Daily Digital Club (DDC) review:

Company has created lot of buzz in the market and therefore I have decided to write an unbiased review.

You might have been approached by someone about this business opportunity based on eLearning and you decided to make sure it's legit.

I must congratulate you that you have decided to research properly before investing your time and money into some "apparently good" product.

I will walk you through the company, its products, business opportunity and Compensation Plans so that you can make an informed decision.

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Daily Digital Club Review Summary

  • Product Name: Daily Digital Club
  • Web Site:Click Here
  • Owner:Peter Wolfing
  • Price: $25 or $100

Over All Rating :



I could not find any information about the owner of this organization on their website. However on researching further and performing a whois look up, I could find that the domain is registered in the name of Peter Wolfing, president of Multiplex Systems, Inc.

Peter wolfing had been invlolved in the Following businesses 

  • Lead Tool Box
  • Infinity Downline
  • Wizkids- A charitable organization which coaches and mentors Young entrepreneurs. (www.wizkids.org)
  • Peter has also co-authored a bestseller book with Sir Richard Branson called Performance 360.
  • Peter is an experienced affiliate marketer, Network Marketer, Digital Product Creator and a trainer. 

I am not able to understand Peter's apprehension in disclosing his relationship with Daily Digital Club. 

This raise a red flag.

 What is Daily Digital Club:

Daily Digital club is an MLM based on eLearning Courses. You will have access to all these educational Courses after joining DDS.

Daily digital Club do not have physical products or services but will have to promote their membership for making money.

DDC is trying to encash the popularity of Global E-Learning Market which is anticipated to touch $275 billion mark by 2022.

Daily Digital Club empower you to earn while learn. There are many courses available in the form of audio, video and books and New courses are introduced every month.

Daily Digital Club Products

As informed above, DDC does not deal with any retail products or services. The Education courses membership is the main product of DDc which comes in Two different packages.

  • Daily 25 For $25
  • Daily 100 for $100

You can chose to promote any one of these or both. In case you, opt for both the packages, you will have to invest $125.

You commission  will depend on the package you have opted. More on this little later.

You will get the access to the following educational courses as a member of DDC.

  • Facebook Marketing Basic
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Product Creation Basic
  • Product Launch Basic
  • Bonus Creation Basic
  • List Building Basic
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Basic
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Basic
  • Split Testing
  • SEO
  • TImeline Advertising
  • Facebook Relevance
  • Web Designing
  • Banner Advertising
  • E Learning
  • Affiliate Recruiting
  • Hiring and Outsourcing
  • Native Ads

Daily Digital Compensation Plan:

You can join the system on invitation only. Upon Joining You will send $25 or $100 to your sponsor and inturn get access to educational courses and become eligible to receive payments.

DDC compensation plan is basically reverse two up system.

Let us assume that you have referred 4 members.

You will receive payment for referring first and third person while payment from second and fourth referral would pass on to your upline.


You can refer any number of people. You will receive the payments 5th person to infinite number directly in your account. 

The affiliate refereed by the level one affiliate will be put on Level 2 and the affiliate referred by level 2 Affiliates would be placed at Level 3.

Vertical Acceleration : System has allowed you to keep two referrals from first four to be a fully qualified member. 

Now the process will be repeated at next level as well i.e 2nd and 4th referral of Ellen and Patty will come under you 


Now these 4 persons will rolled up to you and will be considered as personally referred by you.

The process does not stop there and roll up forever.


DDC Testimonials

Cost of Joining Daily Digital Club:

There are three Options available.

  1. Daily 25 for $25 only.
  2. Daily 100 for $100 only
  3. Both Daily 25 and Daily 100 for $125

Daily 25 and Daily 100 have different course bundles and kin order to get paid for both you must invest $125. In case you buy say $25 , you will be paid commission for only those affiliates recruited by you who opt to but $25 bundle.

Daily Digital Club Pros:

  1. Affordable Joining Fee.
  2. Courses give you value
  3. New courses are updated every month.
  4. You can earn while you learn.
  5. Passive income forevever.

Daily Digital Club Cons:

  • No retail Products or services.
  • The companies without products and services are treated as Ponzi Schemes.

Bottom Line : Is Daily Digital Club a Scam? 

I will not call Daily Digital Club a Scam but there are red flags.

Membership comes with great value but the owner should have separated the course retail business and affiliate marketing.

Personally, I am not very fond of MLM mainly dealing with useless herbal products.

The benefit of MLM like daily digital products is that products are available online and no shipping is involved. These products can easily be promoted online.

The other reason for me to stay away from MLM is that I am already occupied with affiliate marketing that is the most legitimate way of making passive income online. 

I hope you have liked my Daily Digital Club Review. Do not forget to share it on Social Media for benefit of others.

In case you need more information about DDC, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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