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Considering the present Job scenario, There is massive pressure on community to make additional income online.

There are hundreds of online program being promoted to help the newbies to earn a commission. While most of these programs are scams,  some of them are hard to understand and some of them are just money consuming and do not have the potential to make you rich.

I have just come across a new Program named Commission HotShot that follows a fresh approach for making money online.

You are not required to run costly social Media ad and can find the targeted customer in any niche by getting the free buyer traffic and make a commission.

In this Commission Hotshot review, I am going I will share all the details about the program and how it can be used for making passive income online. I hope your search for a result-oriented product will end here and you will stop wasting your time and money from moving one product to another after failing to make money.

In case you do not want to spend time on reading the product reviews and are ready to get started, you can visit the product Website immediately

​Commission HotShot Review - ​Summary

Name: ​Commission HotShot

Owner: ​Team Black Belt

Website: Click Here

​Front End Price: $13

​Up-sells : Yes

​Bonuses: Huge- Worth $10,182

​Niche : Training



​Commission Hotshot is a ​program that ​delivers a brand new Formula for generating buyer traffic & commissions in the least amount of time even when starting from scratch.

You​ do ​require any previous experience or any online asset like website or email list.

​Pros of Commission HotShot:

  • ​No Previous online Asset Like website, product or Email List Required
  • Newbie Friendly- No Previous Experience Required
  • Non Expensive- No Expense on Social Media Advertisements
  • Unique Traffic Formula That has never been discussed before
  • ​Completely Done for You System - Set it and Forget
  • ​Affordable at Front end Price of $13 Only.
  • ​Easy to Access and Simple to Understand.
  • No Coding Skills required.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

​Cons of Commission HotShot:

Many OTO's that you ​neglect initially and upgrade when you have made lot of money.

​What is Commission Hot Shot:

Commission Hotshot is ​a training that shows on how to get Free buyer traffic. It includes training video, a software and a complete case study​.

​The training is ​created by Art Flair who is a top internet marketer who is associated with many other successful products.

​The methods taught are very easy and No technical stuff is required, Since the method is based on free traffic, an initial ​​system set up is required. You can set up the system following detailed instruction given.

The best thing​ about this method is that you don’t require a website or an email lis and you need not wait endlessly for SEO results.

​You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on testing Social Media Facebook Ads.

​You’ll see results in the first 24 hours if you follow the training exactly like they show you.

​Who are the Product Creators?


​The Product is created by ​Art Flair ​in partnership with Pallab Ghosal and Ram Rawat. 

Before starting Internet marketing, Art Flair was a bartender and was looking forward break the shackles of ​having a J.O.B (Just Over Broke)

He tried many things and lost many thousands before actually learning the tricks of Affiliate marketing and launching his own products.

Now he is putting all his experience into his training to ​teach other people about how to make money ​online​.

He Know the problems faced by the newbies ​in starting new business that need training and money and that's why he has kept very reasonable price for his program at front end ​and the methods being taught by him are very simple.

​ Commission HotShot Features?


​1. Over The Shoulder Video training:

​​The training is covered in different Modules​. In this training you will learn: 

  1. To ​Find the right product or offer that people want to buy.
  2. Commission HotShot Traffic Formula.
  3. Set up the system following the training.
  4. Optimization for Traffic
  5. Make money and withdraw into your account.
  6. Repeat the steps to make more money.

​2. ​Automat​ed Software:

​Art Flair is not taking any chances and is ready to share with you ​everything required ​for making money online. Therefore he has included 2 Free Software that would help you in saving the time by automating the process.

  1. Recurring Bot Software: This software will find the buyer in any niche from any desired geographical location ​without spending your hard earned money in running Social media Advertisements​ just by adding the Keywords in Software.
  2. Process Automation Software: This Software will help you to set up everything for you ​so that you start making money in first 24 hours of implementing it. The Software will
    • Help you to get traffic faster
    • ​Save your time
    • Save your money
    • ​Allows you to see results in the first 24 hours
    • Without Hiring any One.

