Compareshop is an App that can create stunning Price comparison Shops for you in just matter of Minutes.

Creating own Price Comparison websites is the best way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing. 

By Creating the best price comparison website, You are providing  an opportunity to your site visitors to compare the products and buy the best Product at the most competitive Price.

Please continue to read complete article for  all the details or if you are ready to make Passive Income Online ....


CompareShop REVIEW  - Quick SUMMARY

Name: CompareShop

Owner: Dr. Amit Pareek

Website: Click Here



You can make money by helping other People. Does it Sound Good?

No I am not talking about any MLM or taking surveys.

I am sharing a legitimate online money making Opportunity.

I am an experienced affiliate marketer making a  regular 4 figure income. 

How it works?

Suppose some one is looking forward to buy a cell phone online  below $200. 

If you could help them by telling the various features of some good phones along with the price comparison on big sites like Amazon, eBay  or Walmart and share the product Links.

The Site visitors will read the review and buy the Product from the site offering them the lowest prices

They will visit the product page by clicking the link provided by you and buy the product and you make the money.

Yes you will need a Price comparison Website. But Don't worry.

You can build many Price Comparison Sites within few minutes without any technical skills and by just Clicking Few Buttons with a simple App known as CompareShop.

“CompareShop” Creates the  Stunning Comparison Websites fully loaded with Products, Reviews, Videos & Traffic Engine In less than 8 Minutees without coding, Content Writing, or any other technical skills / Expertise.

CompareShop is fully cloud based. You are not required to download or install any software creating your website. 

You just have to create an account to get started immediately online.

CompareShop Features:

  • Can Create unlimited Price Comparison Shops in Any Niche
  • Price and Features Comparison.
  • Can add Products from Major eCommerce Stores Automatically.
  • Self Updating
  • Sell Unlimited affiliate Products from Top eCommerce Networks
  • Can be created on your own Domains
  • Ten Stunning Themes available. You can select any one that suits your style
  •  Newbie Frindly. No Technical skills Required.
  • Can be used to add the Product in cart with 90 Days Cookies.
  • Can create Shops in your Naive Language
  • Inbuilt Auto Spinner for creating Unique Contents.
  • Automatic SEO for organic Traffic.
  • 24 X 7 customer Support

How Does CompareShop Work?

Compareshop is very easy to use and you can create the best Price Comparison websites. Once you logon to the members Dashboard, You will have to follow the following 3 steps to create your owns sites.


What Your Shop will Have?

  • Unmatched Price Comparison:
    The Buyers Like to read the reviews and compare the Price before buying the Products. The Reviews , VIdeos and Price comparison on your website would help them in buying the best product at most competitive. The Comparison Sites always convert better than the normal Review Sites.  
  • Can Build Shops in Untapped Niches:
    You can search the products in Untapped Niches and add them to your website. The site visitors get the option to compare brands, styles, colors and price for any related Item.
  • Real Reviews from Real Customers:
    Visitors can read product reviews left by the real customers on Amazon or any other online marketing help user take informed decision.
  • Create Shop in Naive Language:
    You can sell the products in various countries by creating multilingual shops sp that buyers can read the reviews in own Language and compare the Price before buying the products.

Make Money in 3 Easy Steps with the best Price Comparison Shop

Step 1: Insert The Keywords

You can initiate the process by adding the targeted keywords to search and find the fast selling and high-in-demand products from the top Affiliate market Networks. These products can go viral right away once the software gets into action.

Step 2: Compare

The users can Compare the huge list of available products to find which seller is offering the bast Price with just one click  and select the best to get best results.

Step 3: Profit

Every time a user Click on the product , You make the commission. Make Money 24X7 , even when you are Sleeping.

Compareshop FAQ:

I Don't have any Experience. Can I create the Comparison Website?

Yes, You do not require any prior experience or Technical Skills for creating the Price Comparison Shop. The Software is created keeping Newbies in mind.

You can create the fully optimized best price comparison website in few minutes by clicking some button.

Does This software work for window and Mac?

This is a cloud based software and do not require any download. the software work for all the devises and  browsers.

Is There any Monthly Fee?

At present there is no monthly Fee., Future buyer may have to incur some monthly charges, To avoid those monthly charges you can buy it immediately.

Is There any Training Provided?

You get step by step training videos in members area.

Does Product come with any Guarantee?

you get 60 days money back guarantee  and get the refund by providing valid proof.

Bottom Line:

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I know how difficult it is to find a legitimate product online that can help you in making Passive Income.

Most of the newbies think of building their own eCommerce stores from Scratch. But they fail as they do not have the technical Skills.

Moreover even if you hire a website developer and get the store ready, it would be very difficult to drive targeted traffic and make sales.

eCommerce industry is becoming very competitive too and it is much easier to make sales with a content driven price comparison site that’s where CompareShop comes into play.

CompareShop is the best solution for newbies and you can get started online in minutes.

Since the websites build with the CompareShop software are fully SEO optimized, you get Maximum Engagement and Conversions.

With this cloud based App you can build beautiful and engaging marketing funnels in any niche without any prior tech skills! It is definitely one of the best tools available in the market right now.

The best part apart from so many Features is that right now it is available at one-time price and 60 days money back guarantee.

If you have been Struggling to get success online, there may be two prominent  reasons for that:

  • Not finding the best Online Income generation formula OR
  • Not having the right kind  products to make money from?

 Compare Shop has solved both the Problems. CompareShop is highly recommended. Go and Buy it.

In case you need more information, Do not forget to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Never heard of this app before. I think I will find it useful because I often check different shops when I want to make purchases. It is good to have all the shops/products listed and compared at one place.

    I will give this app a try.

  2. I really enjoyed this article and concept of price comparison that you shared in this article. The detail that you put into the article really helped me understand the opportunity of comparison websites not only from a practical standpoint, but also as a business opportunity. Neat post!


  3. Excellent review Renu.
    The product seems excellent and with a 60 day money back guarantee, I don’t see how I can go wrong with it. Taking the product for a test spin. Will keep you updated on how it worked for me.

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