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E-commerce is becoming a hub for many new activities and products, and in the list, a brand new product called Commission robot created by Billy Darr has created a lot buzz.


His earlier products have helped newbies making millions and people are anticipating same results with Commission Robot as well.

As soon as a new product is launched, many speculations are made regarding it. In this category, the commission robot has also set its feet.

Are you also willing to know more about this product so that you can do business safely?

A non-biased review can help you with this. Here we have provided you a detailed and non-biased review about the product.

Surely, you can get an idea of what it is and how it can prove to be beneficial.

Commission Robot Review - Summary

Name: Commission Robot

Owner: Billy Darr

Website: Click Here

Price : $17 Front End


Recommended : Yes


Commission Robot enables you to create the fully functional Affiliate Stores and instantaneously send a lot of traffic to these affiliate stores with its built In traffic engine.

The Step by step video tutorials ensure that you don't miss any trick and the proven software would guarantee the great end results.

The tool is build  with an idea to provide you an effective way of making money online by creating your own affiliate store quickly without any prior skills.

You can add unlimited products to your store from many affiliate networks like Jvzoo,  ClickBank and Warrior Plus etc and share them on social media for driving traffic and making commision by selling the products on auto mode.

The many other software available on the market do not produce similar results dute many reasons explained below

  • The Methods Taught by them are too complicated that you could not lean them.
  • They may help you in building a website but do not have any inbuilt system for driving traffic to your website. A site without traffic is just like a shop without customer.
  • They have charged the money and let you alone to jump from idea to idea as they do not have something that delivers

I am not aware if you have already joined a system and have been let down. Do not worry as this most of the successful online marketer have faced similar challenges at start of their their career.

You are facing it now but you are fortunate to have landed at the right page.

With Commission Robot, you get the following:

  • Your Own Affiliate Stores
  • Unlock unlimited commission opportunities in less than 3 minutes. 
  • Various Affiliate offers for instant Cashin.
  • Step by step newbie friendly video Training.
  • Agency License worth $997
  • Get results or get paid $250
  • Lot of Bonuses
  • 365 Days Money back guarantee


Commission robot is a software package developed by Billy Darr that helps individuals and companies set up their business and affiliate marketing online. The package also comes with automat training videos that will help you learn how to make simple stores here and expand the business.

After you make your own store, you can sell products and services on it. Users can bring traffic to their stores by making it more attractive, which is one of the facilities that the package offers.

You can make your own slot according to the products and your needs. Users can create their slots and stores easily on the software.

It also offers a money-back guarantee to users, which is another shocking revelation! The software has proved to be beneficial for businessmen as per their statements.

HOW does IT work?


The software is slowly becoming very famous in the marketing world. The makers claim that if it is used in the right way, it can bring revolution in E-commerce.

There are many features that the software offers to its users. It creates a store for the candidates so that they can quickly sell their products online while the software also brings traffic to the site.

Even if you are facing difficulty in creating your own store you can hire anyone to do the same task. If it does not make sense, the software offers you automatically created stores by its experts in exchange for some money.

Some features can make the site more attractive so that anyone who takes a glance at it visits it inevitably. The whole software is built in a user-friendly way such that anyone willing to start the business finds no problem.

It is mostly automatic, so you don’t have to put much effort expect to put in the details of the products that you want to sell. Even you don’t have to pay extra for the license to sell the services and products.



The package claims itself to be very user-friendly. It gives opportunities to anyone willing to make their business online. Even if you are a new user you can register to it without any problem.

As it is very easy to register to the software, it can be done by anyone. It offers to sell any type of product or facilities that you want to promote, there is no limitation on the products type.

Doesn’t matter what kind of product you want to sell you can register freely to the software. In short, anyone willing to sell their products and services online can do so without facing any problem.


Benefits of Commission Robot

The package claims to be very user friendly and easy to use as it is evident from the above information. No extra pay for licence claim and store based business (niches) are pretty crazy features that it offers.

In addition to this the most important thing to notice here is that having a previous experience working online is not necessary. It is extremely easy to use for beginners too.

Social media sharing is another attribute that makes the software extraordinary. You can bring extra traffic to your store by sharing the products on social media.

Stores instead of directly selling products is a good thing to consider as anyone who don’t find interest in one product can surf through many other products on the same store.

Just like a website you also get URL for your own store. Facilities to edit the store and URL are also available.

The training part is an attribute which makes the software unique in its own kind. Even if you don’t want to start your own business you can go for affiliate marketing. Making stores for someone else is also a great way to earn money.

The software also offers some additional features including reselling products and automatic set up for your stores in return of some cache which is also attracting people to come to the platform.

You can also go for voucher machine to decide voucher packs and discounts for your products, giving you a chance to create more traffic.

All these features have made it an amazing platform to start the business and expand it online. Though every product has its own merits and demerits, the software’s astonishing features has made it overcome the cons and establish itself as an extraordinary package.

Commission Robot Pros

  • The software is extremely easy to use.
  • Allows users to gain quick traffic.
  • Training videos are available for new users.
  • Social media sharing options is also available.

Commission Robot Cons

  • There are some upsells..
  • Extra features would require additional money but once you start making money online you will be in a position to spend on these upsells for making quick bucks 

Final Verdict:

 After looking at the software’s special features, pros and cons it can be said that it is a good package for anyone mainly newbies who are willing to start business online.

Marketers and gurus have said that they expanded their business to a great extent after registering with the software.

It’s attracting features have made it a popular software for every one who wants to start earning through E-commerce and affiliate marketing.

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