords which otherwise can be found out using Google trends.

They are offering software for free provided you buy their web hosting plan for $27 per month.

It seems that whole system is created just to sell web hosting at a very high price.

In my opinion Clixstarter is noting less than a Scam and you can not make any money with the system.

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