3. ​Real Case Studies:

Art Flair has created this training based on his practical experience. It is always better to learn from the experience of the people who have already done it.

​​In Commission Hotshot you will see the real case study how the creator has used his techniques for generating free traffic and earned $789.80 in just 19 minutes.

4. Exclusive Member Area:

​The member area is the space where the ​members can share their experiences, discuss the issues and ask for help. You can also ask directly to the trainers of Commission HotShot.

The customer support is really good and You will not feel helpless after buying this training.​

​Can I make Money Using Paid Traffic?

​Of course You can make money with paid traffic. If you have surplus money, I am not going to stop you. You can invest hundreds or thousands of Dollars to see the result. ​

But even if you have the money to spend, you may be aware of the fact that Facebook and Google becoming stricter with the selection of Ad campaign.

They do not allow direct affiliate links to be used in your advertisements and you must have your own landing pages or websites.

Moreover if your advertisements do not meet the Facebook standards repeatedly , you stand risk of account banning.


​For whom this training is meant For ?

​System is easy to use​ and newbie friendly, therefore can easily be used for making money online by anyone, especially those who are new to online business.

Even if you are already doing internet marketing, you can be benefited​ by finding the free method for making money online. These methods do not require any sort of investment in traffic or ads.

And you don’t have any technical skills ​for setting up the system ​that is really cut out for you.

Moreover people already ​working somewhere would love this business ​as it completely runs on autopilot once you get it all setup.

The ​training would also help those who are ​struggling with finding a way to increase traffic and scale up their business​.

​Why Should You Buy Commission HotShot ?

  1. ​Unlike other programs, Commission HotShot Reasonably Priced Training Program. ​Apart from training you need not spend any money on domain name, web hosting or any funnel.
  2. The Program is completely newbie friendly. People who are new to online marketing generally ​do not know where to get started and how to proceed? When an experienced marketer hold your hand and give you ​not only the guidance but also free software, you know success is not far.
  3. On above of all, the system comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You can try the system for 30 days and if you find that the program is not worth your time and money, you can claim a refund. No Questions asked.

​Two Important Questions and Answers:

​Why Every​One is Not Doing this ?

Let me be honest with you. ​Every affiliate guru have devised own strategies and making money their own way. They do not like to experiment.
Most of the affiliate gurus stick to common practice of building website, contents, SEO, organic and paid traffic. There is nothing wrong with this but ​organic traffic with SEO take lot of time and Paid ads need lot of money.

Art Flair has invested many years in mastering this ​technique and developing free software required. Lot of errors and testing, you know.

Now the method is devised, tested and have been successful. 

​Is This Really "Newbie Friendly"?

Yes as long as they're ready to follow the simple instructions, It would work for them. ​

Art Flair has also included additional resources, like cheat-sheets, check-lists,​ case studies and software to help you succeed in online money making mission.


​​And Here are the Bonuses


​Summary of ​What you Get:

  • ​I​Commission HotSHot Formula  - $497 Value
  • ​Additional Step By Step Video Training - $297 Value
  • ​A Real Case Study - $197 Value
  • ​Automation Software  - $497 Value
  • Amazing Customer Support  - $497 Value
  • 8 Premium Bonuses - $8197 Value

​Lite Version



  • ​Case Studies
  • ​Video Training
  • ​DFY Images
  • ​Cheat Sheets
  • Bonuses
  • ​Description Creator Software
  • ​Analyzer Software
  • ​Bonus Case Study
  • Commercial License

​Bottom Line: Is Commission HostShot Worth Buying?

Commission Hotshot is really worth buying as it helps you in making money online by working for  about 5-10 hours in a week.

​As Compared to other ways for generating traffic for making sales,​ Commission HotShot is much simpler and more Focused.

If you still think you can make money without doing any work, then probably you won't like it.

​Commission Hotshot is a 100% practical training with a real case study and not a theory packed course. 

The case study used in the Training is exactly how the creator of product have earned money.  ​ All you have to do is to follow and implement. ​

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