Commission Hero Review:

I feel everyone is searching for an opportunity to work from home achieve financial freedom  particularly after Corona Pandemic.

Fortunately, Internet has created a lot of opportunities for the people who are sincerely looking beyond their 9 to 5 Job. 

Having said that finding a legitimate online has become more difficult due to the enormous presence of Online Scammers.

Covid-19 has completely redefined the way people used to work from their offices. All those who were happy with their traditional jobs and did not want to think beyond are the most affected due to salary cuts, Layoffs etc.

You might have landed on this page searching for some legitimate online money making opportunity or probably you might have heard about Commission Hero and Just wanted to know more before getting started with program.

Commission Hero has created a lot of Hype in past few days. Robby Blanchard, the product creator claims that you can make $1000 every day with his program.


Is Making $1000 per day really possible?

I have not reached that stage though I have been consistently earning $10000 or more for last few months following the training offered by Robby Blanchard.

In this Commission Hero Review, we shall look into various aspects of the program, how commission Hero Works, Pro and Cons. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide if it is worth investing your time and Hard earned money.  

Commission Hero Review  - Summary

Name: Commission Hero

Owner: Robby Blanchard

Website: Click Here

Price : $997


Recommended : Yes


What really is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing training program created by Robby Blanchard. The program mainly concentrates on making affiliate commission by promoting digital products from Click Bank.

The course provides you the opportunity to learn directly from an expert affiliate marketer who himself has made millions by promoting digital products from Click Bank.

In case you are new to online marketing, let me tell you Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by promoting Others product either on your website or Social Media or through paid advertisements.

Marketing networks like Amazon or Walmart are free to join affiliate network mainly but meant for those who are interested to promote physical products. These network however will give you a very less commission to the tune of 2 to 10%.

There are few other affiliate marketing networks like Click Bank, JVZoo or Warrior plus, again free to join but mainly for digital products. These platforms not only offer huge affiliate commission ranging from 50 to 75% but in most cases recurring passive for unlimited time.

Coming back, The commission Hero Training consists of the training videos that help you to completely understand this business model and how you can get started even as a newbie. You will be guided through the following major steps;

  • Setting up Click Bank Account
  • Finding the right offers
  • Setting up Facebook business Accounts and Complete Facebook Training
  • Finding the best images for your advertisements that generate leads
  • Building the landing pages
  • Writing advertisements copies
  • Running and testing Facebook ads
  • Finding the right offers
  • A Private Coaching Group
  • Live Training Sessions

You will also be able to join private Commission Hero Facebook group where you can connect to Robby and other like-minded people learning the course. You can ask the questions to gain a better understanding and share your own experiences as well.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby is an experienced Affiliate marketer and Product Creator. He was born in a small town in USA and has retired as a fitness coach.

He was named as the top affiliate marketer by Click Bank in the year 2019 and has made $50,000 in a single day.

After achieving great success and making huge money as an affiliate marketer, he started launching his own digital Products in 2015. He has been instrumental in creating products like Market Bigwig and Commission Hero.

And when an experienced person like him launch a product, there is no doubt that one can make $1000 a day following his training.

He uses a different approach in his training videos. Besides sharing the success pathway, He also focus on the mistakes committed by him and their solutions so that you ate always on the right track.

Affiliate marketing may not be a rocket science but a slight mistake in affiliate marketing can cost you a lot of money. It is therefore always advisable to get directions from an expert. Besides step by step training You should also know the mistakes affiliates make and ways to avoid them

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of making money by promoting the product created by others. Since Commission Hero is a training for promoting digital products, here we shall be restricting to the digital products only.

The developers or product creators list their products on the affiliate network like ClickBank, WarriorPlus and JVZoo etc. In most of the cases the reputed creators declare the product launch much in advance.

Affiliate marketers can register themselves free on these networks and select the products they want to promote.

 JVZoo and warrior plus are completely request based networks and sellers have to approve you for promoting the products whereas on ClickBank most of the products do not require any approval.

Once you have decided which product to promote on ClickBank, you can generate the hop links (Affiliate Link)  and start promoting the product the way you want.

You can either promote the products by writing the product reviews on your website or alternatively you can use the Social media advertisements for promoting these products.

The people searching for the solutions offered by these products will click the advertisements and visit the product site using your affiliate links to buy the product. The visit will be cookies and recorded in your name. Once the site visitor buys the product , you will get your commission.

