If you are into online marketing for quite some time now, you may have already come across the first version of Covert Social Press Theme which was launched in 2013. The Launch had revolutionized the Social Media networking and hundreds of copies were sold. Many marketers have used covert social Press to launch their websites and have earned real online income.

In case you are not experienced and just starting out,   In this Covert Social Press review, I am going to reveal  all the details so that you are also benefited. I will share the process of filling up your blog with quality contents in minutes.


Quick Report:

 Covert Social Press  2.0 – Introduction

Covert Social Press 2.0 is an upgraded version earlier Social Press Theme with lots of new features. It facilitates you to run your own Social networking and bookmarking WordPress sites on Auto Pilot. The theme is very easy to install and you can create your own Social bookmark websites on a click of a button. The only requirement to run this theme is a WordPress Blog which in any case every online marketer would have. Social Bookmarking is the backbone of the successful blogging business and if you are not complementing your blogging with social bookmarking, you are losing tons of traffic and earning potential.

If social bookmarking has such huge potential then why all bloggers are not running their own bookmarking sites.

The reason is pretty simple. Other scripts available in the market are very complicated and you need to do a lot of back-office work to make and run. Covert Social Press has made it very simple to make and Digg type Social bookmarking sites on WordPress.

How to grow your Social Bookmarking website:

The social bookmarking site allows your site visitors to visit your site and submit their own links. Once they have submitted the links, the site will start growing. Your website will be populated with contents and visitor will have the benefit of getting the back links from a popular website. This will benefit both, you and your visitors.

Covert Social Press can be configured with most of the Autoresponders available in the market and once a site visitor joins your site and post on it Social Press will automatically send a welcome mail to the subscriber.

If you have read my reviews, I always tell both sides of the story.

If you think that you will start getting subscribers from the very first day, it is not going to happen. You need to populate and popularize your website. You will have to populate the site with contents.

I am not asking here to write the contents your self though you are always welcome to do so. You can fill your website  with quality contents using the covert social press in 3 simple steps

  1. Search and find the post you want to Bookmark.
  2. Copy URL, paste and click submit. That’s all you need to do.



3. Create a Page like below by creating a category and add some tags. You can add an image from the source site.


Due to these great features, the theme has gained a lot of popularity and you may also like to opt for this immediately. If you want to put sincere efforts in your blogging business and create a brand for yourself, you can buy this theme by clicking the link below.

Content Curation and Duplicacy – Do not worry

Here is the catch and no internet Guru will tell you this. Does Google really penalize the duplicate contents?

If Google is penalizing the Duplicate contents, then no social books marking website or article directory will rank high on Google.

Yes, there is a google penalty but if you are using same or spun content on the same website. Google treat it as old SEO trick and does not like it but here you are just curating the contents.

You are not doing any copy and paste work and are not posting others content in your name. You are just acting like a museum. Collecting the contents and sorting it and presenting them to your readers neatly. You are providing a service, Google will be happy with as you are collecting the contents and helping searchers to find what they are looking for in one place.

Apart from curation, you can also post your own unique contents as you do with any other WordPress Blog.

Covert Social Press 2.0 Features and Pros:

Customization of WordPress theme:

Covert social press 2.0 allows you to use your creativeness to its full potential. You can personalize the theme to great extent as a number of customization options are available.


Integration with autoresponders:

Covert Social Press can be integrated with almost all the available Autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse. This will help you create your email list and Leads. You can always be in touch with your customers and can use the list for promoting other offers.

Easy to Use:

Covert Social Press is easy to install and use. Step by step instructions are made available by the owners. It will not take you very long to get familiarize with the theme.

Social Media Sharing:

The website visitors not only can share their link on your bookmarking website but also share posts on social media using sharing buttons. This will help to build more traffic and back-links from social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you want to grow your Instagram following, you can use SocialCaptain an AI based automated tool.

Money Back Guarantee:

Covert Social press offers a money back guarantee of 45 days which shows the trust,  owners have in their product.

Covert Social Press 2.0 Cons:

  • The basic price of the theme is $17 but when you have purchased the theme, you will find more up-sells. The selling page of the official website is somewhat silent on this. They have not revealed what will you be missing in case you do not buy up-sells.
  • The Covert Social Press only promoting free traffic by sharing posts on social media. But they do not teach the exact methods for generating organic traffic which is essential for online marketing.

Covert Social Press 2.0 Price: 



I have always advised my readers to be careful while selecting the programs who do not reveal the upsells in details. Though the basic theme is just for $17  you will end up paying lot more for complete functionalities as described.

Bottom Line:

Covert Social Press is not a Scam and can be used for making some money online.

Though Covert Social Press can be an option to make little money but not very highly recommended for long-term business. It can not lead you to financial freedom. I do not believe in such Automated sites as search engines are always evolving and You cannot be dependent on just social bookmarking websites for making money.

You will have to start a real business and affiliate marketing is one of the best options for creating wealth.

Unless you know the real techniques of driving traffic to your website, earning 6 figure income can just be a dream.

Therefore I advise you to avoid such shortcut methods to make little money using the programs like Covert Social Press and rather follow some effective training to master the techniques to be successful in any niche.

Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended # 1 program for step-by-step training in affiliate marketing. They are world leaders in the online marketing domain. They have trained close to 1.5 million marketers, who are making a full-time income by following the training.

You can read my transparent review of wealthy affiliate here or else You can join for 7 days free membership with my invitation below and Evaluate the program. You can interact with the community inside before being a premium member.

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  1. This is the first time I am hearing about social bookmarking. It is very interesting to know that it helps to create backlink and grow traffic. Definitely, I will give a try on this sometime.

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