Coronavirus has gripped the world in a way that has never happened before. The fight is on and I hope the scientist would soon discover coronavirus Vaccine. In the meanwhile I wish you a healthy life.

I advise you to sincerely follow the instructions issued by your  government, avoid unnecessary travels and work from home.

I am lucky and privileged as compared to many other people in the sense that I already work from home and make full time income. 

I have postponed  vacation plans with family. Otherwise there is no major change in life. I am doing what I otherwise do i.e work from home to make money and take care of my family.

We had witnessed a recession few years back in 2008 but fortunately there were no health hazards then.

Millions of people lost their jobs, savings and homes during recession and many of them started online business and are now recession proof.

Coronavirus has already has wiped out $5 trillion from Stock market in less than a week. The market is in complete panic as it it is hard to see byond panic.

This is the time to cope up with the situation, being strong rather than being panic. I know Coronavirus would be eradicated Soon but I am more concerned about the after effects.

Not just the small businesses but big organizations may also lose their way. As per a BBC report, even US airlines may not survive the coronavirus pandemic without emergency financial support.

This week I have decided not to review any online program (Scam or Legitimate) but share my views on the current pandemic.

This is a real difficult time for mankind and we should not only try to remain safe but look beyond.

I feel that the following things are almost certain in context of present situation.

  1. The Coronavirus would become worse before some solution is found and situation come under control.
  2. We must be careful but should not Panic. Preparedness is good but Overreaction is bad.
  3. We must help our Colleagues, friends, employees and community which ever way we can be.
  4. Use Coronavirus Isolation to spend some fearless time with your family.
  5. We must be future ready and must find alternative ways of making money working from home.

Is Your Job Risky during Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus is spreading at very fast pace and has been declared as pandemic. The world's economy and industry has come to a stand still.

Many companies have already issued work from home advisory to their employees. This may be possible in some cases but not all industries can have that liberty.

The essential services, Food Processing units and Health care Industry can not allow their workers to work from Home and on the contrary they may have to work extra hours. 

 As per an analysis conducted by NYT shows that General Practitioners, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics and Flight attendants carry the highest risk of getting infected.

The risk rate is dependent on Two Major Factors i.e Exposure to Disease and Close Proximity with community. 

Though the analysis is conducted in USA , these two factors may have same importance universally.


Credits NYT- The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk

Though may observe that people associated with health industries like doctors , attendants, nurses and sweepers  etc who come in contact with the patients more often are largely risk.

Same can be said about the employees working in restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls etc. 

These are the people who can not work from home. 

The spreading Pandemic have already caused short term and long term damage and some of the businesses may have to be closed down,

Irrespective of which type of Job You are In, Coronavirus pandemic has each of us living in unprecedented times.

How Soon Situation Would Normalize?


Every one of us wish that Situation should come under control as soon as possible. 

But Scientist have already started warning that we may need to live a life of Social Distancing for an year or more.(Read Here)

We have left with two options 

  • Social Distancing for months.   or 
  • Let thousands or Millions of People die of Coronavirus.

You may agree that there is already paradigm shift in the living stye. We have stopped visiting places we like or meeting even our dear ones and this may continue even for many months to come.

In the absence of any Vaccine, the only thing that is working out in our Favor is Social Distancing.

As soon as the self imposition is loosened You will see more outbreaks, ff the virus is not eradicated completely or vaccination is not developed, 

The situation is getting worse from bad and it can come under control with

  1. Development of an effective vaccine.: Clinical researches are already underway but approvals may finally take more than a Year,
  2. Herd Immunity: This would happen when most of the people have already contracted the coronavirus and have become immune to it. This may lead to slow down of Spread.

                         But there is still no evidence to prove that it will not reoccur in the same person for some period.

China and Japan have already revealed the cases being tested positive again after recovering from Coronavirus . The Doctors have no idea if this is a  relapse or new attack.

Researchers have reported the production of antibodies in the patients but there are more adverse findings. Some of the recovered patients have lost up 30% of their lungs efficiencies while few others have their Kidneys damaged permanently.

The main problem with the herd immunity is that it is not ethical to put the community to risk as many people may succumb to disease and if antibodies are not produced as anticipated, the pandemic would kill thousands.

In present Scenario Social Distancing seems to be the best option.

We need to adopt a balance approach for controlling the Disease and  living our lives and improving Economy.

We can deal with this state of dilemma by covering all the bases. After one year we may feel that some of the actions taken by us were not required at all but at the moment we can not ignore anything.

Bans and Isolation may be lifted after due considerations. Schools may be reopened and travel bans lifted.  But one thing is sure that many people would start searching or may already be searching for the ways to make money online from the comfort of their homes.

I don't want to sound ridiculous but Corona virus may just be beginning and we may have to face frequent epidemics and economy crashes  since we have been acting against the law of  nature for last few decades and must now be ready to accept the consequences 

I wish speedy recovery to all those who have got contracted corona virus and advise all of you to maintain Social Distancing as much as possible.

Rather than panicking,  we can utilize this opportunity to be close to our self and also learn ways to make money sitting at home. 

This is really important now and in future as well. I have been making money online for last many years.

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