The most important and complex part of the affiliate marketing is driving traffic to the product site i.e making people visit the product site using your affiliate links.

In case you are new to affiliate marketing, you can check the best training by clicking the button below.

What is Inside Commission Hero Training?


The training starts with a free webinar that shares three secrets to make $1000 per day through Affiliate Marketing.

The training mainly concentrates on selecting the right hot selling product from Click bank that can promoted for making big commission.

There are many Product categories listed on ClickBank but only few all them are the best for money making. In his training, Robby teaches you to find the hot selling product from money making

The training will teach you to use social media platforms for making big commission. You cannot sell the products just by placing the face book advertisement. People may click on your advertisements but will not buy the product immediately.

 There is a big psychological step involved in making the prospects buy the product they see on the screen. Robby teaches the complete 3-step system that psychologically maneuvers the person to buy the product being promoted by you.

Once you get familiar with the initial training and start making money, you can start advance training that will help you to make up to $1000 each day.

Commission Hero Course Structure:

The training is divided into 9 modules starting from the basic to advanced level. These modules are followed the welcome message from Robby and are explained below:

Module 1- Getting Started:  This module contains 6 videos.

In first video Robby welcome you and explain more about the complete training.

In second video you will learn more about affiliate marketing whereas the third training video will explain Face book Business Manager and different type ad accounts, how many ad accounts you should have and how to get more ad accounts.  is further divided in 5 training video.

The fourth video is about Click Funnel and how to use Click funnel for affiliate marketing success whereas you will get to know about ClickBank in the fifth video. Sixth video will tell you about software Project, another affiliate marketing network.

Module 2 – Choosing the Right Offers

This training module is dedicated to finding the right offers on ClickBank and Software Projects. Robby will also share the “Flat Belly Fix” offer promoted by Robby. He assures that you will be whitelisted by the vendor in case you decide to promote this offer.

Module 3 – Finding your Ad Image.

In this module, you will learn to use right Ad images. Most of the people use Stock images in their advertisements but that is not the right approach and your buyer will see the image and they won’t be impressed if images are boring.

Robby will discuss to set up the ad images properly and the resources where you can get them designed.

Module -4 – Setting up the Landing Page

This is the most important step of Affiliate marketing. All the buyers would first land on this page after clicking on your advertisement. You will learn to use ClickFunnel for setting up the landing page with your affiliate links and also how you will collect the buyers email for your email list.

Module 5 – Setting up Facebook Account

You may already have a Facebook account but this module will teach you to set up Business Manager on Facebook and also how to create the ad accounts.

You will also create an advertisement by setting up custom audiences and learn to create a successful campaign.

Module 6 – Facebook Pixels

In this module, you will learn to setup Facebook Pixels that is again a very important step. Facebook Pixels will give you more sales and lower you cost. They will also help in re-targeting the site visitors.

A pixel is a small piece of code that you pull from your ad pages and it goes to your landing pages and Thank You pages or offer Pages etc to track the sale and more information.

Module 7: Tracking your campaign

In this module you will learn to track your campaign. You will know which ad is performing well and which ad to kill. If you are not tracking, you will not know where the sales are coming from. You will also learn to scale up your business based on tracking parameters.

Module 8 – Scaling Up

In this module you will learn to further scale up your business based on the results you are getting. You would like to add more products or campaign. Everything is discussed in this module.

Module 9 – Ninja Tactics

In this Module Robby will share the Ninja Tactics with you i.e the advance techniques as you grow in your business. Once your business is established successfully and start growing, you will like to use more advance techniques to reach your targeted goals i.e making $1000 per day

Commission Hero Bonus Inside  - By Robby Blanchard

And there are many tips and tricks from Robby Blanchard plus a perfect bonus from him inside.

Bonus 1 : Live Weekly Coaching and QA (Approximate Cost $4,997)

You will get access to the private coaching group where Robby and his team of coaches will perform live question and answer sessions so that you get the most help and support for achieving fast track success.

Million Dollar Rolodex Of Contacts ($1,197 Value)

You will be hooked to a higher commission slab at the same level as being paid to Robby himself for promoting different offers. This way you will be making more money for same amount of efforts

Snap chat Training ($1,997 Value)

Following this training, You will learn to run profitable campaigns on Snap chat. As you know Snap chat platform is growing very fast and time has come to leverage the benefits of its reach for making more money.

$10k Month Email Marketing Module ($2,997 Value)

Though building an email list is not the main focus in Commission Hero™, but as you know email marketing can still be a great source of income.

 In this Bonus Module, Robby has partnered with the experience email marketer who is consistently making $20-30k per month with email marketing.

Here you’ll learn exactly how he does it so you can implement the same techniques to have massive success. 

Access To the Facebook Insider ($1,997 Value) :

As a bonus you will get the direct access to the Facebook insider to know the all the tricks and what facebook like. You will be able to play by their rules and still make good money.

All these Bonuses are available if you Join today by Clicking the button below

Commission Hero Price & Plans :

You can the complete access to the Commission Hero System by paying $997 one time or two monthly installments of $597 each.

I do not think going for the installment plan will have any advantage as you will end up paying $197 in just 30 days.

Right now No discount is available and I do not expect any discount even in coming days and the system is selling like a hot cake.

Having said that you may be like to be on Robby's email list for getting any information on the discount if offered some time. You can join the email list here and watch the live webinar as well.

Commission Hero Testimonials :


Commission Hero Training Pros :

  • The training is newbies friendly and any new affiliate marketer can follow it easily.
  • No Monthly Recurring expenses on training
  • Many ral testimonial are available.
  • Robby himself is an experienced and successful affiliate marketer and is making millions of dollar using same techniques.
  • You can ask questions directly to Robby during weekly live sessions
  • 14 days refund policy.
  • Done for you landing Pages
  • Million Dollar Swipe file of Facebook ads

Commission Hero Training Cons :

  • Price seems to be bit high for newbies but without making some investment you can not learn to make $000 per day. This is an essential investment on a legitimate money making opportunity.
  • Hidden Cost : You will have to spend more money on the following three
    • Ads :
    • Tools
    • Upsells.
Advertising Cost :

I don't feel this is a hidden cost as the commission hero sales page and FAQ section clearly indicate that you will have to spend $10 to $20 daily on Facebook Ads to follow the training.

Students says that that they are making up to 40 to 60% profit and that means they are making $8 to $12 on $20 advertisement. Now if you reinvest the same money,  you will start making huge profit.

Tools Cost :

Robby has discussed some of the tools like 

1. Click Funnel ($97 per month after 14 days Free Trial) : Software to quickly build landing Pages and Funnels

2. Clickmagic ($27 each Month after 14 days free Trial) : Software to track and optimize  your campaigns

3. Aweber ($29 per month after 30 days free trial) : An email responder for collecting emails and responding automatically.

4. Fiverr (Starting $5 for every design) : For designing Ad images

You do not need all these tools as free alternative are available. I always build my landing pages on WordPress without any special Tool and for tracking the results some good WordPress plugins are available.

Aweber has come with an attractive plan and up to a list of 500 , you need not pay anything. So all you have to spend $5 on fiverr for image designing.

Upsells :

It look bad to find an upsells just after login to your dash board after spending a sum of $999 but these upsells are norms of the affiliate marketing domain.

Inner circle upsell is available for $297 per month and you will get

  1. One new Done for you campaign every month
  2.  A special group for inner member circle
  3.  A weekly webinar with Robby.

You can buy this up sell only when start making money and can afford to buy. Till then you can concentrate on the main system and try to build $1000 per day business.

Who is this Commission Hero For?

Commission hero is for any one who is looking forward to establish online business for making passive income to support their families.

It covers everything required to make $1000 per day but that won't happen overnight. Of course you need to spend some money.

If you are short of funds and can not spend from $1200 to $1500 , the system is not for you. I would advise you to check a cheaper alternative Click Bank Profits

The system is newbies friendly and helps them to learn lot of things and be a successful affiliate marketer. The landing page secrets and ad campaign techniques shared by Robby will help your website to rank high on Search engines.

Robby will train you to understand buyers psychology and how to convert prospect into buying.

The program is definitely useful to the people who want to from from the comfort of their home and make money to achieve financial freedom.

Bottom Line : Is Commission Hero Worth Joining

The Commission Hero is a training program from an experienced affiliate marketer who has been #1 affiliate on ClickBank.

Every information he shares is worth the money spent. Price tag definitely is high but return on investment is great and you can expect the return in few weeks.

There is no doubt that Commission Hero is not a Scam but legitimate money making opportunity recommended by me.

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